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Pardon My Icons. Free icons for your website or desktop.

{ I C O N   T I P S }

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Listen up, peoples. Use as many images as you like, but first download them to your machine, then upload the copies to your web server. Never use links from this page to make these images appear on your site. Never, never, never, never, never, never.  

It's easy. Right-click on any image (Windows) or click and hold (Mac). A pop-up menu will give you the option to "Download Image to Disk" (Explorer) or "Save Image As ..." (Navigator).Save the image, then upload it to your Web server, along with the appropriate HTML.  

Download the appropriate Mac, Windows, or Unix files below. Windows files courtesy of Scott Chapman of Media Boy.
        Unix: Download the archive and read the instructions. File and help text courtesy of Tim Culver.
        Windows: You may need to control-click or alt-click the files to download them properly. For tips on how to use them, see this site's Windows-friendly Icon Help page.
        Or go the traditional route. In any Netscape browser, right-click and follow the menu to "Save As" a Gif, then use the appropriate program to convert the image to a Windows icon or .bmp file. In Explorer, right-click, then choose "Download Image to Disk" from the popup menu.
        Mac OS: Download the Mac formatted version of your choice. Or point at any icon, select Copy This Image from the browser's pop-up menu, and do the little icon replacement dance that's been standard since Mac System 7.

Stumped? See the Icon Help pages for Mac, Windows, and Unix.

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Downloadable Versions

  1. Unix version – 1.3 MB tar.gz file, courtesy of Tim Culver (tim at doppke.com) – (Unix Instructions)
  2. Mac versions in a variety of formats
  3. PC Zip file 1 (104k zipped .DLL)
  4. PC Zip file 2 (110k zipped .DLL)
  5. PC Zip file 3 (106k zipped .DLL)
  6. PC Zip file 4 (97k zipped .DLL)
  7. PC Zip file 5 (55k zipped .DLL)

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