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5 March 2001
[3 pm]
Them liberry folks sure is nice, and they's all book-learned, too. We sure had us some fun. Here's an outline of our talk. ::: How is Pete Zeldman celebrating his birthday today? Probably by playing the drums.

At Waferbaby: fun with stylesheets. You got your style on the left and your content on the right.

Bookmark Molly Holzschlag's To Use or Not to Use: An XHTML Roadmap for Designers. It is the best designer-oriented introduction to XHTML we've ever seen online.

Evolt's To Hell With Bad Editors points out that browsers may be getting more standards-compliant, and developers may be cleaning up their acts, but the web tools most designers use wouldn't know a W3C Recommendation if it bit them. (WaSP has been saying the same thing, and plans to work with Macromedia and Adobe to do something about it.) :::
4 March 2001
[6 pm]
If it ain't the dot-coms, it's the weather. Severe storm warnings may force us to cancel our scheduled speech at the New York Public Library tomorrow. We hope not.
Waferbaby Zeldman action figure, RIP
Waferbaby Action section, R.I.P. :::
3 March 2001
[6 pm]
Based on reader feedback and further experiments, we've updated the WaSP Browser Upgrade Developer Tips page and some of its neighbors. For similar reasons, we've updated bits and pieces of ALA Issues No. 99 and 100. We even managed to do some paying work for a change. It's party time. :::
[4 am]
In an effort to recover from last week's media frenzy, we understated our announcement of A List Apart Issue No. 100. So we ought to mention that our 100th issue sports fine articles by Chris MacGregor and Ben Henick; new, improved Style Sheets that work better in more browsers; significant forum tweaks; and useful information about CSS and accessibility.

A couple of days ago we converted the Daily Report and My Glamorous Life to 100% standards-compliant HTML 4.01 and CSS-1. It took less than an hour, and the pages look pretty much the same in any browser, because we haven't separated style from content—we've just removed non-standard markup.

Beatthief is back with new writings, new music, and a facelift. The quirky, intelligent site is a production of Wayne Bremser, who's also responsible for Harlem.org.

Heather Champ tells of burying her father. Two photographs and a handful of paragraphs are sometimes all you need. ::: New at Mappa Mundi, a thought-provoking review of The Victorian Internet. ::: This week's About.com Web Design column examines the WaSP Browser Upgrade campaign. (Hat tip: Jeff Clark.) ::: More stupid mail. Sender: b2bnow. Subject: Now Anyone Can Build a Website. Content: left blank. Somehow that fits. :::
2 March 2001
[1 am/9 pm]
A List Apart Issue No. 100.

Having mismanaged the domain registration for two of our sites for over six months, Network Solutions finally wrote to us:
We apologize, there was a system error when mailing this renewal communication which may have listed incorrect account information. Please find your correct domain names listed below.
Instead of actually listing the domains they've mismanaged, or responding to our requests for service, they offered us a tee shirt bearing their logo if we renew right now. ("Don't miss out!") To expedite their fantasy that we would want their logo anywhere near our body, they also provided a non-working, malformed URL for our clicking-to-nowhere pleasure.

This company's incompetence staggers us. Just when we think they can't get any worse, they exceed all previous feats of non-service. A gibbon with an abacus would do a better job. Lord, if you are listening, smite these evil clowns. :::

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