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Come to Daddy.
7 July 2001
[5 pm]
Comments on the death of Assembler reveal contrasting views of what the web can (and should) be.

Your humble author will be gone for the next few days. Please don't write, as we won't be around to answer. We'll see some of you in New Mexico, and others in New York. Bye-bye. :::
6 July 2001
[4 pm]
Brent Gustaffson has decided to stop designing and maintaining his brilliant personal sites, including Assembler. Lately we feel like Smokey the Bear—and the forest fires are winning. :::
[9 am | noon]
In Issue 116 of A List Apart, for people who make websites:
        NIPPING CLIENT SILLINESS IN THE BUD: Slashdot's Robin (roblimo) Miller could write a book about web clients' mistakes. In fact, he's writing it now—but he needs your help. Share your pet peeves and horror stories.
        CSS TALKING POINTS: Selling your clients on standards-compliant design doesn't have to hurt. Greg Kise's four-point CSS Selling Plan helps the medicine go down. An article like this one has been requested many times by developers who want to do the right thing, but don't know how to broach the issue with their clients. Kise's Plan provides a great starting point.
        After reading and responding to this week's stories, be sure to check the CODERS FORUM for the latest browser and platform woes and solutions.

Google Zeitgeist reveals leading search trends (via Slashdot). It would be even better if the queries were live links.

Found at evidence of what life was like a million years ago last August. (And the Glamorous Life it rode in on.)

A review of Taking Your Talent to the Web at Writers Write.

DAILY REPORT updates will be spotty over the next few days, as your humble author takes off on a mini-speaking tour. :::
5 July 2001
[10 am]
Taking Your Talent to the Web: the Adobe interview (includes an audience Q&A). :::
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