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30 March 2001
[1 am]
In Issue 103 of A List Apart, for people who make websites: George Olsen examines designers' FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE, and ALA unveils a CODERS FORUM where geeks can swap tips. :::
29 March 2001
[3 am]
Readers: Pardon yesterday's silence. We've been deep in the magical kingdom of Client Project Land. Currently, we're working on a site for the New York Public Library, to promote one of its most important projects: bridging the digital divide in New York City, by providing free Internet access and training programs for those who need it most. It's an honor to work on this project.

Designers: Joe Clark is seeking parody sites for his upcoming book on web accessibility. Hate all the stupid conventions that show up on one commercial website after another? Here's your chance to make fun of them, and have your work seen by quadrillions of book buyers. (With U.S. accessibility laws changing the landscape of web design, and few readable books on the subject, figure that many of your peers will be buying Joe's book and seeing your work.)

Geeks: ALA contributing writer and DOM mailing list master Peter-Paul Koch has put together a wonderful mini-site of CSS-2 tests. The appropriately named CSS-2 Test site explains some nifty, but potentially confusing, features of CSS-2, and shows which browsers support these features. It will also help you make sense of #content p+p and other mysterious snippets that have crept into the current ALA stylesheet. For more good CSS info, read Babble List honcho Christopher Schmitt's CSS Design tutorial at Web Review. :::
27 March 2001
[9 pm]
My Glamorous Life No. 39: Going Postal. :::
[11 am]
Reader "Sticky," after perusing My Glamorous Life No. 38 (Muffin Muffin), came across this photograph. (Not our kitchen, but it captures the feeling.)

Been updating your site to use valid HTML/XHTML and CSS? David Lindquist's bookmarklets can help, as can these intriguing bookmarklets from Tantek Çelik. Bookmark these babies or drag 'em to your toolbar. You can then validate any web page with just one click. Amaze your friends! :::
26 March 2001
[11 pm]
CSS enhancements in IE6 preview include DOCTYPE switching, a corrected box model per CSS spec, absolute font size keywords a la IE5/Mac and Mozilla, and more. :::
[7 pm]
Hot monkey love: Original Webmonkey rejoins WaSP. ::: Monkey see, monkey do. ::: Corner Monkey v. BiblioBabe. ::: Who's the dominant monkey? :::
25 March 2001
[8 pm]
My Glamorous Life No. 38: Muffin Muffin. :::
[5 pm]
A discussion at Little Green Footballs explains again why stylesheets that use ems, with the best intentions in the world, often produce web pages that are illegible for many readers. (But you knew that.)
        Designers choose ems so readers can enlarge or reduce the type size. But the resulting sites will look different for every visitor, depending on their personal browser preference settings.
        Pixels avoid that problem. But type set in pixels cannot be resized by IE/Win users. (It can be resized in IE5/Mac, Opera 5, Netscape 6, and Mozilla.) Our hope is that IE6/Win, whose beta goes public tomorrow, will allow users to resize type set in pixels.
        This may sound dull and nit-picky, but it's about design, legibility, accessibility, and finding a way for readers and designers to share control. Ems are supposed to provide that shared control, but as you can see, they often fail. :::
24 March 2001
[5 am | 5:45 pm]
My Glamorous Life No. 37: Box Set.

Amazon "cancels" Zeldman book.
If you're one of many who received this cancellation notice from Amazon, the notice is dead wrong. The book is coming out as planned. The notice is right about one thing: Amazon has probably cancelled your order. Here's what happened and what you can do.

Adobe GoLive adds support for the W3C DOM. Will Dreamweaver follow suit? Hat tip: Splorp.

Oops! Macromedia actually got there first: here's their "Netscape 6 compatibility" patch for Mac and Windows. Hat tip: Dean Burge.

Updated Book Site and World Tour. Also updated WaSP core, action, and buzz pages. :::
23 March 2001
[1 am]
Three big stories are waiting for you in this week's issue of A List Apart, For People Who Make Websites: SELECTING PROFESSIONALS—Kramer helps you build your own web agency. DECLINATION OF INDEPENDENCE—Oelling, Holsten, and Krisher discuss trendiness and innovation in design. INSTANT WAP—A List Apart goes wireless without changing a line of markup. Your site can, too! :::
[7:30 pm]
"I witnessed a mother being fed heroin from her son, or watched a sister dive into her brother's casket." Photojournalist Andre Lambertson documents life in the projects. (Andre photographed us today for an upcoming article in Create Online magazine.) :::
22 March 2001
[10 pm]
We're back after a 20 hour network blackout that took down our site, our host, and (naturally) our connectivity. This ugly page tells everything that went wrong. :::
21 March 2001
[5 am]
My Glamorous Life No. 36: Truth or Consequences :::
20 March 2001
[5 pm]
W3C What's New touts WaSP Browser Upgrade campaign. (Hat tip: Brett Merkey.) :::
[12 noon]
By some fluke, Meryl K. Evans managed to make us sound like we know what we're talking about in this interview for Internet Business Forum. :::

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