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Bugs in the text.

No site is perfect, no browser is perfect, and no book is perfect. Despite everyone's best efforts, a few errors crept into the first release of Taking Your Talent to the Web. Corrections below. Sites that have changed addresses or gone offline since the book was published are also listed here, with replacement URLs if available.

ch. pg. <p> error
fm xvii 6 In Acknowledgements: Katherine Sullivan should be Kathleen Sullivan. This won’t matter to most of you, but we are mortified.
intro 1 5 Typo: ithe should be the. Hat tip: Andreas Biedermann.
1 21 capt. Brent Gustafson’s Assembler, a DHTML site shown on this page (and mentioned elsewhere in the book) has moved. The new URL is: http://xlat.assembler.org.
2 45 4 ISDN mistakenly “corrected” to IDSN by an admirably enthusiastic but misinformed proofreader. Hat tip: Andreas Biedermann.
2 54 2 CCS should of course be CSS. Hat tip: Luke Tymowski.
3 74 7 First letter in sentence not capitalized: “... grounded design. the dominant ...” (Hat tip: Brian Baker.)
3 94 capt. In the caption for Fig. 3.14, Ogilvie should of course be Ogilvy, as in the ad agency of the same name. Hat tip: Balazs Szanto.
3 104 3 Due to overzealous author alterations, a reference to drum ’n bass was mistakenly changed to drums–and–bass.
4 113 4 The hypothetical I.P. address listed in the text would not actually work. Tip o’ the perfectionist’s fedora: Michiel Koolen
4 114 2 Hypertext mistakenly spelled hypertex. Hat tip: James McNally.
4 114 7 The book credits Israel for the development of IRC. Actually, IRC was invented in Finland. (It’s ICQ that was developed in Israel.) Tip o’ the yarmulke: Aleksi Stenberg.
4 120 8 “Led” is mistakenly spelled “lead” in the sentence beginning: “A group of designers...” Hat tip: James McNally.
7 157 5 First item in bulleted list, “Rough design sketches,” is overprinted in orange. Hat tip: ecd. 
8 185 2 The IE instructions (“Doin’ It in Internet Explorer”) do not work in Windows. Instead, use the technique described here. If you use Win 2000 and IE5, perform the following variation on steps 3 and 4:
  1. Quit Internet Explorer (if it is running).
  2. Double–click My Computer.
  3. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
  4. Click the File Types tab. In the Registered File Types box, click (HTML), and then click Advanced.
8 186 3 <ABSOLUTE> should be plain old ABSOLUTE without the angle brackets. Hat tip: J. David Eisenberg. Then again, most readers will understand that the angle brackets are merely a typographic convention separating “code” from “text.” (Angle brackets are used this way in much of the book.)
8 186 ex. <IMG SCR should of course be <IMG SRC. Hat tip: J. David Eisenberg.
8 189 3 In the paragraph that begins, “Other <DOCTYPE>s...” the XHTML Frameset DTD was omitted. Hat tip: Gail T. Cohen.
8 193 ex. In the example frameset, all attribute values are quoted except for the scrolling attribute in the frame named “content.” Although this is perfectly acceptable under the sloppy rules of HTML 4.01, the attribute value should have been quoted in the interests of consistency (and to set a good example, particularly as web markup moves forward to XHTML and XML). Hat tip: Gail T. Cohen.
8 196 capt. Image caption refers to creativerepublic.com. The actual URL (given correctly in body text on pg. 195) is creative-republic.com. Hat tip: Gail T. Cohen.
8 204 5 WSY should read: WYS. Hat tip: Gail T. Cohen.
9 224 4, 5 Progressive GIF(s) should be interlaced GIFs. (The term “progressive” is reserved for JPEGs.) Hat tip: Jackie McGhee.
9 233 3 Donnea should be Donea. Red-faced, that's what we are. Hat tip: Luke Tymowski.
10 267 2 “Style” should not be capitalized in “external Style sheet.” Hat tip: Brian Baker.
10 280 5 Text reads: “IE/Windows gets keywords right.” It should read: “IE6/Windows gets keywords right.” Unlike many typos listed here, this one matters.
10 281 5 audeince should of course read: audience. Hat tip: Gail T. Cohen.
11 304 ex. The error occurs in the eighth line of the code example at the top of the page. The non–word “functiover” should be the common word function, as correctly referenced elsewhere in the chapter (on page 305 for instance).
11 305 3 The text reads: “preloads the required images (mb3_on-01-01.gif, mb3_off-01-01.gif, mb3_on-02-01.gif, and mb3_off-02-01.gif).” The complex image names date from an earlier draft. The text should read: “preloads the required images (menubar_over_1.gif; menubar_out_1.gif; menubar_over_2.gif; menubar_out_2.gif).”
12 351 2 Laura Croft should be Lara Croft. Hat tip: Jackie McGhee.
13 390 2 Text refers to Astounding Websites. Sadly, that site was taken offline immediately after the book went to press. Happily, the community formerly known as Astounding Websites was resurrected at Fathom Five. Sadly, Fathom Five bit the dust as of April 2002.
index 405 n/a Robert Cailliau, co–inventor of the WWW, is listed as both Robert Cailliau and Robert Caillou. This may be because the gentleman’s name is spelled both ways all over the Web. Or it may be because the fact checker was drunk. Hat tip: James McNally.


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