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articles & miscellanies

OFF–SITE articles for, A List Apart, Advertising Age’s Creativity, {fray}, Digital Web Magazine, High Five, Macworld, Mappa Mundi, PDN–Pix, and Prehensile Tales. Plus ON–SITE articles and miscellanies for your pleasure. [Month/Year]

For a streamlined, annotated listing, see Happy Cog.

the classics

Style vs. Design
When design becomes a fetish., 2000.
If the Great Movies Had Been Websites
Citzen Kane dot com.

@adobe: htmhell

Talking Structure
HTMHell: Web design is communication. It says specific things to specific people. It does this by offering meaningful content in the context of focused digital architecture. Navigation and interface are the doors to that architecture. NEW URL. [10/00]
Style vs. Design
Many young designers confuse style with design, when the two are not the same thing at all. One of our all–time favorite columns. NEW URL. See also The Bathing Ape Has No Clothes at A List Apart. [08/00]
Creative Revolution on the Web II
The impact of standards on independent web artists. NEW URL. [07/00]
Creative Revolution on the Web
“While some of us were sitting around with curly fries hanging out of our mouths, the Revolution happened. And it wasn’t even televised.” NEW URL. [05/00]
Where Have All the Designers Gone?
If the best designers abandon HTML, content, and the hassle of dealing with clients, who will build the web? NEW URL. [02/00]
Breeding Better Sites
Pre–natal care for clients. Our first HTMHell Column for NEW URL. [01/00]

@a list apart

A partial listing of Zeldman articles at ALA.
Fixing Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE
You’ve done everything right, but your site is breaking in the latest browsers. A faulty DOCTYPE is likely to blame. This essential ALA article will provide you with DOCTYPEs that work, enabling you to fix your site with just one tag. [04/02]
Better Living Through XHTML
Everything you wanted to know about converting from HTML to XHTML, including why you’d want to, tools that help, changes in the way browsers display XHTML pages, shortcuts, bugs, workarounds, and other tips you won’t find elsewhere. [02/02]
Getting Paid
As businesses struggle to stay in business, many are short–changing their designers, or woefully delaying payment, and it’s making life rough for those who don’t consider meals optional. [01/02]
Why Don’t You Code For Netscape?
The case for authoring to web standards (and thus, for all browsers and devices) rather than bending over backwards to accommodate the quirks of non–compliant browsers. [12/01]
Fear of Style Sheets 4
“Give me pixels or give me death!” If you want to control your web typography, you must use CSS. If you want your CSS to work, you must avoid using nearly all the good parts of the spec. [08/00]
To Hell With Bad Browsers!
Why ALA switched to a CSS–only design. [02/01]
A Web Designer's Journey
From HTML hacks to CSS layouts in five easy pages. [02/01; revised 04/01]
Where Have All the Designers Gone?
“More and more Web designers seem less and less interested in Web design. What they’re creating instead are fascinating artworks that avoid the problems of HTML, audience expectations, and client frustrations. But if our best practitioners abandon content and commerce, Zeldman wonders, who will build the Web?” [1999]
Fear of Style Sheets 2
The popular educational series continues. [?/99]
Fear of Style Sheets
CSS: its benefits to designers and web users; problems of browser support; and workarounds. Introduces the ALA “No–Fault CSS” plan. [?/99]
Slouching Toward Authorship
It’s time for web designers to stop thinking like vendors, and start thinking like independent content creators.
Much Ado About 5k
“A full–fledged website under 5K? Some of the brightest people in the industry swore it could not be done. Yet hundreds of developers not only came in under the 5K budget, they built great sites in the process. Zeldman explores how the 5K Awards rocked the web.” [04/00]
Execution vs. Concept
“For the sake of a drop shadow, a kingdom was lost. Zeldman peruses the pitfalls of putting technique before communication.”
SMIL When You Play That
When faced with SMIL, many web designers shrug. When shown what SVG can do today, most Flash designers laugh. What’s really up with these two emerging standards, and why do they matter? A gentle introduction to two promising technologies. [03/01]
The Day the Browser Died
Is it time to give up on Netscape 4? (Yup. And it was time back in 1999, when this article was written.)
Why IE5/Mac Matters
How IE5/Mac helps designers and developers author to web standards. Includes info on DOCTYPE switching, CSS compliance, JavaScript browser detection, cross–platform font size standardization, and more.
Why Gecko Matters
What Mozilla, Netscape's standards–compliant new browser, could mean to the web.
Whose Web is it, Anyway?
Is the web for corporations, or for people? (Evangelizing independent content production.)
Design Your Audience
Different strokes for different sites.
Writing for the Web
“They don’t call it hypertext for nothing. The web is woven of words, yet nobody talks about them. A List Apart’s Jeffrey Zeldman on writing for the web.” Inaugural issue of ALA.
Brand That Site!
The line between sublime and so–so sites is often a matter of branding. 

@advertising age's creativity

I Was a Teenage Telemarketer
Websites are conversations. Information architecture is telemarketing. Originally published in Advertising Age’s Creativity Magazine, but never posted to the online version. [2001]
Dot Gone
It’s the end of the world as we know it. [2001]
Going E–Postal
They’re called readers, and they know where you live. A sour little gripe. [2001]

@digital web magazine

99.9% of Websites are Obsolete
The high cost and low yield of traditional web design methods. Excerpted from the forthcoming Forward Compatibility: Designing & Building With Web Standards (New Riders: 2003). Part of a special “web standards” issue of Digital Web Magazine. [09/02]


What the Bombs Did
Part of the Missing Pieces archive of personal stories from September 11th, 2001, in New York City. See also: 911, Day Four, The Thing Is, The House of the Dead, The Angry Flag Vendor, Blessed Events, A Ripple from the Storm, I Love A Parade, Bravest vs. Finest, and so on.


Why Does It Hurt when I <P>?
The importance of web standards for designers and readers. An early piece of web standards advocacy. [?/98]
Looking Into the Web Crystal
Fearless predictions on the future of the web. Not all of them completely stupid. [?/99]


Note: Macworld is not updating its site all that often. We’ve written several columns for Macworld that have come out in the print version, but are not yet online. These are:
Web Publishing Secrets: Make Websites That Work for All
Debut of Macworld “Web Secrets” column focuses on using web standards to deliver your content to all web browsers while tailoring better experiences for better browsers. [09/01]
Reconcilable Differences
HOW–TO: Online version of Macworld how–to article for Macintosh users who want to design websites without running afoul of cross–platform compatibility problems. [07/00]

@mappa mundi

I See Dancing Beans
COMMENTARY: The horror of commercial (dot–com) web culture in its final moments of glory. [12/99]

@pdn-pix: 2nd site

Alley of the Shadow
“Things aren’t as bad as people are making out. Hell, some people are even working, says Jeffrey Zeldman.” [01/02]
Redesign on a Shoestring
“Budgets, staff and confidence have been slashed, yet you’re still expected to improve your site...” [10/01]
How To Avoid Clients
“Avoid market research. Pay not the slightest attention to your client’s trivial marketing concerns.” And other ways to blow a client–designer relationship. [08/01]
The End of the World As We Know It
Bye–bye, Big Content. Adieu, global agencies. Thanks for stopping by. [06/01]
Steal This Website!
On the web, designers and programmers are happy to share their source code and markup. But outright design theft is a no–no. Exploring theft on the web: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
        This unusually lengthy column was “split” between print and the web. The web pages cover the accepted practice of trading source. The print pages discuss layout theft and copyright law. [04/01]
An Inexact Science
“The Web was created by physicists, but now it’s the domain of artists, so how do you reconcile the two? Jeffrey Zeldman has one or two ideas.” [02/01. UPDATED URL.]
Designers Without Portfolio
Linkrot and maintenance are the banes of a professional web designer’s existence. After five years in the business, you could have nothing to show for yourself. [12/00. UPDATED URL.]
Pulp Friction
“Do print art directors make the best web designers? Depends on whom you ask, says Zeldman.” Differences between print and web design, and talents needed to make the transition between the two. [10/00. UPDATED URL.]
Second Site: Welcome to the Underground
A gentle introduction to the indie web scene, from superdesigners to zines to weblogs. Note: the online version is significantly shorter than the print magazine version. [08/00. UPDATED URL.]
Second Site: You're the Tops?
Makers of corporate websites have a ways to go when it comes to building their own sites. Our second column in the 2nd Site series, and still one of our favorites. [06/00. UPDATED URL.]
Second Site
A monthly column for PDN–Pix Online. This inaugural episode is all about keeping it simple. [04/00. UPDATED URL.]

@prehensile tales

Something About Nicole
Scabrous Hollywood poop and outright lies. [?/98]

onsite: articles (a list)

My Glamorous Life
Personal mini–essays from the 90s. Gosh, they’re good.
If the Great Movies Had Been Websites
What if Citizen Kane had been a personal site?

onsite: articles (b list)

Old stuff, essentially. Some of it poignant.
The author as young dog. Read it and weep. [1995]
Web-ster's Haul
Notes from the Fifth Annual Cool Site of the Year Awards. Predates My Glamorous Life.
God Bless Roger Black
Biased and hastily scribbled notes on Geek Pride 2000. Predates My Glamorous Life.
Building on Sand
The Internet is built on sand. Just a quick journal entry.
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Coder
Embarrassing personal stuff. Predates My Glamorous Life.
The Sickness
Flu makes Zeldman grow morbid. Predates My Glamorous Life.
Family History
A brief memoir, filled with errors.
But I Play One On the Web
Long–winded reply to a friend’s short question. Old and fairly useless, though it does contain autobiographical information for those who find such things interesting.

even older junk

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