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Happy Cog 3.0 (Creme)

Presenting Happy Cog 3.0, code-named “creme.”

We’ve restructured the site to highlight our projects, services, and publications, and to welcome aboard lead information therapist Adam Greenfield of and Moblogging Conference fame.

Risotto and liquid non-dairy creamers inspired the color scheme. The logo is set in Opti Craw Clarendon, the themeline and selected subheads in Franklin Gothic Demi. Because 3.0 is an evolution, elements of the 2.0 design remain — chiefly, the pixel-edged, TV shaped thumbnails.

The feeling is “Distressed Lite.” Think tea stains and sun damage. It’s as if the site is wearing Armani to a client meeting, and the outfit got wrinkled in the suitcase during the flight. Think bed hair but nice haircut. The site says business but in an entrepreneurial manner, not an uptight corporate one.

In other words, the look and feel matches the company culture.

The site is authored in minimal XHTML 1.0 Strict; the layout relies on a number of CSS methods, some tried and true, some way new. Known problems, which may or may not get fixed:

More could be said about these CSS problems and their likely causes, but it would be dull and technical, and Happy Cog 3.0 celebrates life. Creme on!

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