24 August 2005 9 am edt

A List Apart 4.0 hits the deck

Daily Report?” the cynic hisses. “More like Monthly Report. You so rarely post these days.”

Well, imaginary critic, here’s why posts have been infrequent of late (and why they will soon return to normal frequency): A List Apart 4.0 is finally out of the gate. New design, new structure, new server. New publishing system powered by Ruby on Rails. Broadened scope and more keenly honed editorial policies. Advanced discussion features. Tee shirts – funky ones. A live conference premiering in Philadelphia and coming to a city near you. An upcoming series of publications. And plenty more.

There’s so much stuff to say that Issue 201, with which the relaunch debuts, includes an article by yours truly that attempts to tell ALA’s history and summarize what’s new in ALA 4.0.

But the heart of ALA remains its online content and your interaction with same, and an ALA relaunch wouldn’t be an ALA relaunch without fine articles you can’t find elsewhere. Headlining Issue 201:

Facts and Opinions About PDF Accessibility
by Joe Clark
Did you even know PDFs could be made accessible? Neither did I, I’m embarrassed to admit. Fortunately Toronto journalist, author, and accessibility consultant Joe Clark is here to tell us all, in clear and almost unbelievable detail, exactly how it’s done. (See and bookmark, for example, Joe’s list of predefined PDF tags.) Along the way, being Joe Clark, he debunks myths, smashes idols, and leaves few plates intact in the china shop.
When You Are Your Own Client, Who Are You Going To Make Fun Of At The Bar?
by Jim Coudal
Most people reading this page know Jim Coudal as the founder of design firm Coudal Partners, publisher of the popular design blog by the same name, and Web 2.0 type who used his blog to launch products he knew his blog’s readers would dig. In Issue 201, he shares insights into the adventure of transitioning from client services to product creation.
A List Apart 4.0
by Zeldman
My previously mentioned thing. Read it to understand the immense contributions made by Erin, Jason, Eric, Dan, Damon, and Kevin, and to tell us what you think.

There’s lots to see beyond these articles, so cruise around and enjoy.