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1 March 2002
[8 am]
In Issue No. 139 of A List Apart, for people who make websites: Build a Cross–Platform Web Design Testing Station, by Paul Sciortino. Everybody talks about cross–platform testing, but nobody’s shown how to do it on a nuts–and–bolts level. Until now. Sciortino’s comprehensive tutorial for Mac–based web designers will set you up with the testing platform of your dreams. (’Nix and Windows users, we hope to do the same for you in a future issue.) :::

27 Feb. 2002
[1 pm]
My Glamorous Life No. 70: Adios, Amigo. :::

[11 am | midnight]
Mammoth: 100 panel Fusion at

What is real? 415 564 1347. :::

26 Feb. 2002
[5 pm | noon | 10 am]
W3C is adjusting its Patent Policy to promote royalty–free web standards. As part of the deal, members will be required to disclose patent encumbrances and convert them to royalty–free status. These policy revisions address concerns voiced by WaSP and many others last year. provides a summary. Hat tip: Till Quack.

iStockphoto has relaunched. iStock offers a collection of royalty–free photographs, illustrations, Flash and audio files contributed by its members. The site is a production of Evolvs (design) and Webcore Labs (high–performance web hosting).

We had the pleasure of meeting Joe Maller at last week’s Seybold conference. Now you can have the pleasure of enjoying the bizarrely comic movies he produces. Empty is our current favorite. Please enjoy responsibly. When not exploring themes of frustration, exhaustion, and obsession, Joe produces filters for Final Cut Pro.

Speaking of exhaustion and obsession, we’re currently wrapping up the design and consulting phase of a new brand launch. The project has consumed ten to twelve hours a day for the past six weeks, and we’re pleased with the way it’s shaping up. More will be revealed.

Meanwhile, the revised ALA forums are all but complete and should launch within a week or two; and WaSP Phase II is slated for a March relaunch.

The Desktop Pictures collection, long a mainstay of this site’s Steal These Graphics! department, has been retired, as those creaky old images (1995–1997) no longer reflect what we do. The old pages, sans pictures, are still online, but are no longer linked from the living matrix of this site. :::

25 Feb. 2002
[10 am]
The extraordinary, Flash–based interface design at inspires us and may inspire you.

In today’s New York Times, Shortchanging Libraries warns NYC’s proposed budget cuts will “diminish access for the city’s poorest children to books, magazines, computers and help with homework.” The Times cites Click on @ The Library as an example of NYPL’s vital public services.

Steven Garrity talks about CSS design and invites your comments. ::: Alex Kachanov has produced a Russian translation of Slash Forward, from this week’s A List Apart.

Adobe unveils Photoshop 7 for Mac OS X. Looks good and should boost OS X adoption among design professionals. Due to constant deadline pressure (current project: launch of a live entertainment brand), we’re still running Mac OS 9 and Photoshop 5.5, and have no complaints about either one.

A public service organization funded by the British government is calling itself The Web Standards Project. (Hat tip: Keith Bell.) The group appears honorable, its goals worthwhile. We wish they’d investigated before choosing a name that was already taken, but there’s room for all in this big sandbox. :::

22 Feb. 2002
[9 am | 8 am]
In this week’s double issue of A List Apart, for people who make websites:
        SLASH FORWARD, by waferbaby: Some URLs are better than others. The effect of web addresses on usability and design. Short, sweet, simple, and useful. Plus:
        HOW TO WRITE A BETTER WEBLOG, by Dennis A. Mahoney. Great writing can’t be taught, but bad writing can be avoided. Mahoney shares tips that may enhance the writing on your personal site.

The S.O.E. and French Resistance sections of the Charlotte Gray website are now live in The Time (1942–45), an area of the site dedicated to the real–life heroines and heroes whose stories inspired the novel and film. And with that, Charlotte Gray is complete.

Of the 506 W3C members, only 18 have sites with valid HTML (or XHTML). That’s a whopping 3.6% of W3C members. Conspicuously missing from the ranks of the standards–compliant: Microsoft, Netscape, IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Apple Computer. Details on Marko Karppinen’s homepage.

Waferbaby’s fine site hits its seventh annniversary on Saturday. Send him a card or leave a note on his doorstep. :::

21 Feb. 2002
[5 pm]
Lynda Weinman is a superb teacher and a gracious leader. Matt Owens and Hillman Curtis are warm, engaging speakers as well as inspiring visual talents. We thank all three for making today’s panel such a delight.

Speaking of Matt, his self–published Codex Three is now available. Released in a limited edition of 2,000 copies, Codex Three features works by ALT77, K10k, Presstube, Mike Young, and other gifted visual artists.

Tired of rumors that they were secretly gay, in 1999 Tom and Nicole ran a full–page ad proclaiming their heterosexuality. Rather than extinguish the gossip, the couple’s public response refueled it.
        On the web, where tutorials are misread as manifestos, and wee improvements are heralded as breakthroughs, controversies of little merit erupt as predictably as farts in a taco shop. Let the rumpus rage without us. :::

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