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Reviews of One Sentence

Plot Does Matter - Godzilla poster by Lucasfilm.

Web ad, 1998. Client: Lucasfilm. Agency: Lucasfilm. Art Directors: unknown. Writers: unknown. Cause of death: See below. MORE »

Ad Graveyard fan Dean Estes of Palo Alto tells us the strange tale of this ad, which apparently ran for one day:

"Clearly, it's a response to both the Godzilla hype and the subsequent disappointment by most viewers. It does seem a little uncharacteristic for the LucasFilms folks, but rumor has it the ad, which appeared at for one day last week, was specifically George Lucas' idea and prank.

"What's salient about this is that in effect, it's the first teaser ad for the forthcoming 'prequel,' rumored to be titled Star Wars Episode One - The Balance of the Force.

"I also heard an unconfirmed rumor that the ad was removed immediately when the Godzilla people sent a 'cease-and-desist' legal demand. I suppose that would be the 'cause of death' in this case."

Great. Now explain why Star Wars: Episode One sucked.

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