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Hear This!

Dan Benjamin, creator of wonderful websites, apps, broadcasts, and platforms and longtime friend of A List Apart and your host, introduces a new venture.

5 by 5 Studios is a new internet broadcasting network, home to shows like EE Podcast, Tack Sharp, The Dev Show, The Ruby Show, and Utility Belt, releasing new episodes every week.

As part of the launch, 5 by 5 announces two new shows hosted by Dan:

NOTE: I’m pleased as punch to be the first Pipeline guest. Come hear us on Friday, January 29th, 2010.

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Fonty font font

It’s the Fonty-Fresh™ thang! UPDATE: Now with further explanations and Mr Zeldman’s specific concerns for web designers, web users, and the future of type on the web.

Short URL:

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17 Tweets

  1. by IA Inc. is farking amazing and beautiful. Congratulations, @iA.
  2. OH: “Type means the letters.”
  3. is an exquisite new blog by a Wodehouse fan and non-designer (but you’d never know).
  4. My 5-year-old just spent 10 minutes showing me the correct way to massage her foot. My little girl is becoming a woman.
  5. HTML5 Super Friends declaration of support:
  6. In the park with the kid and friends, watching the sunlit hours melt away. It is the mellow end of summer and our bodies know it.
  7. Installing Snow Leopard: What you need to know. Fewer options make for simpler installation.
  8. The difference between marriage and divorce is, in divorce, the person who’ll never have sex with you again has her own apartment.
  9. “HTML 5 and me” by Jeremy Keith:
  10. Dreamed about Mackenzie Phillips and woke up with a $500 a day habit.
  11. RT @leeclowsbeard Every client wants something new. And three examples of where it’s worked before. (via @Coudal)
  12. #twitterwit is now in bookstores. It’s an honor to have my work appear in the same volume as real writers like Ashton Kucher.
  13. Laura Dern’s hair is the scariest thing in Blue Velvet.
  14. @sourjayne At a certain level, you don’t write a resume, you write a paragraph.
  15. @sourjayne A multi-page resume suggests you’re narcissistic or inexperienced. These are not desired qualities in an employee.
  16. @sourjayne A 1-page resume shows you’re aware the person reading it has no time to waste — proving you’re experienced + have people skills.
  17. Actually, Barnes & Noble, I think I’ll save *100%* on Dan Brown’s follow-up to The Da Vinci Code.

Have another?


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The Amanda Project

Designed by Happy Cog and launched today, The Amanda Project is a social media network, creative writing project, interactive game, and book series combined:

The Amanda Project is the story of Amanda Valentino, told through an interactive website and book series for readers aged 13 & up. On the website, readers are invited to become a part of the story as they help the main characters search for Amanda.

The writing-focused social media network is designed and written as if by characters from the Amanda novels, and encourages readers to enter the novel’s world by joining the search for Amanda, following clues and reading passages that exist only online, and ultimately helping to shape the course of the Amanda narrative across eight novels. (The first Amanda novel—Invisible I, written by Melissa Kantor—comes out 22 September.)

The site developed over a year of intense creative collaboration between Happy Cog and Fourth Story Media, a book publisher and new media company spearheaded by publishing whiz Lisa Holton. Prior to starting Fourth Story, Lisa was was President, Scholastic Trade Publishing and Book Fairs; managed the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; and oversaw development of The 39 Clues. Before that she spent nearly a decade developing numerous bestselling, franchise-launching series at Disney.

Happy Cog‘s New York office developed this project. The team:

Equally vital to the project’s success were Fourth Story’s leaders and partners, including:

  • Lorraine Shanley, Principal Advisor
  • Ariel Aberg-Riger (website, Twitter), Creative Development & Marketing Manager
  • JillEllyn Riley, Editorial Director
  • Dale Robbins, Creative Director
  • David Stack, Director, Digital Partnerships
  • Melissa Kantor, Writer
  • Peter Silsbee, Writer
  • Polly Kanevsky, Art Director
  • Sam Gerstenzang, Technology Consultant

Today’s launch is not the end of our relationship with Fourth Story Media. The Amanda Project will continue to evolve, and Happy Cog will remain an active partner in its direction and growth. We thank our brilliant collaborators and congratulate them on today’s milestone.

Read more

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The new old minimalists

The earliest websites were minimal in the extreme, but without the style and flair to make a virtue of their simplicity. 37signals and Kottke pioneered the combination of simplicity with deft design sense. Cardigan made it art.

Although it is never popular, never the dominant trend, rarely wins design awards, and almost never earns acclaim from designers, design stripped down to its essentials is always a good idea, and especially on the web, where every byte counts. We salute the old and new practitioners of minimalist web design, and solicit your thoughts on pioneers or present practitioners who combine a minimalist aesthetic with significant design chops.

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HTML5 links

HTML 5 Gallery

The html5 gallery is a showcase of sites using HTML 5 markup.

html5 gallery has two primary aims, the first is to showcase sites that use html5 for markup, so that we can see how people have interpret[t]ed the specification and how they’ve implemented it. This leads me on to the secondary aim which is to help people learn about html5 and how it should be used and how to implement it.

I’m hoping that a side effect of this is that browser developers will see how many people are implementing html5 and add more support for it in their rendering engines so that we don’t have to add display:block; to elements where not required and we don’t have to rely on javscript to create elements.

You can follow @htmlgallery to get updates when new sites are added to the gallery.

Richard Clark, a front end designer based in Manchester, UK, created and maintains the site. You can follow Richard on Twitter.

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Web fonts now (how we’re doing with that)

THE WEB Fonts Wiki has a page listing fonts you can legally embed in your site designs using the CSS standard @font-face method. Just as importantly, the wiki maintains a page showing commercial foundries that allow @font-face embedding. Between these two wiki pages, you may find just the font you need for your next design (even if you can’t currently license classics like Adobe Garamond or ITC Franklin and Clarendon).

The advantages of using fonts other than Times, Arial, Georgia, and Verdana have long been obvious to designers; it’s why web design in the 1990s was divided between pages done in Flash, and HTML pages containing pictures of fonts—a practice that still, bizarrely, continues even in occasionally otherwise advanced recent sites.

Using real fonts instead of pictures of fonts or outlines of fonts provides speed and accessibility advantages.

Currently the Webkit-based Apple Safari browser supports @font-face. The soon-to-be-released next versions of Opera Software’s Opera browser, Google’s Webkit-based Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox will do likewise. When I say “soon-to-be-released,” I mean any day now. When this occurs, all browsers except IE will support @font-face.

IE has, however, offered font embedding since IE4 via Embedded OpenType (.EOT), a font format that enables real fonts to be temporarily embedded in web pages. That is, the reader sees the font while reading the page, but cannot download (“steal”) the font afterwards. Microsoft has “grant[ed] to the W3C a perpetual, nonexclusive, royalty-free, world-wide right and license under any Microsoft copyrights on this contribution, to copy, publish and distribute the contribution under the W3C document licenses,” in hopes that EOT would thereby become a standard. But so far, only Microsoft’s own browsers support EOT.

Thus, as we consider integrating real fonts into our designs, we must navigate between browsers that support @font-face now (Safari), those that will do so soon (Opera, Chrome, Firefox), and the one that possibly never will (IE, with a dwindling but still overwhelming market share).

The person who figures out a designer-friendly solution to all this will either be hailed as a hero/heroine or get rich. Meanwhile, near-complete solutions of varying implementation difficulty exist. Read on:

CSS @ Ten: The Next Big Thing

“Instead of making pictures of fonts, the actual font files can be linked to and retrieved from the web. This way, designers can use TrueType fonts without having to freeze the text as background images.” An introduction to @font-face by Håkon Wium Lie, father of CSS.

Real Fonts on the Web: An Interview with The Font Bureau’s David Berlow

Is there life after Georgia? To understand issues surrounding web fonts from the type designer’s perspective, I interview David Berlow, co-founder of The Font Bureau, Inc, and the ?rst TrueType type designer.

The W3C: @font-face vs. EOT

A discussion that shows why the W3C may not be able to resolve this conflict. (It’s kind of like asking the Montagues and Capulets to decide whether the Montagues or the Capulets should rule Verona.)

sIFR 2.0: Rich Accessible Typography for the Masses

Mike Davidson’s scalable and accessible remix of Shaun Inman’s pioneering use of Flash and JavaScript to replace short passages of HTML text with Flash movies of the same text set in a real font. The Flash movies are created on the fly. If JavaScript or images are turned off, the user “sees” the HTML text; text set in sIFR can also be copied and pasted. sIFR was a great initial solution to the problem of real fonts on the web, but it’s only for short passages (which means the rest of the page must still be set in Georgia or Verdana), and it fails if the user has a Flash block plug-in installed, as half of Firefox users seem to. It’s also always a pain to implement. I don’t know any designer or developer who has an easy time setting up sIFR. In short, while sIFR is an awesome stop-gap, real fonts on the web are still what’s needed. Which also leads us to…

Cufón – Fonts for the People

Simo Kinnunen’s method of embedding fonts, regardless of whether or not a browser supports @font-face.

Combining Cufón And @Font-Face

Kilian Valkhof: “Everyone wants @font-face to work everywhere, but as it stands, it only works in Safari and the upcoming versions of Firefox and Opera. In this article I’ll show you how to use Cufón only if we can’t load the font through other, faster methods.”

Adobe, Web Fonts, and EOT

Why Adobe supports Microsoft’s EOT instead of @font-face.

Introducing Typekit

Update May 28, 2009: Working with Jason Santa Maria, Jeff Veen’s company Small Batch Inc. introduces Typekit:

We’ve been working with foundries to develop a consistent web-only font linking license. We’ve built a technology platform that lets us to host both free and commercial fonts in a way that is incredibly fast, smoothes out differences in how browsers handle type, and offers the level of protection that type designers need without resorting to annoying and ineffective DRM.

Read more

  • Web Fonts, HTML 5 Roundup: Worthwhile reading on the hot new web font proposals, and on HTML 5/CSS 3 basics, plus a demo of advanced HTML 5 trickery. — 20 July 2009
  • Web Fonts Now, for real: David Berlow of The Font Bureau has proposed a Permissions Table for OpenType that can be implemented immediately to turn raw fonts into web fonts without any wrappers or other nonsense. If adopted, it will enable type designers to license their work for web use, and web designers to create pages that use real fonts via the CSS @font-face standard. — 16 July 2009

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Tiny URL, Big Trouble

Joshua Schachter explains how URL shorteners like TinyURL,, etc., originally created to prevent long URLs from breaking in 1990s e-mail clients, and now used primarily as a means of monetizing someone else’s content, are bad:

  • They “add another layer of indirection to an already creaky system, [making what] used to be transparent … opaque,” slowing down web use by adding needless lookups, and potentially disguising spam.
  • Shorteners “steal search juice” from the original publishers. (For example, with the Digg bar and Digg short URL, your content makes Digg more valuable and your site less valuable; the more content you create, the richer you make Digg.)
  • “A new and potentially unreliable middleman now sits between the link and its destination. And the long-term archivability of the hyperlink now depends on the health of a third party.”

And more. Via Merlin Mann.

Anyone who creates web content should read Joshua’s post. I’m sold and will dial way back on my use of the short URL. The question remains, what to do when you need to paste a long, cumbersome link into a 140-character service like Twitter. (If you do nothing, Twitter itself will shorten the link via TinyURL.)

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Ready For My Closeup

Ready For My Closeup

DanielByrne [warning! Flash site with JavaScript auto-expand full-screen window] came to Happy Cog‘s New York office to shoot me for an upcoming feature story in .Net Magazine, “the UK’s leading magazine for web designers and developers.”

What can I say? I’m a sucker for the gentle touch of a make-up pad. Or of anything, really. I love this photo (shot by Byrne with my iPhone) because it captures the fact that I’m still really a four-year-old. It also shows what a genuine photographer can do with even the humblest of tools.

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Meshes of the Afternoon

Some of my favorite images from Flickr; part of a series.

Favorites of the afternoon of April 10, 2009. Part of this complete breakfast.

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Superhot standards-based redesign

Seed Magazine has received a killer redesign courtesy of Mike Pick and Tim Murtaugh.

And, except for the custom Flash-based video players, it’s all web-standards-based. CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript were never so hawt. Click on STUDIO in the nav bar, then explore SALON or SAVED BY SCIENCE to experience the new hotness.

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Tobacco, booze, sexism, and ascenders

Mad Men, Mad Props: Type designer Mark Simonson on the typography (including anachronisms) used in the brilliant TV show Mad Men.

Comments off.

[tags]madmen, fonts, typefaces, typography[/tags]

Design links

10 Things They Don’t Teach You in Design School

10 Things They Don’t Teach You in Design School. Via Designmeme. (Sorry for lazy post, but I’m at SXSW Interactive.)

Comments off.


Darwin and others

Celebrate Darwin at Progresswear
In honor of the bicentennial of Darwin’s birth, five of Progresswear’s finest pro-science tee shirts are on sale through February 28th at the low price of just $12.99.
“Breathtaking” Document Reveals Pepsi’s Logo is Pinnacle of Entire Universe
See what several hundred million dollars will buy.
How Not to Write
Dwell loses a customer.
One Month to Go
Bike Hugger Mobile Social at SXSW Interactive.

Saved from the deep

Ma.gnolia was my favorite bookmarking tool, and not merely because we helped create it. Alas, approaching the eve of its third anniversary, Ma.gnolia experienced severe data loss. I have every confidence in Larry, Ma.gnolia’s founder, and know he is doing all that can be done to try to restore the service, if possible. Meanwhile, here, via ea brute-force recovery tool (and with text gremlins intact) are the web design (and other) links I posted to Ma.gnolia over its near-three-year lifespan.

Please note: these are personal links, originally posted for my own use. While many are design-related, many others are not. Some are political, others matter only to me. You don’t have to like them all. Take what you need, and leave the rest. More brain surgery
Why background processing on the iPhone is a bad idea. By Craig Hockenberry, Iconfactory’s Chief Typist and developer of Twitterific.
Op-Ed Columnist – No Time for Poetry –
There’s a reason that Barack Obama’s inaugural speech was austere, not pretty. He wasn’t just rebuking the Bush administration; he was indicting all of us for our complicity in the bubble, and steeling us for sacrifices ahead.
Macworld Pulse: Craig Hockenberry | Macworld
25-minute-long interview with Craig Hockenberry, Chief Typist at The Iconfactory and author of Twitterrific for Mac and iPhone.
Create easy-to-read iTunes Store links | Mac OS X Hints | Macworld
Create your own iTunes Store links that are much simpler to type and easier to remember. The iTunes Store has a hidden URL format that’s much more logical. Depending on what you’re linking to, you just need to build a URL in one of these formats.
No Snickering – That Road Sign Means Something Else –
In the scale of embarrassing place names, Crapstone ranks pretty high. But Britain is full of them. Ask the residents of Titty Ho, North Piddle, Spanker Lane or Penistone.
I cannot abide your mindless retweeting.
A fine ecard.
The Art of the Title Sequence
Brilliant website honors the artists who design great film title sequences. Must see. Via Luxury Luke.
Obama’s New Robots.txt : Codeulate.
Teach the Web
Whether you are new to teaching web media in higher education or making the transition to teaching updated web standards, this guide serves as a practical approach to teaching web media.
50 Illustrator Tutorials Every Designer Should See | Blog.SpoonGraphics
Collection of hand-picked Illustrator tutorials for advanced as well as beginning and intermediate designers. Some great stuff here. Via DesignMeme.
Madvillain | Madvillainy Instrumentals | Stones Throw Records
Instrumental version of Madvillainy; high-quality non-DRM MP3 album.
Close-up with Jeffrey Zeldman from + | Netdiver Interview
It came from the 1990s: Netdiver re-runs an ancient interview with yours truly.
Apple – Downloads – Video – CaptureIt!
Not because of the software (though it’s probably awesome) but because this strange copy somehow managed to get onto Apple’s website. What language was this originally written in? “Forget about complex shortcuts and your crossed and tired the poor
Download Trade Gothic® Next Font Family Р
Linotype has redrawn the classic Trade Gothic typeface. Try and download the original Trade Gothic Next Font Family.
Pretty Loaded – preloader museum curated by Big Spaceship
Pretty Loaded is an archive of preloaders that preload other preloaderswhich in turn reveal yet more preloaders. Copy that? It’s a tribute to a vanishing art form amid a constantly changing digital landscape. Created and curated by Big Spaceship.
Recent Work: FontExplorer Pro
Hicksdesign. Beautiful.
Fonts | pinvoke
High quality pixel fonts, free for designers.
Did Google Just Expose Semantic Data in Search Results? – ReadWriteWeb
In what appears to be a new addition to many Google search results pages, queries about birth dates, family connections, and other information are now being responded to with explicitly semantic structured information. Is Google creating structure
For Arab Clan, Days of Agony in a Cross-Fire –
Few neighborhoods suffered more than Zeitoun, a district of eastern Gaza City. And few families felt the wrath of the Israeli military more than the Samounis.
Op-Ed Contributor – What You Don’t Know About Gaza –
Nearly everything you’ve been led to believe about Gaza is wrong. Here are a few key points that seem to be missing from the conversation about Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip.
Paul Krugman’s depression economics – How the World Works –
On his way to Stockholm, the Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist takes time to explain the “awful” economy that looms ahead of us.
The bill for the Bush administration | Salon News
President Bush inherited a peaceful, prosperous America. As he exits, Salon consults experts in seven fields to try to assess the devastation.
Screen savers live! | Macworld Video
Entertain yourself with these 13 great desktop diversions. by Dan Frakes,
Objectified: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit
90-second trailer on the design of objects, by the director of HELVETICA. Looks great! (Via JSM.)
Twitter account hacks – a set on Flickr
Britney Spears, Rick Sanchez, FoxNews, Facebook, Huffington Post & Barack Obama all had their Twitter accounts hacked today. Well, either that or all went off the meds at the same time.
You and the Atomic Bomb
Pamphlet from the “duck and cover” era unearthed.
5 Techniques to Acquaint You With CSS 3 – NETTUTS
Just like it says. Via designmeme.
100 Most Popular Photoshop Tutorials 2008
I hate end-of-year compilations almost as much as I hate Photoshop tutorials, but there are some quite useful tutorials in here. Via designmeme.
Design Critique (kung fu grippe)
The EVP of Marketing shares a few thoughts on how the new logo could be made to pop.
Israel and Gaza – The Big Picture –
Big photos of destruction and despair.
Netdiver 10 Year Bash
Design, submit, and vote on posters, buttons, postcards, and more.
Digital Domain – What Carriers Arenít Eager to Tell You About Texting –
The public assumes that wireless carriers’ costs are far higher than they actually are; profit margins are concealed by a heavy curtain.
Notes on Content: Archive
Everything Jeff Macintyre knows about content strategy, on a single page. Via Kristina Halvorson.
Eno and Chilvers Release Sweet Music App for iPhone | Listening Post from
iPhones and iPod Touches are commonly used to listen to music, but several developers have been working on Apps that let you make music as well. Bloom, a collaboration between musician/producer Brian Eno and musician/software designer Peter Chilvers, runs in two different modes: Listen, which plays an interactive generative composition, and Create, in which you create each note that plays in real time. Each tap of the screen causes a circle to bloom and a note to play, with higher notes located towards the top of the screen. Four star rating.
typography shop: : Men’s Helvetica Sweatshirt
Great holiday gift on pre-release sale ($5 off regular price). Portion of proceeds donated to design education programs. Order by December 18th for U.S. domestic holiday delivery.
Flickr: New York Public Library’s Photostream
Images from times past. Wonderful stuff.
iRobot: Shop the iRobot Store
“iRobot¬Æ Roomba¬Æ, Scooba¬Æ, Dirt Dog, Verro and Looj tackle dirty jobs so you don’t have to. These home robots are the smarter way to vacuum and wash floors, sweep the workshop and garage, deep clean pools and blast gutters clean.” Nice gifts for g
ZoomPerfect Home
Bring TextZoom to IE with JavaScript.
iPhone developer writes open letter on App Store | iPhone Central | Macworld
Iconfactory developer Craig Hockenberry, the man behind iPhone apps Frenzic and Twitterrific, penned an open letter to Steve Jobs on the subject of what he dubs ‚Äúringtone apps‚Äù and his concern that they’re affecting business for other developers.
The Shorty Awards – The best producers of short content on Twitter in 2008
“The Shorty Awards honors the best producers of short content on Twitter.” People’s choice: The web nominates, and the web votes.
50 Extremely Useful And Powerful CSS Tools
Some actually interesting and useful tools in this Smashing Magazine article.
20 signes que vous ne voulez pas de ce projet de design web –
Ceci est la traduction fran?ßaise de 20 signs you don’t want that web design project par Jeffrey Zeldman, avec son aimable autorisation.
AIGA Center for Practice Management – Good advice for bad times
What can you do to keep your design business healthy during an economic downturn? Here are six smart strategies to help you cope.
Apple Is Greener Than Greenpeace Says – BusinessWeek
“Apple would do better in Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics if the environmental group would weight its scores for company size.”
W3C Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP) Flipcards
Cards summarize W3C Mobile Web Best Practices, making them easy to understand, remember, and check. PDFs available. Available in multiple languages.
Web Content Accessibility and Mobile Web
“Most Mobile Web specialists don’t know about design issues for people with disabilities. Likewise, most Web accessibility specialists don’t know Mobile Web design best practices. Web sites can more efficiently meet both goals when developers unde
Web Teacher õ Make Firefox into a self-voicing browser
TTS is a cross OS compatible (Windows, Mac, Linux) collection of JavaScript functions that can be used for transforming Firefox into a self-voicing browser.
Jeffrey Zeldman in .net on Flickr
Courtesy Chris Hester.
The Merlin Mann Amazon Store Blog
Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Mac OS X Tip: Display the Date on the Menubar
… without installing additional software. Neat! Via Hicksdesign.
Why Twitter Turned Down Facebook
Mr. Williams emphasized many times that, despite its buzz, Twitter is still a tiny, two-year-old company with just 25 employees. ‚ÄúIt’s good that the expectations are high, but give us a minute,‚Äù he joked.
The State of the Web 2008 | Web Directions Surveys
Web Directions and Westciv are surveying web designers to find out such things as what browsers and operating systems developers use and test for; and which design and development practices and technologies they favor, including HTML, CSS, JavaScr
This Is The Vanderbilt Republic.
Short (2.5 minute) video of photographer George Del Barrio’s shoot of Neo-Soul musician Rahsaan Salandy, for his upcoming album.
Cultivating Conversations | Jason Santa Maria
A proposal for improving comments.
Headset Hotties
Imagine loneliness so intense that you begin to notice the attractiveness of headset wearers in stock photos. Imagine time so heavy on your hands that you create a website dedicated to your sad little obsession. Imagine no more. Discover Headset Ö
The Grid System
The Grid System is a resource for all designers to learn about the benefits of using grid systems, golden ratios and baseline grids. Fabulous. Via Coudal.
“Books for the creative mind.” Books. Design. The design of books. What more could you ask? Via Coudal.
Today is the Second Annual Blue Beanie Day
First time I’ve seen anyone connect Obama’s website to the cause of web standards.
50 Graphic/Web Designers You Should Follow On Twitter | NetHackz
“Here are 50 amazing web/graphic designers that you can follow on twitter and learn from them and about them.” I’m number one, byatch.
Adactio: JournalóIron Man and me
“The story of how one of my Flickr pictures came to be used in a Hollywood movie.”
The third in a series of posts by Freedom Riders in response to Barack Obama’s victory.
If you use Hahlo as a Twitter client for iPhone (and it’s awesome!), here’s your chance to show your appreciation and help the developer defray some of his expenses.
50 Free Photoshop Brush Sets for Modern Design Trends
“Styles such as vintage, retro, grunge, hand-drawn, swirls, and nature-inspired.” Via Designmeme. I have mixed feelings about tools and collections like this, but one or two may be valuable to you.
Dogs and Their Designers
A slide show at Design Observer.
Flickr: E S S L’s stuff tagged with unexpectedlyquitcom
Bizarre error messages from self-immolating Adobe applications. Collected by Mike Essl.
Kvetch! Reborn with Twitter a Decade Later
You know all those things you wish you could post to Twitter but don’t want to say with your name on them? Those brilliant angry complaints that would feel so good to get off your chest? Now you can.
Beautifully simple and elegant web design portfolio of Brynn Shepherd, a student.
“For all its historic value, Buffalo’s architecture has for decades seemed strangely frozen in time.” (Article plus wonderful architectural photos.)
AppleSacs protect MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, PowerBook or iBook in style, using sustainable fabrics that look great. 1% of sales are donated to environmental causes.
Facebook | Blue Beanie Day 2008
Announcing the second annual Blue Beanie Day! Show your support for Web Standards and Accessibility. Please join us on Friday, November 28, 2008 in celebrating Blue Beanie Day.
Power Slider for iPhone 3G : Incase Product
The Power Slider for iPhone‚Ñ¢ 3G is the first accessory of its kind to offer protection, expanded battery life and integrated sync and charge capabilities. While most supplemental batteries simply satisfy the need for added power, the Power Slider
How to reset iPod
If you replaced or repaired an iMac, an iPhone, or both, you can be sure that your iPod will fail. Fortunately (unlike with the iPhone and iMac) you can usually get the iPod working again by holding a couple of buttons, as described on this page.
Intel-based iMac, Intel-based Mac mini: How to reset the System Management Controller
The System Management Controller (SMC) is a chip on the logic board that controls all power functions for your computer. If your computer is experiencing any power issue, resetting the SMC may resolve it.
Troubleshooting: My iMac won’t turn on.
If your computer won’t turn on, try each of these steps.
A Fake Expert Named Martin Eisenstadt and a Phony Think Tank Fool Bloggers and the Mainstream News Media –
The claim of credit for the Sarah Palin-Africa anecdote is just the latest ruse by Martin Eisenstadt, who turns out to be a very elaborate hoax that has been going on for months.
Report Sees New Pollution Threat –
BEIJING ó A noxious cocktail of soot, smog and toxic chemicals is blotting out the sun, fouling the lungs of millions of people and altering weather patterns in large parts of Asia, according to a report released Thursday by the United Nations.
Cleverly written, acted, and produced. Essentially a repository of design tips and techniques, but with a big personality.
IconShoppe ~ Ballroom
Awesome new web icons by Simplebits.
Twitterank Creator Speaks
“As I write this, Twitterank is less than a day old, and there’s more work to do. We don’t even know if it’s any good. This episode also started some conversations about phishing, about authentication, and social behaviors. There are many ways thi
Google Uses Web Searches to Track Fluís Spread –
Google is tracking the ebb and flow of Web queries like “flu symptoms” in an effort to identify outbreaks.
LetterCult ó Custom Letter Culture
Interviews with type designers. Hat tip: Patrick King.
Breach of Peace: Freedom Riders on Obamaís Victory
The Freedom Riders of the 1960s comment on Obama’s electoral victory. | Top 50 U.S. front pages
Barack Obama elected, November 5, 2008, as reflected in the top U.S. newspapers’ front pages. Graphic design, newspaper design, Obama, election, history.
Tears to Remember
“The election brought the return of a country we’d lost for so long that it was almost forgotten under the accumulated scar tissue of accommodation and acceptance. For me, this will be the enduring memory of election night 2008: One generation rel
A Letter to My Son On Election Night
A black mother speaks to her four-month-old son.
Study: Blogs Influence Purchases More Than Social Sites – ClickZ
Bloggers are seen as an authority on a topic, thus creating a relationship with consumers, according to study. Hat tip: designmeme.
Underwear showing (web design) Pool
It’s surprising how many web designers forget to specify a background color. To check for this, set your browser’s default background color to magenta, or something equally piquant. Then visit websites. If you find anything heinous (and you will)
CSS validator now supports CSS3
It took five years, but hey, great news! The W3C’s CSS validation system now supports CSS3 instead of reporting valid CSS content as errors.
Zeldman – Official iLike Page – free music, pictures, videos
Oh my gosh, I have *music* fans on iLike. Okay, three of them. But still.
Official 10 year anniversary | poster Netdiver
10 years of Netdiver, baby! “Design anywhere and digital culture magazine.” Rock!
ELECTION DAY 08 – What One Word Describes Your Current State of Mind? – Interactive Feature –
Enter the word that best describes your current mood and follow the most popular choices from readers.” Great (cool, meaningful) interactive feature at
40 Spine-chilling Horror Photoshop Effects – PSDTUTS
“It’s that special time of year where we revel all things dark and creepy. To celebrate, we’ve collected 40 Photoshop techniques and effects to help you add a splash of macabre to your work. From twisted horror faces to ghosts, damned souls and zo
Macworld | iPhone Central | Classics brings real book reading experience to iPhone
Classics features animated page turns and sound effects, so you get the feeling of actually reading a book. Swiping your finger to left advances the page and going right turns the page back. The interface also includes a home button and a button t
Accessing AT&T Wi-Fi | Wireless from AT&T
Free AT&T hotspot Wi-Fi for all iPhone users at thousands of locations everywhere (including Starbucks).
Upcoming Fall Information Session ó School of Visual Arts ó MFA in Interaction Design
Join faculty members and staff for an afternoon of informal presentations, open audience Q&A, and discussion.
Free Site Validator | complete website validation and link checking tool
Scan your entire site for validation errors and dead links manage multiple sites, watch report status in real time receive report email notifications…free of charge!
Lorem 2: An all-around better Lorem experience.
Of course it is always better to have content. But sometimes you need text filler to show how a layout will look. “Lorem 2 is a simple and better way to grab Lorem Ipsum text content.”
Vote flipping observed in U.S. voting machines
ES&S iVotronics touch screens have already been observed now in four completely separate States, flipping the votes, in the early voting that has taken place to date.
Vos Virtual Network ª DWWS FB Group One Year Celebration!
“Today marks the one year anniversary of the day we started the Designing With Web Standards group on Facebook (DWWS). Since October 27, 2007 over 4,100 members have joined, representing over 50 countries around the globe.”
The New York Times – Video Library – Critics’ Picks: ‘Wall Street’
A.O. Scott looks back at Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” and its relevance to today.
Tantek Wiki: How to Kick Colds
Hat tip: Jay Hathaway (strutting)
New York Times Endorsements Through the Ages – Interactive Graphic –
A collection of The Times’s endorsements for the presidency, from Abraham Lincoln in 1860 through the editorial board’s choice of Senator Barack Obama this year.
Flickr: The Library of Congress’ Photostream
Just like it says. Totally awesome.
Digital Domain – Why This Storm May Stay Away From Apple –
In the teeth of an economic storm, Steven P. Jobs calmly keeps Apple on the same course it has been following since the skies were clear.
Levi Stubbs’ Tears – a free font
Remember the Four Tops’ great singer with this fab font by indie type designer Dianne DiPiazza (Girls Who Wear Glasses). RIP, Levi.
Ubiquitous web font embedding just got a step closer | Web Directions
Web designers are closer than ever to having the power to embed web fonts via standards. But ethical and business problems remain. John Allsopp proposes a solution.
japanese matchbox labels – a set on Flickr
Beautiful. Via Mahatma Dave.
FunctionFlip – kevingessner
FunctionFlip individually controls your MacBook or MacBook Pro’s function keys, turning special keys back to regular F-keys, or vice-versa.
Casualties of War – New York Times
Continuously updated (since 2005) data visualization showing the deaths of American service personnel.
HotWired in 1994
Web design history (and nostalgia) from Jeff Veen.
The MegaPenny Project | Index Page
Data visualization site. What would a billion (or a trillion) pennies look like?
From Freelance to Agency: Start Small, Stay Small
My SXSW panel for 2009! “The web has always attracted mavericks and entrepreneurs, and a rocky economy makes the freelance life more desirable (or at least more inevitable) than ever. So what happens when your freelance business starts to grow? Ho
First Batch of 2009 Programming Announced |
The annual event announces the first batch of confirmed panels for 2009.
WallSwaps, by Erskine Design
“Internet swap-shop” with interesting and beautiful visual presentation.
An Event Apart 2009
An Event Apart is pleased to announce the first cities and dates in its 2009 schedule.
‘Orphan Works’ Copyright Law Dies Quiet Death
Lost in the House of Representatives’ push to pass $700 billion bailout legislation is the so-called Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008. Thank goodness! ? [REDACTED]
Ding dong, the iPhone NDA is dead. “Now let’s enjoy our newfound freedom to discuss the iPhone SDK and the first of many sample code releases on this site!”
Op-Ed Columnist – Rescue the Rescue
“I’ve always believed that America’s government was a unique political system ‚Äî one designed by geniuses so that it could be run by idiots. I was wrong. No system can be smart enough to survive this level of incompetence and recklessness by the pe
Economic Scene – Lesson From a Crisis – When Trust Vanishes, Worry –
In 1929, Meyer Mishkin owned a shop in New York that sold silk shirts to workingmen. When the stock market crashed that October, he turned to his son, then a student at City College, and offered a version of this sentiment: It serves those rich sc
Photographs and Notes from Bangladesh
Photographer Geoffrey Hiller’s blog about his Fulbright research activities while teaching visual communications and interactive media at the Independent University of Bangladesh.
Op-Ed Columnist – Where Are the Grown-Ups?
“[T]here do seem to be some adults in Congress, ready to do something to help us get through this crisis. But the adults are not yet in charge.”
Reaganomics Finally Trickles Down To Area Man | The Onion
Twenty-six years after Ronald Reagan first set his controversial fiscal policies into motion, the deceased president’s massive tax cuts for the ultrarich at last trickled all the way down to deliver their bounty, in the form of a $10 bonus, to Haz
To hell with IE 6
Food for thought.
Toms Essay – Measure for Measure
Suzanne Vega on “Tom’s Diner” and how she became the inadvertent “mother of the MP3.” Music, songwriting, technology.
Op-Ed Columnist – Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet – Op-Ed –
What if Barack Obama turned to former President Jed Bartlet of the “West Wing” for some fatherly wisdom?
Feed IE 6 with a basic stylesheet
Simon Clayson: How to treat IE6 the way we once treated Netscape 4 (if that’s what you want to do). Shades of @import!
ALA Survey Mapping!
Calling all mapping ninjas: hereís a 136KB zip archive containing two tab-separated text files listing the countries and postcodes supplied by takers of the survey.
?C ?V Character
Online special character palette. Copy a character into your clipboard; paste it into your work. Neat! Hat tip: Stan.
World’s stupidest style switcher.
Like it says.
New York in Black and White – Wired New York Forum
Amazing and wonderful trove of Bernice Abbot and other historical photos of New York City from the 19th and 20th Centuries. A must-see. Hat tip: Hivelogic.
Apple Ultracompact USB Power Adapter Exchange Program
How to exchange the dangerous broken fire-hazardous plug that came with your iPhone with a new one that’s supposed to be safe.
At Web 2.0 on Sep 20, 2008 I met Vitor Lourenco, who is responsible for the look and feel of the Twitter redesign. This photo commemorates the company name on Vitor’s badge.
Vitor Lourenco ó Interface & Visual Designer
Responsible for the look and feel of the new Twitter redesign, Vitor Lourenco is a 21-year-old iInterface designer with proficiency in web layout, UI design, SEO, XHTML, CSS and typography.
Catch me at Content Matters
11:00am Friday, 09/19/2008
Content Matters | Topic: Design & UX | Location: 1A21 & 22 |
Liz Danzico (Bobulate), Jeffrey Zeldman (Happy Cog Studios), Alex Wright (The New York Times), Kristina Halvorson (Brain Traffic), Paul Ford (Harper’s Magazine,
:: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts ::
Remix two classic tracks from the Eno/Byrne masterpiece. (Reissued link.)
Rosenbach Museum & Library – Maurice Sendak Gallery in Philadelphia
The Maurice Sendak Gallery, located near Rittenhouse Square, showcases the works and personal collections of the great Maurice Sendak. Hat tip: Jared Spool.
Silicon Alley Tells Wall Street: Send Us Your Resumes
Whoever thought working at a web start-up would be more stable than working for Lehman Bros?
Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility ï The Register
“When journalists jump on a story like this, they will publish just about anything, no matter how poorly thought out.” Hilarious critique of tech media incompetence. (Note to the delicate: somewhat raunchy.) Hat tip: Jeremy Keith.
Thoughts for an eleventh September: Alvin Toffler, Hirohito, Sarah Palin ´ Adam Greenfieldís Speedbird
‘In the relatively narrow field of my interests – ambient informatics, the networked city – can be seen something profound writ small: among fully-developed nations, the US stands out as having generally rejected ‚Äúfuturistic‚Äù interventions in ever
Coding Horror: Coding Without Comments
“I’m constantly running across comments from developers who don’t seem to understand that the code already tells us how it works; we need the comments to tell us *why* it works.”
Quick Fire with Jeffrey Zeldman
Superfast interview at Nettuts Sarah Palin
“The most comprehensive page of information on vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin” on the web. Since Gov. Palin is new to just about everyone in the country, little is known about her record and her policies. This special section has in-depth
Movie Suite
Films set to the haunting music of Ralf Hildenbeutel. Composing, composers, film, scores, music, electronica, piano.
Maurice Sendak’s Concerns, Beyond Where the Wild Things Are –
Maurice Sendak at 80.
Memo From Cairo – 9/11 Rumors That Harden Into Conventional Wisdom –
There are many reasons people in Cairo and elsewhere in the Middle East said they believed that the attacks of 9/11 were part of a conspiracy against Muslims.
Facebook’s Walled Garden Faux Pas
“This faux pas, while humorous, isn’t really that funny in the big picture. Publishing rights are certainly an important part of identitywho can see what you’re doing and writing is a major issue, not just in social networks but in the Web at lar
Wiretap Follies / The Final Authority On All Matters
Wiretap Follies is the new site by Joshua Green Allen, perhaps the funniest writer on the web, and certainly one of the darkest. “The Final Authority On All Matters” is brilliant sample fare.
I Am Not A Woman Blogger
“I am a woman (if the photo on the right wasn’t clear). But I am not a woman blogger.”
An Event Apart Chicago – earlybird savings end September 15
Save $100 on An Event Apart Chicago when you register by September 15. Join Andy Clarke, Curt Cloninger, Jason Fried, Robert Hoekman Jr., Cameron Moll, Sarah Nelson, Derek Powazek, Jeff Veen, Rob Weychert, Jason Santa Maria, Eric Meyer, and Jeffre
T.26 Digital Type Foundry | Merchandise : Wood Type Impressions
“From its Classical uses in posters and broadsheets, to the visual delights of the Modernist Avant-Garde, Wood Type has a charm all its own! Loving its textural beauty and allure, ourselves, we created Wood Type Impressions, an easy to use digital
Design for Democracy: Society & Environment: AIGA
In July 2007 the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) accepted AIGA Design for Democracy’s research and best practice recommendations for ballot and polling place information design. Guidelines and editable samples were distributed to 6,000 e Electoral Projections Done Right
Electoral projections by Nate Silver. Daily forecasting of electoral college results plus intelligent daily blogging.
Ultimate iPhone Stencil – Graffletopia
“This is the ultimate stencil for folks designing iPhone interfaces. Contains backgrounds, title bars, buttons, selectors, and other iPhone UI.” Awesome. Via Daring Fireball.
Meyerweb: WordPress Tools: MW Latest Tweet
Post cached tweets on your website.
Logos by Saul Bass
Like it says.
ë†ìWeb designerî is often a codeword for ìunwashed loserî†í ? Personal Weblog of Joe Clark, Toronto
“[T]raditional graphic-design criticism is no longer needed and, in retrospect, possibly never was. It took the Web ‚Äì which permits anyone to express an opinion and also permits designers to create what photographers and painters have always been
Exercise your right to vote from overseas. Use online wizard to request your absentee ballot.
30 Best Font Downloads for Designers
“30 typefaces every designer must own.”
@font-face survey results from Ralf Hermann
The new font embedding feature introduced with Safari 3.1 has already caused heated debates in the type industry. But what do web designers think about it? Do they want to use it? Will they be willing to pay for webfonts? Ralf Herrmann surveyed we
Firefox 3 ìfindî UI blunder? | David Herrold
The puzzle of how to handle “next” and “previous” in the context of Search.
Vintage Logos
Collection of vintage logos from a mid-70’s edition of the book World of Logotypes.
Linotype FontExplorer X for Mac OS X
Simplest and best font management tool I have ever used. From Linotype. And it’s free.
Archive of beautiful, mostly free, freely downloadable fonts. Browse by alphabetical listing, by style, by author or by popularity.
Death of an Icon
Designer George Huff on the shrinking of Rolling Stone.
This is American Soccer
Beautifully designed by We The Media. Inspiring! Wood is the new black.
What a Community Organizer Does
Joe Klein explains what Obama was doing in Chicago.
Austinist: Las Manitas Closed Forever
First the Accessibility Institute, now this. Las Manitas closed forever on August 31 according to Cynthia Perez (one of the owners). The restaurant will probably be replaced with a complex of three new Marriott hotels.
Pam and Palin: Miss Alaska 1984
My friend Pam (AKA Mrs D L Byron) onstage with Ms Palin as Alaskan beauty contestants.
L. Jeffrey Zeldman’s Amazon Blog through the Looking Glass.
Vogue’s Fashion Photos Spark Debate in India –
Vogue India’s August issue presented a 16-page vision of supple handbags, bejeweled clutches and status-symbol umbrellas, modeled not by runway stars or the wealthiest fraction of Indian society who can actually afford these accessories, but by av
CSS constants with SSI: CSSI!
Using SSI (Server Side Includes) to swap color schemes on your website. – Art – Playing the Building
Creative Time presents Playing the building, a sound installation in which the infrastructure, the physical plant of the building, is converted into a giant musical instrument.
Coping With Internet Explorer’s Mishandling of Buttons ó All in the head
“From my testing with the current beta of IE8, it looks like this bug has been fixed. Thank goodness. But how can we deal with the problem today for IE6 and 7 users?”
Byrne Eno (Hillman Curtis)
Hillman Curtis has been making interesting short films. Here’s one with David Byrne and Brian Eno talking a bit about their new album, ‚ÄúEverything That Happens Will Happen Today.”
When Will Firefox Feel Native? Never.
Why Firefox never feels like Mac, WIndows, or any other OS on which it runs.
Save the Accessibility Institute
Urge the University of Texas to reconsider its decision to close the Accessibility Institute, founded and led with distinction by the late Dr. John Slatin.
IE 6 Death March (sic)
“Internet Explorer 6 will be SEVEN years old on August 27th. It came out a few weeks before the Twin Towers fell. It came out before the Nintendo GameCube. It came out before the first iPod. It’s time to put a deadline on dropping IE6.”
“Customer Support” – Gethuman – Caller Tips
How to find a company’s phone number and speak to a human being, not a series of bots. Hat tip: Matt Dionne.
View of the Convention – Interactive Feature –
A panoramic view of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Avec sound. Plays in full-screen if you want it. Awesome.
Noob Mistakes, Still a Pain in The Arse
How to lose three years of work in a day, and what losing that work can mean to your career prospects.
PollTrack : Tracking Elections from the Ground Up
New site! “A comprehensive, up-to-the-minute picture of what voters are actually thinking and feeling…. We gauge the mood of the nation and predict the outcome of elections from the perspective of where it matters the most: with voters on the ground.”
Facebook | Free DWWS Books!
To celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of the DWWS group on Facebook, we’re giving away free copies of Designing With Web Standards, 2nd Edition. Facebook users, please leave a short comment telling us why you think the book is important, and
Designing with Web Standards, Second Edition (Kindle edition)
DWWS2e for Kindle. Ranked #4 in Desktop Publishing; #25 in Web Browsers.
How Design Can Save Democracy – Campaign Stops – 2008 Elections – Opinion – New York Times Blog
What’s still wrong with election ballots and how to make them better.
Rian Hughes Type Packs (Veer)
Gorgeous distressed typefaces by Rian Hughes. I want.
Happy Cog Studios: Design: Books-A-Million Redesign
Happy Cog created a rich, interactive, ‚Äúsingle-page‚Äù experience that merged the solitary pleasures of reading and book-buying with the joys of community‚Äîall while never losing site of the user’s ability to find related products quickly and easily.
Speak Up õ Dear Lulu, The New Standards
“Dear Lulu [is] a fantastic and imaginative resource that puts digital printing to the test through a Do-It-Yourself presentation that fits right in with philosophy of print on demand that makes it such an alluring proposition for designers lookin
Video: Made in North Carolina: The Iconfactory
“GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — In a small nondescript office on West Friendly Ave., a group of designers produces tiny artistic masterpieces that millions of people interact with every day.” Nice TV news video clip showing our heroes and their beauti
Adactio: JournalóAn Event Apart, Day One
Jeremy Keith live-blogs day one of An Event Apart.
chris jordan photography
“The pervasiveness of our consumerism holds a seductive kind of mob mentality. Collectively we are committing a vast and unsustainable act of taking, but we each are anonymous and no one is in charge or accountable for the consequences. I fear tha
Elder Statesman of Comics (AIGA)
ne could do worse than having a comic strip about a bubble-headed blonde that ran in the back pages of Playboy as one’s most well known accomplishment. But if your name was Will Elder, who died May 14 at age 86, you could do a whole lot better. An
An Event Apart 2008 | The Web Life |
Andrew Mager live-blogs An Event Apart San Francisco.
2008 Design Trends
Like it says! Fro Web Designer Wall.
The return of font embedding to the web? | Web Directions
Some misinformation in the original article has been corrected. Good article and discussion. Not nearly enough attention is being paid to web typography, EOT, @fontface, and type foundry licensing agreement concerns.
Macworld | iPhone Central | Troubleshooting iPhone and iPod touch issues
A long-time Mac expert on what you can do when your iPhone bugs out (answer: not much). “In increasing order of difficulty, here are the things I do to try to recover from the various iPhone 2.0.x maladies I’ve experienced.” Note: for most of my i
typography shop: : Women’s Across the Univers t-shirt
T-shirts for designers! Adrian Frutiger’s 1954 masterpiece is illustrated in descending weights in two colors.
Response to article in A List Apart
Joe Clark responds to some claims made in Lisa Herrod’s “Deafness and the User Experience,” in this week’s A List Apart.
TrustyPig – Social Brand Hijack
A call to action against TrustyPig for stealing the online branding of SmartyPig, a Des Moines based web startup whose service is a ‚Äúsocial savings bank‚Äù. TrustyPig blatantly stole SmartyPig’s Happy Cog designed website, logo and all.
Digital Domain – Goodbye, Passwords. You Aren’t a Good Defense. –
“OpenID offers, at best, a little convenience, and ignores the security vulnerability inherent in the process of typing a password into someone else’s Web site.”
37signals’s Fried on building great companies and products
Nuggets of wisdom from a live talk by Jason Fried.
2009 SXSW Interactive Panel Picker – No Web Professional Left Behind: Educating the Next Generation
Moderator: Aarron Walter, The Web Standards Project (WaSP). Far too often, students aspiring to be web professionals leave school with a degree yet without adequate training to prepare them for the real world. The Web Standards Project (WaSP) anno
Wilcox – a CSS “guru”
By Dolls for Friends. Great gift for the coder in your life.
Apple – Support – Unable to delete mail …
This bug afflicted my home Mac after MobileMe did a drive-by shooting of my mail files and preferences. Instead of Inbox Zero, I have Inbox Infinitely Expanding. It is impossible to delete mail, thanks to this bug. Be there fixes here?
The Road to Clarity – New York Times
Clearview replaces Highway Gothic on America’s Interstate highways. How a graphic designer and a typographer and their obsession with fonts and legibility led to a painstaking effort to clean up America’s road signs, one letter at a time. Hat tip:
Silverback ó guerrilla usability testing
Clearleft presents Silverback: spontaneous, unobtrusive usability testing software for designers and developers.
Urban Dictionary: webcock
Term used to describe online-marketing, web-strategy, killer-startup cheerleaders. Coined by Deal Allen.
iPhone 101: Taking screenshots
Taking screenshots with your iPhone. Hat tip: Ryan Irelan.
A most auspicious day! ´ Flickr Blog
Mark your calendar for August 8th, a most auspicious day.
Diplomat Slain
Screencap from North by Northwest.
Jeffrey Zeldman’s Macintosh desktop
My desktop. Pre-publication galley spread from Breach of Peace, avec zeldman orange.
North by Northwest (1959) – titles – Alfred Hitchcock Wiki
Awesome. Titles and signage from North by Northwest. Hat tip: Dean Allen (AKA Textism).
“thou shall win” Contest | It’s Christmas in August – Win Over $2500 Worth of Prizes
Grand prize is a ticket to An Event Apart.
Tara McPherson – ARTWORK
Strong, disturbing illustration work.
MobileMe: Important steps for MobileMe sync issue resolved on July 28, 2008
This didn’t actually fix the problem Apple understatedly refers to as a “MobileMe sync issue.” (All your contact data gets wiped off your iPhone.) Resetting the iPhone and then ignoring it for an hour did the trick for me. Your mileage may vary.
With Security at Risk, a Push to Patch the Web –
Since a secret emergency meeting of computer security experts at Microsoft’s headquarters in March, Dan Kaminsky has been urging companies around the world to fix a potentially dangerous flaw in the basic plumbing of the Internet.
Free streaming full-length documentary videos. Watch films or add them to your website.
W3C Sites – Web sites created by designers
W3C Sites is a collection of websites that conform with W3C standards.
Oh Joy!
Visually inspiring blog from Oh Joy! Studio (the studio of Joy Deangdeelert Cho, also very inspiring).
10 Ways Newspapers Can Improve Comments
They’ll work for any content site that employs comments. Great stuff from Derek Powazek, author of Design for Community.
A List Apart: Articles: The Survey, 2008
It’s back, it’s improved, and it’s hungry for your data. It’s the second annual survey for people who make websites.
David Byrne Journal: 07.28.2008: Almost Everything
Hmm. “Brian Eno and I have finished our new record, ‘Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.'”
An Event Apart Chicago 2008
The schedule for the final show of the year is now online.
CakePHP on IIS6 with FastCGI, SQL Server 2005, and ISAPI_Rewrite (Articles) | The Bakery, Everything CakePHP
A detailed walkthrough on how to set up and configure a fast, stable PHP 5.x environment on Windows Server 2003 for CakePHP.
Between Two Oceans | Across America
Andy Clarke’s beautifully designed site for a father-and-son trip across the USA.
New in Basecamp: Improved color customizer
No longer needing to know “weird, obscure” hexadecimal codes doesn’t matter to web designers, but the live color picker is a genuine improvement. Live UI changes always beat “enter value, hit save, hit reload.”
Legislative Action Center: Fight the Orphan Works Bills
The Orphan Works Bills will remove copyright from our works and works we’ve done on behalf of clients. For U.S. artists and writers, this site makes it easy to communicate with members of Congress. There is also help for international artists and
Dangerbird Records Site Prototype
Flash-based beta site prototyping platform.
Jeffrey Zeldman | The News is
This account has been set up for Jeffrey Zeldman by NowPublic because he is a member of the Most Public Index for New York City. The feed is a combination of information from his feeds and photos and videos others have posted of Jeffrey.
InfoQ: Internet Explorer 6 on its way out (or not)?
Like it says.
Refacing Facebook | Creativity Online
“As we went to press on the June issue, the social network was readying a redesign. Industry leaders told (and showed) us how they’d like to see it, but now we’ve got a look at the new deal.”
WordPress 2.6
Cool new features and smart incremental improvements.
Jumpchart: No more wireframes, sitemaps, or HTML mockups
This actually looks pretty cool. Product replaces wireframes with interactive pages.
Op-Ed Columnist – Yes We Can – Op-Ed –
When exactly was it that the U.S. became a can’t-do society?
Opera Web Standards Curriculum
Learning Web Standards just got easier. Opera’s new Web Standards Curriculum, released in association with the Yahoo! Developer Network, is a complete course to teach you standards-based web development, including HTML, CSS, design principles and Ö
These things I believe. ´ Not The Userís Fault
“Open-source software needs better user-interface design in order to take over the world.”
Field-Tested Books Live in NYC
Meet me Monday, July 28 at 7pm on the rooftop of The Delancey on the Lower East Side, with Michael Beirut, Steven Heller, Jason Santa Maria, John Gruber, Jim Coudal, and more.
Computing Community Consortium
The Computing Community Consortium supports the computing research community in creating compelling research visions and the mechanisms to realize these visions. And steals layouts from A List Apart.
Apple – MobileMe – Setup – iPhone/iPod touch (Mac)
How to set up MobileMe on an iPhone.
Summarized Cinema: Science Movies Explained in a Sentence
2001: A Space Odyssey – A slab of onyx and a singing computer get two astronauts in hot water.
WestCiv CSS Wiki – Browsers
Browser bugs driving you mad? Then, hopefully, we have the cure. At this browser guide, you can find (and contribute) detailed information about browser bugs in CSS, HTML and the DOM from Internet Explorer, Netscape 4 and up!
Dior in Paris
Photo: Jean-Luce Hur?© for The New York Times.
Portrait photography of George Del Barrio, an extraordinary talent.
First photo of Happy Cog’s new New York studio
First photo of new home of New York office of Happy Cog Studios, high atop Fifth Avenue, overlooking Gramercy Park, Kip’s Bay, and Murray Hill, NYC.
Amid Policy Disputes, Qaeda Grows in Pakistan – NYTimes
Just as it had on the day before 9/11, Al Qaeda now has a band of terrorist camps from which to plan and train for attacks against Western targets, including the United States.
Next: Innovation Tools & Trends An Event Apart Boston: Moving Towards a Web Design Curriculum – BusinessWeek
A lot of what I heard at AEA this time around seemed to speak to the still nascent but growing maturity of web design as a discipline. One major concern? Education. Jeffrey Zeldman hit on this in his conference opener, pointing out how most instit
Op-Ed Columnist – The Fight for Turkey – Op-Ed –
“Let’s talk Turkey. A war is on for the country’s soul and everyone should be watching because the little matter of Islam and democracy depends in large measure on its outcome.”
Functioning Form – An Event Apart: Good Design Ainít Easy
Luke W: “Jason Santa Maria’s Good Design Ain’t Easy talk at An Event Apart 2008 argued for deeper graphic resonance in the presentation of content online.”
Functioning Form – An Event Apart: The Lessons of CSS Frameworks
LukeW: “At An Event Apart Boston 2008, Eric Meyer walked through common characteristics of several Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) frameworks and outlined lessons that can be learned from their structure.”
Functioning Form – An Event Apart: Understanding Web Design
LukeW: “Jeffrey Zeldman’s Understanding Web Design talk at An Event Apart Boston 2008 highlighted factors that made it challenging to explain the value and perspective of Web designers but still managed to offer a way to describe the field.” An Event Apart: Day two schedule
Karyln is an educator who attended An Event Apart Boston 2008, sat in the front row, and took fabulous notes. This summary post links to her individual notes from each session. An Event Apart, Day One
Karyln is an educator who attended An Event Apart Boston 2008, sat in the front row, and took fabulous notes. This summary post links to her individual notes from each session.
QuirksBlog: AEA Boston slides
Peter-Paul Koch: “I just finished my An Event Apart Boston presentation on unbostrusive JavaScript, and as usual I’m posting my slides here.” Unobtrusive scripting, JavaScript, principals.
Luke Wroblewski – An Event Apart: Web Application Hierarchy
“In my Web Application Hierarchy presentation at An Event Apart Boston 2008, I walked through the importance of visual hierarchy, visual principles for developing effective hierarchies, and utilizing applications of visual hierarchy to communicate
Idiot Banter » An Event Apart Boston 2008 Live Blogs
Notes from all sessions at the recently concluded web design event.
Make Way for Ducklings – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Make Way for Ducklings is a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey. First published in 1941, the book tells the story of a pair of mallard ducks who decide to raise their family on an island in the lagoon in Boston Pub
Lance Robertson AKA DJ Lance
Wikipedia mini-bio of the dynamic host of Yo Gabba Gabba!
Flickr: An Event Apart Boston 2008
Watch this space for photos of An Event Apart Boston, June 23–24, 2008. – the digital font foundry
Unusual navigation scheme. Never seen anything like it! Hat tip: Nitzan Hermon.
Bowie – Ziggy Stardust – Dunstable June 21, 1972
Great rough concert footage of Ziggy-era Bowie singing the title track. 1972, glitter, and drugs in a nutshell.
Inside a 9/11 Mastermindís Interrogation – Series –
MUST-READ. The story of an analyst who interrogated Khalid Shaikh Mohammed without harsh tactics offers the closest look to date at the C.I.A.’s interrogation program.
Jeff Veen on Data Overload
Video: Live onstage at An Event Apart New Orleans 2008, Jeff Veen explains the magnitude of data we have to process every hour, and the responsibility of designers to help us make sense of it.
Jacob Harris – TimesPeople – The New York Times
Microformats, ahoy! hCard profiles and XFN friends lists can now be found on “TimesPeople” activity pages, such as this one for Jacob Harris. Hat tip:
DIY Yahoo! Resignation Letter
Like it says.
Publishers Weekly: Lisa Holton Announces New Venture, Teams with HarperCollins (and Happy Cog)
Fourth Story will produce stories and content that spans multiple formats, including books, websites, online games, DVDs, audio/digital downloads and social networks. Its first series is The Amanda Project, an interactive, collaborative fictional
Video: Designer Cameron Moll on Natural Mapping
Onstage at An Event Apart New Orleans, 2008, designer Cameron Moll discusses what happens when a computer novice bumps heads with a computer expert.
plainview : software : the barbarian group
Webkit-based fullscreen browser gives presenters the option of going web-style instead of relying on Keynote or Powerpoint. Via Moll, Daniel Moll.
Apple – MobileMe – A Guided Tour
Look what they’ve done to .Mac, Ma. They’ve turned it into something not just useful but awesome. It’s now a cloud, with push mail, push contacts, and push calendar. No docking required. Change info on your iPhone, your home Mac or your work Mac, Ö
Macworld | Mac Word | iPhone sync tricks
“While auto-syncing can be a fantastic feature, it can also be infuriating. As I write this, I’m sitting at work. On my desktop is an MP3 file I downloaded today that I’d like to listen to on my way home, on my iPhone. But I can’t ‚Äî not without er
this is a working library
A little site about books. (Reading, writing, design, books.)
CMSes that are not Social Networks Have no Future for Journalistic Purposes – Wired Journalists
There several companies, including LinkedIn, providing social networking corporate intranets and websites. Imagine these get really common, and they use openID, and rest [of the] online world [that] matters has become openID based single-sign-on…
Powazek: Itís 2008. I canít believe we havenít figured this out.
“If you read this site via RSS, you may notice that now you can only read the first couple lines instead of the whole post. That’s because apparently, amazingly, we still have not figured out how to use RSS and abide by copyright law on the web.”
Enkoder for Mac OS X (Hivelogic)
The anti-spam email address encoder.
Quit your day job!
The Little Blue Bird That Could
After the keynote, we were just as surprised and delighted as you probably were to find our very own application, Twitterrific, featured heavily on Apple’s website. It seems after flying high and far, sometimes to shady destinations, the little bl
Design Spotlight: Chris LeDoux Charity Poster |
Stock images used to create richly textured, four-color poster.
“LogoLounge has become an indispensable research tool, reference guide and online portfolio for the international who’s who in identity design community. It is the site of record, information and inspiration for logo design. From legends to up-and
Before & After Magazine
Graphic design how-to magazine downloads, from the iStock Store at
Coverflow effect featuring CSS transformations and jQuery UI
“This proof-of-concept shows a coverflow effect using the new CSS transformation feature from Webkit (featured in Safari 3.1). Needless to say that it won’t run in other browsers at this point (however, adapting it to canvas should be quite easy,
Op-Ed Columnist – Bob Herbert – Infighting Among the Democratcs – Op-Ed –
“This was supposed to have been the Democrats’ year. But instead of marching to victory, the party has been at war with itself in some of the ugliest ways imaginable.”
Continental Cuts Jobs and Grounds Jets –
Continental Airlines said Thursday that it would cut 3,000 jobs and retire 67 Boeing aircraft, becoming the latest airline to announce capacity reductions in the face of high prices for jet fuel.
Between 1949 and 1973 urban renewal, a program of the U.S. government, bulldozed 2,500 neighborhoods in 993 American cities and dispossessed one million…
You might be a webcock if…!
…your cherry red M-coupe has a license plate that reads WEB 2 OH. The Fix for securityd Eatings Gobs of Ram When Updating Keychain Entries
What to do when your Mac turns into a beach ball.
37signals Affiliate Program (with recurring income)
Earn 50% on sign-up and 5% of future recurring revenue.
Baghdad Jews Have Become a Fearful Few
After 2500 years in Babylon, only seven or eight Jews remain.
Flickr: cowpiesurprise’s stuff tagged with creationmuseum
From “Rob Across America”
Heather Powazek Champ interviewed by Josh Spear
Interview with the legendary web pioneer, photographer, publisher, and Flickr maven. Hat tip: Jim Heid.
Exposing the Wall Between the River and New York City –
To the builders of the 21st-century World Trade Center it is both an obstacle and an engineering marvel of 19th-century New York: the massive granite river wall that opened Manhattan’s edges to a world of seagoing commerce.
Weezer’s Internet All-Star Music Video is Today’s BIG Thing – MAY 27, 2008
Weezer enlisted the help of the biggest Internet celebrities for the first video off their new album. These aren’t cleverly edited clips. This is the real deal. Every one from Tay Zonday to Miss Teen South Carolina are really in the video. The son
Fashion@NYPL | New York Public Library
Surprisingly rockin’ fashion blog on The New York Public Library’s website. Paula Baxter is the Curator of the Art & Architecture Collection at NYPL. Her previous exhibitions were “A Rakish History of Men’s Wear” and “Decoration in the Age of Napoleon.”
Sydney Pollack, Director of High-Profile Hollywood Movies, Is Dead at 73 – Obituary (Obit) –
Mr. Pollack defined an era with star-laden movies like “The Way We Were,” “Tootsie” and “Out of Africa.”
What’s Killing Twitter
Ignore incendiary headline and focus on brief but worthwhile discussion of architecture issues that make Twitter spend so much time down.
Op-Ed Columnist – Memorial Day at ëSouth Pacificí – Op-Ed –
“The 1949 musical ‚ÄúSouth Pacific‚Äù at Lincoln Center reminds us that those whose memory we honor are always at the mercy of the leaders who send them into battle.” Frank Rich is a great writer and this is as good as anything you may read on this US
“Search for comps … or inspiration.” Essentially a fast search tool for Flickr.
LinkBunch – Put multiple links into one
Put multiple links into a single link you can share on a web page, or via Twitter, SMS, e-mail, etc.
Brian Alvey: Twitter’s business model
“I finally figured out a business model for Twitter. It’s advertising based and it only works if Twitter doesn’t solve their scaling problems.”
On the Road: Clintons Very Bad Day
“We had a front-row seat to this very strange day, and we want to describe the whole thing for you because it says a lot about the state of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, about the media and about politics in the Internet age.” – The Caucus – New York
Free Vector World Maps
Free Web Resources Everyday – WebResourcesDepot
Snack Foods That Sound Like Sex Acts
Like it says. A set on Flickr.
Recycle iPods and phones with eMusic
It’s good for the earth, and you get a little cash. (Better still, turn your cash into a charitable contribution.) I’ve always like eMusic, and I like ’em even better now.
Apple/The Bird & The Bee: Again & Again | Creativity Online
A desktop sings, again and again. DIY Apple commercial created by Dennis Liu.
Court Agrees That Paper Money Discriminates Against the Blind
In a 2 to 1 decision, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said the existing currency system violates the federal Rehabilitation Act. The judges said that the Treasury Department must find a way to Breach of Peace: Portraits of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders: Eric Etheridge, Diane McWhorter, Roger Wilkins: Books
Eric Etheridge’s wonderful photo-essay book chronicles the courage and stories of the Mississippi Freedom Riders who opposed racism in 1961.
Q&A: The Earthquake in China
All week, members of staff of The New York Times answer readers’ questions on the earthquake in Sichuan Province, the aftermath, and the Chinese government’s response. Submit a question.
An Event Apart San Francisco 2008
An Event Apart, the design conference for people who make websites, has posted its San Francisco schedule. Join us for two jam-packed 9.5-hour-long days of learning and inspiration with Heather Champ, Kelly Goto, Jeremy Keith, Luke Wroblewski, Dan
John Resig on Google Doctype
A smart assessment.
Favrd. Trickle-down egonomics for the twitter attention sp…
Filling a much-needed need, Favord is a new app that tracks Tweets favorited on Twitter. It’s by Textism! Awk!
Iraq – Presidential Candidates on the Issues – Election Guide 2008 – Issues – The New York Times
Brilliant side-by-side comparison of U.S. presidential candidates’ positions.
Un Chien Andalou (1929)
AKA “An Andalusian Dog.” The infamous first film collaboration by Salvador Dali and Luis Bu?±uel is a staple of festivals, retrospectives, and college film classes, and the silent mother of all music videos. Hat tip: Fred Gates.
Brian Alvey: CBS acquires CNET, wow
As reported on Twitter by the guy running CNET and one of its better talent, CBS is buying CNET.†That’s very surprising….
Breach of Peace: Portraits of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders: Eric Etheridge, Diane McWhorter, Roger Wilkins: Books
Now available at, Eric Etheridge’s photo essay and compendium of first person accounts by the brave souls who fought institutionalized racism in 1961.
An Event Apart News: Boston Early Bird Deadline Coming Soon
The sun is shining, the trees are leafing, the early birds are getting the worm‚Äîit all means spring. And speaking of early birds, the early bird deadline for An Event Apart Boston is fast approaching! If you’re planning to be there, as so many peo
When Obama wins microsite (
It’s Kottke! It’s what happens when Obama wins!
Mother’s Day Firebombing
Living American History from one of the original 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders.
Married IAs: “Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff”
Is Harvey Pekar an IA, and R. Crumb a designer?
Rosenfeld Media: UX Publishing Startup: An Interview with Lou Rosenfeld and Liz Danzico :: UXmatters
Joshua Kaufman interviews Lou Rosenfeld and Liz Danzico of and about Rosenfeld Media, a user experience publishing startup. Favorite insight: How to do usability testing on books!
Molly Wright Steenson is a design researcher and architectural historian who studies interactivity and responsiveness in architecture. She is pursuing a PhD in architecture at Princeton University. She also conducts research and develops design st
SMART/MODELS looks at design-minded businesses through the eyes of five firms who represent business models from the standard to the far-flung. Learn how each of them have cut through bottom-line pressures. Presented by AIGA/NY.
Dumb as We Wanna Be – New York Times
While all the presidential candidates were railing about lost manufacturing jobs in Ohio, no one noticed that America’s premier solar company, First Solar, from Toledo, Ohio, was opening its newest factory in the former East Germany ‚Äî 540 high-pay
Overkill and Short Shrift – New York Times
“Most of the electorate understands that the U.S. is in sorry shape, which is why more than 80 percent of poll respondents say we’re on the wrong track. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright has nothing to do with any of that. The idea that his nonsense may sh
What if Facebook were real life?
Comedy from YouTube video. Hat tip: Lisa McMillan.
Jeff Veen leaves Google
One down.
BBC NEWS | Identity ‘at risk’ on Facebook
Personal details of Facebook users could potentially be stolen, the BBC technology programme Click has found.
IHOF Sneaky Pro
P22 Sneaky is the newest font by award winning type designer Michael Clark. Sneaky is a connecting-script and sibling of his popular “Pooper Black” type which shares a similar flow and casual elegance.
Who Should I Follow? | Twitter Friend Recommendations
Enter your Twitter username. Get suggestions on interesting people to follow.
Different Approaches to the Semantic Web – O’Reilly Radar
“Don’t ask users to provide structure, unless it’s useful to them. But do design your applications in such a way that structure is generated without extra effort on the user’s part. And mine structure that already exists, even if it’s messy and in
Google Admits “Data is the Intel Inside” – O’Reilly Radar
“Having access to large amounts of data is in many instances more important than creating great algorithms.”
Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser?
Bookmark and share with clients and colleagues.
Six Apart – Blog – Hell no, personal sites aren’t dead!
A response to “The Vanishing Personal Site.”
Web Standards Design + Development, a group of Interactive Craftsmen
“The purpose of the Web Standards Design + Development group is to form a strong network of individuals who have taken the initiative to become craftsmen of their trade. Today it is a list of names, tomorrow it will be a force for good‚Äîor at the v
Q&A about the WCAG Samurai Errata
From the NY Web Standards Meetup, with answers by Joe Clark. Kindly posted by The Mechanism.
A Mailing List Apart
We’re pleased to announce that An Event Apart is now blending the best of the 1990s internet with the cutting edge of today’s technology.
Mac 911 | Bugs & Fixes: This document will be updated
Decrypting Apple’s less helpful Help: Ted Landau finds two recent examples of Apple-recommended Terminal work-arounds.
Average Web Page Size Triples Since 2003
The size of the average web page has more than tripled since 2003. From 2003 to 2008 the average web page grew from 93.7K to over 312K (see Figure 1), some 233% (Domenech et al. 2007, Flinn & Betcher 2008). During the same five-year period, the nu
Jody Ferry – Interactive Art Direction & User Experience Design is a perfect example of the decentralized personal site.
Ÿàÿ® ŸÜŸàÿ¥ÿ™Ÿá Ÿáÿß€å ŸÜÿ®€å ?©ÿ±ŸÖÿ?ŸÑ€å ÿ?ÿßÿØŸá – ÿØŸà ?©ŸÜŸÅÿ±ÿߟÜÿ? ÿ?ÿ±ÿßÿ?€å Ÿàÿ® ÿ?ÿ߀åÿ™ ÿØÿ± ŸÜ€åŸÖŸá ÿߟàŸÑ ÿ?ÿßŸÑ ÿ¨ÿßÿ±€å
Live and in Persian, it’s An Event Apart. Thank you, Nabi Karamalizadeh.
Failing to Deliver a Jolt on Global Warming
While 61% of Americans say the effects of global warming have already begun, just a little more than a third say they worry about it a great deal, a percentage that is roughly the same as the one Gallup measured 19 years ago.
Nomads at last |
Wireless communication is changing the way people work, live, love and relate to places—and each other. A special report by The Economist. Well worth reading, if only to clarify things you already think and know.
An Event Apart New Orleans Attendee Information
An Event Apart New Orleans is nearly here! Here’s what attendees need to know about the show, including location and registration details, party locations, and more.
Twitter Saves Man From Egyptian Justice
Interesting (and a bit sad) that Arrington describes this as a PR win for Twitter, rather than, say, a tragic encounter with a repressive political system.
Trapped: Video: The New Yorker
This week in the magazine, Nick Paumgarten writes about the lives of elevators, and tells the story of Nicholas White, who was trapped in an elevator in New York City’s McGraw-Hill building for forty-one hours. Here is a condensed look at White’s
Helvetica t-shirt and Tank
Show the world you know your type. Helvetica Neue explained for the layman. In weights descending from Ultra Black 95 to Ultra Light 25, Max Miedinger’s redesign of his own 1957 classic has never been so fashionable.
Mr. B Natural Part 2
The notorious MST3K short (concluded).
Mr B Natural Part 1
The most notorious (and enjoyable) of all MST3K shorts. Enjoy!
The Qantas Experience…many thanks to Rain Man
Fun post, great clip.
Look what 1999 just dragged in on Flickr
In 1999, I was at a web agency, working on the design of SearchLion, an abortive project for The New York Public Library. Although I was the agency’s creative director, I never got to meet with the client, and the project died within a few weeks o
Illustration Inspiration: 20 Artists Who Are Making Waves
Wonderful overview of fabulous illustration talent by Larissa Meek, an interactive designer, artist and senior art director at AgencyNet.
The 2008 Gmail Appeal | Email Standards Project
A video appeal by the Email Standards Project to the Gmail development community to improve web standards support and accessibility in Gmail.
In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop – New York Times
Two weeks ago … funeral services were held for Russell Shaw, a prolific blogger on technology subjects who died at 60 of a heart attack. In December, another tech blogger, Marc Orchant, died at 50 of a massive coronary. A third, Om Malik, 41, su
A Camera for the Shot You Missed – New York Times
“This Casio can snap 60 photos a second. These are not movies; these are full six-megapixel photographs, each with enough resolution for a poster-size print.”
The Fine Art of Wireframes
Can sketching be an appropriate IA tool? “Presenting a sketch of a proposed design direction to clients gives them a more consumable design deliverable; the inherent imperfections of the drawing magically break down the barrier between consultant
A List Apart: Issue 256
Bring your data to visual life with web standards, and roll you own Google-style maps. (AKA Wilson Miner and Paul Smith kick ass.)
Orbon and Alija shoot people, places, and products.
xScope 2.1 is out!
The irreplaceable tool for designers and developers has been updated with a heap of improvements and fixes. If you design websites, you absolutely need it.
The John Slatin Fund Accessibility Project
Matches accessibility experts with companies that would like a brief review of their site for accessibility. In return, the site owner is asked to contribute a minimum of $500 to The John Slatin Fund. John was a wonderful man and a friend.
Change We Can Believe In | Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Above, the new face of British currency, announced by the Royal Mint. The striking new designs, selected from an open competition that attracted four thousand entries, are the work of a 26-year old graphic designer named Matthew Dent. They are Mr.
Photo Matt » OpenID and Spam
Magnolia will restrict signups to only OpenID users In an effort to block SPAM. But Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame says, “At best this is a Club solution, meaning it’ll be effective as long as Magnolia is not a worthwhile enough target or not en
Bernanke Offers Bleaker View on U.S. Economy – New York Times
“The uncertainty attending this forecast is quite high and the risks remain to the downside,” he said.
UnderConsideration LLC
Liking the new look and enjoying the themeline (Formed 2007, Established 2001).
Captioning Sucks!
Now let’s fix it! Un production de Joe Clarke.
An Event Apart 2008 playlist
77 songs, 4.7 hours of interstitial fabulousness from the 2008 edition of the design conference “for people who make websites.”
Basecamp New Feature Preview: Replying to messages via email
Hot! Will make Basecamp-leery clients happy, too.
Tracking a Marine Lost at Home – New York Times
‚ÄúHe’s with God and the other guys in the platoon,‚Äù she said.
Apple Ranked Top Brand Worldwide
Apple has captured most of the top spots in a brand opinion survey of nearly 2,000 readers – largely marketing professionals – published by the branding company Interbrand on its Web site. Apple was ranked first in almost all the
Download WordPress 2.5
WordPress 2.5, designed by Happy Cog and built by Automattic, is now available for your downloading pleasure.
Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Typographic eye for the FBI guy. Diddy owes Hoefler.
Crescent City Brewhouse – About Crescent City Brewhouse
Located in a legendary building on historical property at 527 Decatur Street, the Crescent City Brewhouse is the French Quarter’s only microbrewery and the location of An Event Apart New Orleans’s Opening Night Party, sponsored by Media Temple.
Exonerated, Freed, and What Happened Then
New York Times interactive presentation chronicles what happens after people imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit are finally freed thanks to DNA evidence exonerating them. Profound, tragic, important reporting‚Äîand excellent experience design.
Is It Better to Buy or Rent? – New York Times
Interactive widget lets you compare the costs of renting and buying equivalent homes.
Inspired CSS: Styling for a Beautiful Web
A spanking new video by legendary designer and sixth Beatle Andy Clarke, released by Peachpit Press. Shows how to take your layout “to the next level using typography, microformats, advanced CSS selectors, layout techniques employing floats, posit
The Leukemia Letters: John passed away peacefully 10pm Mon, March 24
The world, and the web, have lost a wonderful man. Rest in peace, friend.
Worst Logo Ever!
Like it says. Great fun. Via Daniel Mall.
HEMA – online winkelen
Worried customers won’t see products below the fold? (Turn up speakers.) Via Matto of
Unsustainability: current large-scale works by Chris Jordan
Seattle artist Chris Jordan shockingly depicts the sheer immensity of our consumption. Via
Neil Aspinall, Beatles Aide, Dies at 66 – New York Times
Neil Aspinall, who left an accounting job to become the Beatles’ road manager when the group was still a local dance band and who went on to manage the band’s production and management company, Apple, died Sunday night in Manhattan. He was 66 and
Faces of the Dead in Iraq – New York Times
Interactive memorial to the U.S. fallen in Iraq.
DigitalAgency is: Mike Coulter &  Dr Alice Bartholomew Рa new kind of online marketing company, fusing creative with planning.
960 Grid System
The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels. There are two variants: 12 and 16 columns, which can be used separately or in tandem.
Game on at NYPL, 42nd Street, 4:00 today
Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 Take Over Historic Astor Hall on Friday, March 21 to Herald New Era of Video Games at The New York Public Library. The grand Astor Hall of the Beaux-Arts landmark Humanities and Social Sciences Library will be aliv
Abort, Retry, or EPIC FAIL (
Why FAIL fails. A fine, angry essay on the brutality of peer-encouraged geek hipster shorthand.
Apple Mail plug-ins and tools
Like it says. Via Hicksy’s Tweet.
An Event Apart 2008: Back to Beantown
An Event Apart, the design conference for people who make websites, is pleased to announce the detailed schedule for An Event Apart Boston 2008. Join us June 23rd & 24th at the Boston Marriott Copley Place for two jam-packed 9.5-hour-long days of
Happy Cog Studios: Podcasts Archives
Video and audio podcasts featuring people of Happy Cog Studios.
10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.5
Detailed review of WordPress 2.5 rebuilt by Automattic, redesigned by Happy Cog.
Wired: Catch a Sneak Peak at WordPress 2.5’s Sexy New Look
“Zeldman and crew have done a nice job of making WordPress much sexier and easier to use.”
Transcript of Obama’s speech on race
Barack Obama News-,
Attendee Spotlight: Matt Rossi (An Event Apart News)
One of the best things about An Event Apart is the attendees, who travel from far and wide not only for the great content and speakers, but also to spend time in the company of their fellow craftspeople of the web. We’d like to introduce you to on
WordPress 2.5 Sneak Peek
For the past few months, we’ve been working with our friends at Happy Cog ‚Äî Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, and Liz Danzico ‚Äî to redesign WordPress from the ground-up. The result is a new way of interacting with WordPress that will remain fami
Bear Stearns Racing Toward Selling Itself to JPMorgan – New York Times
“Once you have a run on the bank you are in a death spiral and your assets become worthless,” said David Trone, a brokerage analyst at Fox Pitt Kelton.
Widgetizing Themes « Automattic
Technical instructions on updating a WordPress theme for use with widgets.
Crane falls in NYC
At least four people have died.
FuseCal – The Web’s Events in Your Calendar
Gravatars and WordPress 2.5
How to support gravatars in upcoming WordPress 2.5.
iTunes link: Voices That Matter Podcasts
Direct iTunes link to view SXSW video interviews with the likes of Nathan Shedroff, Dori Smith, Tom Negrino, Stephanie Sullivan, Robert Hoekman, Jr., Aarron Walter, DL Byron, and me.
Peachpit: Voices That Matter (Video)
Captured this week at SXSW: video interviews with the likes of Christopher Schmidt, Joshua Porter, Dave Shea, and little old me.
Font tip for Leopard users | Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Quick Look turns out to be immensely useful for fonts
An Event Apart New Orleans Earlybird Deadline Fast Approaching
The building swell of registrations for An Event Apart New Orleans can mean only one thing: the earlybird deadline is fast approaching. Don’t get left out. If you’re planning to come, now is the time to claim your spot.
Internet Explorer 8 Beta: Download Now
Correct URL of IE8 Beta. “Download the Internet Explorer Beta. It’s designed to help developers and designers prepare sites for Internet Explorer 8.”
IE8 Beta is supposed to show up here
Announced at MIX. Announced by Dean in his keynote. He also said, “No, Daddy didn’t break the web” to his daughter, who asked. Hat tips: Chris Poteet and DL Byron.
SXSW 2008: apartness’s schedule
My SXSW schedule in progress. Thanks, Chirag Mehta and Taylor McKnight for creating this cool free calendar service.
How to create an unobtrusive print this page link with JavaScript | 456 Berea Street
Oldie but goodie: ‘One common request that duplicates browser functionality is a ‚ÄúPrint this page‚Äù link. Most developers have probably added such links more than once during their career. Doing so isn’t necessarily ‚Äúwrong‚Äù, and it won’t bring seri
The Daniel Mall interview
An interview with the brilliant Daniel Mall, designer and coder at Happy Cog, inventor, musician, tech editor for A List Apart, and soon to be married man.
City Rejects Sale of Building Known as Hip-Hop’s Birthplace
The birthplace of hip-hop may be saved from gentrification, for the time being. In an unusual move, the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development has rejected the sale of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, a culturally iconic west Bronx apartme
A Last Glimpse of the 9/11 Stairway, Before It Moves – City Room – Metro – New York Times Blog
Something astonishing is now visible on Vesey Street: the Vesey Street staircase. Also known as the ‚ÄúSurvivors’ Stairway‚Äù for its vital role in the evacuation of hundreds of people from the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, the staircase has b
Apple is No. 1 in Top 20 Most Admired Companies – FORTUNE
It is a tribute to its CEO that Apple, which ten years ago seemed headed for the slag heap, is No. 1 on this list. Steve Jobs has always had a knack for weaving magic out of silicon and software. But who knew he could build a $24 billion (in sales
Making Web Applications Usable – Robert Hoekman Jr (An Event Apart News)
Q. Why shouldn’t web application designers have the same leeway as desktop application developers? It isn’t immediately obvious how to achieve every possible task in Photoshop or Excel. As builders of sophisticated, powerful web applications, shou
Microsoft Expands Support for Web Standards
Version targeting will stand, but with the Jeremy Keith default (i.e. like any other browser, IE8 will support advanced standards mode by default).
AIGA SXSW meetup
Sunday 12-2.
CHOPSTICKS By Carlos Segura
Brilliant! 51 chopstick bags by Carlos Segura assisted by Ryan Halvorsen. In EPS for your raster or vector pleasure.
Auto 2 by Michael Parsons
20 automobile illustrations by Michael Parsons, in EPS format for your raster or vector pleasure. Just $49 from T26 Digital Type Foundry.
Happy Cog Studios at SXSW Interactive
Two hot panels, plus bowling.
U.S. Embrace of Musharraf Irks Pakistanis – New York Times
‚ÄúI’ve never seen such an irrational, impractical move on the part of the United States,‚Äù said Rasul Baksh Rais, a political scientist at the Lahore University of Management Sciences. ‚ÄúThe whole country has voted against Musharraf. This was a refer
Stocks Dive on New Signs of Economic Chill – New York Times
Consumer confidence plunged in February to a 16-year low, as rising inflation forced Americans to spend more and save less. Income growth slowed in January and consumer spending was flat when adjusted for inflation, the Commerce Department said. F
Apartment Therapy: The Amazing Staircase
“London-based Levitate Architects came up with this ingenious solution to a book storage problem and created a loft-like bedroom nestled under the roof of the top-floor apartment.” Astounding.
Twitterrific 3.1 released
The latest version of Iconfactory’s Twitterrific, the Mac OS X application for reading and posting to the Twitter social network includes new keyboard shortcuts, action menu on tweets, and more.
Pixelingo Website Design
pixelingo is a small studio founded by Carolyn Wood, providing copywriting, content strategy, user experience, and web design services for small (and, on occasion, gigantic) businesses, nonprofits, and creatives.
How to Succeed at Front-end Development
We asked top XHTML troubleshooter Stephanie Sullivan how a structure-focused coder can survive and thrive in this market. (An Event Apart News.)
WCAG Samurai Errata now available
As of 26 February 2008, the WCAG Samurai errata for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 are available.
Printer troubleshooting for AirPort Extreme
Do you have a USB printer that works the way you expect it to when connected to your computer, but not when it’s connected to your AirPort base station for printer sharing? In that situation, this article helps you troubleshoot issues with printer
How to reset .Mac Sync
Ocassionally, syncing with .Mac may not behave as expected, causing a sync to take longer than expected, or for data to not sync successfully between computers. When troubleshooting situations such as this, resetting .Mac Sync data is a good step
Star Wars according to a 3 year old.
Really wonderful short film. I had the same idea when our daughter was two: to film her explaining the stories of movies. Never did it, though. And now I don’t have to. This is awesome.
How-To: Truly reset your .Mac sync data
‘As many users of syncing products know, sync can be tricky. Items can sometimes get duplicated or not synced at all, and getting the system working again can be an exercise in witchcraft. Apple’s .Mac syncing features are sometimes no exception t
Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones
On “the utterly confounding typographic dress chosen by Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain.” Fun, even if you’re not a type nerd.
An Event Apart News: Come On Down to New Orleans
“Need more incentive to come to New Orleans in April? Jasmine. Sweet olive. Honeysuckle. Street car rides down St. Charles to Audubon Park. Boiled crawfish at Frankie & Johnny’s. 5 napkin roast beef po boys. Liuzza’s. Mandina’s. Jacques-Imo’s. The
On the Internet, Everyone Can Hear You Complain – New York Times
Get Satisfaction allows people to post feedback about their experiences with any company they choose, and it encourages companies to visit its site,, to respond publicly.
A Conversation with Matt Mullenweg
The 24-year-old king of open source blog platforms discusses what’s next for WordPress.
Helvetica ª A Font We Can Believe In
You’ve probably seen Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s ‚ÄúChange We Can Believe In‚Äù and ‚ÄúStand for Change‚Äù banners. The typophiles among you have realized that the ‚Äúchange‚Äù font Obama’s campaign uses is Gotham, designed by Hoefler & F
Quick! Send Brian Oberkirch a message via Twitter
A UI discussion on Flickr.
iPhone headphone bug
What to do when your iPhone stops making or receiving phone calls (!) because of a really annoying, fairly ridiculous audio bug which Apple will probably never get around to fixing.
Thoughts on browser version targeting | clagnut/blog
Richard Rutter and I agree. “I believe Microsoft has got it right, but pity the IE development team.”
2008 SXSW Interactive Panels Schedule
Searchable, hour-by-hour listing.
CSS Tools: Reset CSS
Eric Meyer’s CSS Reset.
“Polaroid Swinger” TV commercial starring Ali McGraw
Almost 60 years after the commercial release of its first instant camera, Polaroid Corporation announced last week that it would cease manufacturing instant film. Here’s a commercial from my childhood to remind us of how magical Polaroid once was.
BBC NEWS | Europe | Danish Muhammad cartoon reprinted
Danish newspapers have reprinted one of several caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad which sparked violent protests across the Muslim world two years ago.
Fonts from “The Price is Right”
Download fonts from American TV’s beloved nightmare game show. Via Jenn Lukas.
An Event Apart News: Andy Clarke Gets Transcendent
Q: You advocate “transcending the web of today.” What does this mean to a designer, and how does one start transcending?
Vanity Fair. The Hollywood Issue.
Hitchcock classics restaged as fashion (which, of course, they always were, anyway). Via Unstoppable Robot Ninja.
Happy fourth birthday, microformats! Congrats @t .
Luckow Design Studios – Fix for iPhone Camera Bug
Sometimes your iPhone just decides to stop storing photos in your current roll. You take a photo, then you go to look at it and all you see is a blank square. Then you click on it and it just goes to home or something. A lot of people seem to get
ongoing ? XML People
7000 words on the history of XML.
Dave Shea on Dave Shea (An Event Apart News)
We asked legend of rock Dave Shea (CSS Zen Garden, Zen of CSS Design) what he sucks at.
Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat – New York Times
Almost all biofuels used today cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels if the full emissions costs of producing these “green” fuels are taken into account, two studies being published Thursday have concluded.
Aarron Walter on Findability, SEO, and Web Standards (An Event Apart)
What is findability? How does it relate to SEO, and what is the web standards connection?
Understanding Web Semantics
Great, easy-to-follow, three-part series on the real meaning of web semantics, and the implications for HTML, by John Allsopp, author of “Dao of Web Design” and Microformats: The Book, co-founder of Web Directions North, and ancient swordsman of T
Basecamp Turns Four!
Happy birthday, Basecamp. Thanks for making our world so much more special.
Archer | Hoefler & Frere-Jones
New font. Gorgeous. “Sweet but not saccharine, earnest but not grave, Archer is designed to hit just the right notes of forthrightness, credibility, and charm.”
Social Graph API – built on open standards
“We currently index the public Web for XHTML Friends Network (XFN), Friend of a Friend (FOAF) markup and other publicly declared connections. By supporting open Web standards for describing connections between people, web sites can add to the soci
Ahh, that explains this email… –
“Anyone who stays [at Yahoo] after a MS purchase won’t be working there for the love of the company, that’s for sure.”
Google Code Blog: URLs are People, Too
So you’ve just built a totally sweet new social app and you can’t wait for people to start using it, but there’s a problem: when people join they don’t have any friends on your site. They’re lonely, and the experience isn’t good because they can’t
Social Graph API Demo – Site Connectivity –
Just like it says.
Microsoft pursues Yahoo! takeover
Next: Google buys Microsoft. Facebook eats its young, and four horsemen appear.
Web guru Jeffrey Zeldman opens Web Directions North with wide-ranging keynote
“Jeffrey Zeldman, the web design and standards expert behind, and myriad other websites, delivered the opening keynote at Web Directions North on January 30th in downtown Vancouver. After fighting for standards and acces
Pinakothek (the blog of Luc Sante)
Luc Sante is THE great historian of old New York City. This is his blog. It uses the landmark “Minima” theme designed by the wonderful Douglas Bowman. Via Christopher Fahey.
TidBITS Opinion: iWork and iWeb Updated, Apple Restricts Release Notes
“Come on, Apple, acknowledge that you have professional users whose livelihoods depend on your programs and the information you publish about them. I’m not saying you have to overwhelm Software Update users with detail that most people couldn’t po
xScope measuring tool video
Amazing work by Craig and the designers at Iconfactory. If you design for the screen, this tool will make your life much easier.
Iraqi Government Tackles Global Warming
Perhaps the U.S. will too, one day.
Cederholm Out, Marcotte In For An Event Apart Boston
Dan Cederholm has had to regretfully bow out of An Event Apart Boston (you can catch him at AEA San Francisco instead). Replacing the Bulletproof One is author and code wizard Ethan Marcotte (Airbag, Unstoppable Robot Ninja), on the existing subje
Emigre Essays
Now online: the main content of Emigre #30 (“Fallout”). “This milestone issue from 1994 was a response to the (in)famous ‘Ugly’ essay written by Steven Heller for Eye magazine. For those of you who missed the typographic debates of the 90s, or for
Beyond DOCTYPE: Web Standards, Forward Compatibility, and IE8
A List Apart’s Aaron Gustafson on the proposed alternate standards switch Microsoft will implement in IE8.
Apple – Discussions – Conflict Resolver & Leopard.
After the 11th loop through Hell, try loading a seemingly unrelated program (iSync) and lying to it.
Apple – Support – Conflict Resolver broken in Leopard
“My .Mac menu icon shows 7 unresolved conflicts. When I try to review them, Conflict Resolver opens, but no window is displayed. I threw out the Preference file but it didn’t help….”
How To Set an Apple Touch Icon for Any Site
Drew McClellan’s method even lets you override a site’s existing touch icon. (Just don’t override mine.)
Female Business Owners Fault New Rules on U.S. Contracts – New York Times
Women who own small businesses have been pushing for years for a bigger piece of government contracts. And few are happy with the new rules created by the Small Business Administration.
Logica Stock Icon Family debuts at Iconfactory’s
Clean, businesslike icons by the icon artists behind Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux.
How to make an iPhone Webclip Icon
Drop a 57px‚Äâ?ó‚Äâ57px PNG with the name ‚Äúapple-touch-icon.png‚Äù at the root level on your server.
New Basecamp Feature: Image-grid view
I love Basecamp.
Andrew Olmsted: Final Post
Andrew Olmested, a soldier, died in Iraq. This is his final post, published posthumously by a friend at his request.
Bombshell: Google and Facebook Join
“The DataPortability Workgroup announced this morning that representatives from both Google and Facebook are joining its ranks. The group is working on a variety of projects to foster an era of Data Portability – where users can take their data fr
Original WaSP Browser Upgrade Campaign
Remember? Sure you do. It’s the campaign that DOM sniffing built. Some current members of The Web Standards Project removed it from the WaSP’s archived site (thus defeating the purpose of having an archived site, we think), but it is still availab
Original WaSP Browser Upgrade Campaign – Tips page
Remember? Sure you do. It’s the campaign that DOM sniffing built. Some current members of The Web Standards Project removed it from the WaSP’s archived site (thus defeating the purpose of having an archived site, we think), but it is still availab
NewsGator Turns NetNewsWire Loose for Free
NetNewsWire 3.1 is the latest release of the long-developed news aggregator of RSS and Atom feeds. And it’s now free. NewsGator, which acquired Seattle developer Brent Simmons’s NetNewsWire software in 2005 and hired Simmons, announced updates for
Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form version 3
Contact form spam is bad for everyone, but with this script you can rest easy knowing your form is safe, accessible, and valid. Feature-rich, standards-compliant, newly updated by creator Mike Cherim. Download it for free!
This Antipattern is Kryptonite to the Open Social Web at Like It Matters
Let’s be clear about this: designing the open social Web has nothing to do with encouraging users to violate the TOS of another Web service. Putting users in control of (and teaching them to take responsibility for) their own data and giving them
Spanning Sync Blog: Update on the Leopard iCal Sync Bug
Hi, I’m a Mac, and I’m just as f—-d up as a PC.
Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior (book illustrations)
Illustrations from Indi Young’s upcoming Rosenfeld Media book on mental models are available for anyone to download and use in Keynote/Powerpoint presentations. Neat.
ongoing ¬? Pantone’s Missed Chance
Or, why we don’t have color calibration on the web. In 1995, Pantone’s CEO dismissed Tim Bray’s recommendation because he didn’t see how Pantone would instantly make money from it.
Flickr: Jeffrey’s photos tagged with special
Like it says.
Part Of My Job Is To Become Irrelevant
My job is to become invisible. Effortless Style: Books: June Ambrose,Richard Buskin,Aimee Levy Effortless Style by June Ambrose, Richard Buskin, Aimee Levy. Met stylist/author June Ambrose at a party the other day. She’s awesome.
Design Matters podcast: Season 5 schedule
“Graphic designers, writers, illustrators, authors, scientists, editors, a Nobel Prize winner and many, many UnBeige favorites will be featured on the show, which, incidentally, was voted a ‘favorite podcast’ on PSFK’s IF Marketing Podcast survey.”
15 Great Examples of Web Typography | i love typography
“What better way to start the year than with a little typographic inspiration?”
Friending, Ancient or Otherwise – New York Times
“The growth of social networks ‚Äî and the Internet as a whole ‚Äî stems largely from an outpouring of expression that often feels more like ‘talking’ than writing: blog posts, comments, homemade videos and, lately, an outpouring of epigrammatic one-
inkblurt » Flourishing, Friending & the Evolution of “Social”
“As networked social applications mature, they’re evolving more nuanced ways of constructing and maintaining an identity. Two of the major factors in online identity are How you present yourself, and Who you know.” I’m also reminded of the way Som
T.26 Digital Type Foundry | EPS : Office
Brilliant! Office illustrations, masterfully (and usefully) done, for a mere $29. Among many fabulous new offerings from the wonderkids at T26 Digital Type Foundry.
End of Support for Netscape web browsers
AOL finally blows taps on what was once the only browser that mattered. (It lives on in Firefox, of course.) Via the Brian Alvey Weblog.
An Event Apart New Orleans 2008
The design conference for people who make websites, An Event Apart, launches its 2008 schedule with An Event Apart New Orleans. Two days of web standards, best practices, and creative inspiration, featuring 12 great speakers.
The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto
An eyewitness account from John Moore, a photographer who was at the scene of the blast.
CDs disappear from Finder in Leopard
CDs disappear from Finder in Leopard. Instead of importing music into iTunes, you are lucky to simply eject the disc. Happening to many Leopard users. Thread number 1 on the subject.
Stop CD’s disappearing from desktop in Leopard
CDs disappear from Finder in Leopard. Instead of importing music into iTunes, you are lucky to simply eject the disc. Happening to many Leopard users. Thread number 2 on the subject.
Antisocial networking ¬´ Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird
Jackpot link. Missed this when it first came out. Greenfield is among the very best thinkers and writers we have. He critiques social networking services for falling short of the complexity of our real social lives, and for inflicting psychic harm
Twenty-four hours with my OLPC
Adam Greenfield’s first-day critique of the OS the One Laptop Per Child PC.
P22 Music Text Composition Generator
Free online music utility converts any text to music. Composition is displayed in musical notation and played in MIDI on your choice of instrument. The P22 MTCG was programmed by designer Colin Kahn from an idea conceived by P22 creative director
CSS Working Group Blog
Like it says. The CSS Working Group has a blog. That’s a good thing.
Behind the Scenes: What is the CSS Working Group doing?
Like it says. Informative!
Suggested UI improvement for Flickr
By Matthew Oliphant. Good one!
MSN, Opera, and Web Standards
November, 2001.
I am having problems with Snapz Pro 2 not described in this FAQ what can I do?
Leopard-compatible Snapz Pro 2 doesn’t work properly after migrating to Leopard. This badly written, inaccurate (“launch the game”) guide tells steps to take before calling manufacturer or ascending to roof with high-powered rifle and box of Mallomars.
Screen drawing bug in Leopard
Bug in Mac OS X 10.5.
Ratiocination: Andrew M. Bailey Profile
Personal website for Andrew M. Bailey, student of philosophy, demonstrates the difference between copying and stealing a design. This isn’t copying.
Face Off Extension for Firefox | Design Meme
I find Facebook to be a very useful tool for networking and keeping up with what my friends and acquaintances …
CommandShift3 – It’s like Hot or Not for web design
“CommandShift3 is like Hot or Not. Except, instead of clicking on hot babes, you click on hot websites.” Fun! But it critically lacks the ability to actually view the sites in question (not just screen shots). I can’t judge websites on screen shot
Screen drawing problem in Leopard/Mail on Flickr
Contentless e-mail? That’s how it seems when I click the disclosure triangle in the upper pane list view in Mail.
Hugs (because machines need hugs too)
Hand-made MacBook and iPhone sleeves by the people of Carsonified. Use for a month, then pass them on.
(mt) Media Temple – Give the Gift of Web Hosting
A pretty great deal, and nice gift for the web designer on your list. From (mt) Media Temple, who host our stuff, and with whom we are delighted.
Design Leaders Confidence Index drops in third quarter: Press releases: News: AIGA
At the third quarter mark for 2007, AIGA’s Design Leaders Confidence Index registered its lowest rating since it was created in April 2005. This drop mirrors other readings of the current economy, amid concerns about the mortgage industry and jitt
AIGA Nominations due Dec. 15
The 2008 Nominating Committee, chaired by Clement Mok (San Francisco), requests nominations to the AIGA board to be submitted by December 15, 2007. Five seats with a term of July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2011 are open.
Amazon thinks my son is a bastard
Funny (and sad and frustrating). Don’t miss Bezos’s response.
24 ways: Transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6
The Christmas tradition for web developers begins with this great technique from 24 ways founder (and WaSP co-director) Drew McLellan.
Ruling Jolts Even Saudis: 200 Lashes for Rape Victim
Calls in Sudan for Execution of British Teacher – New York Times
Hundreds of demonstrators in Khartoum, Sudanís capital, poured into the streets on Friday demanding the execution of a British teacher who was convicted of insulting Islam because her class of 7-year-olds named a teddy bear Muhammad.
Feeling Betrayed, Facebook Users Force Site to Honor Their Privacy
Last night, Facebook backed down and announced that the Beacon feature would no longer be active for any transaction unless users click “ok.” Beacon is a core element of Facebook’s attempt to parlay the personal and behavioral information it colle
BBC NEWS | Technology | Protests force Facebook to change
“Facebook members have forced the social networking site to change the way a controversial ad system worked.”
Facebook Retreats on Online Tracking – New York Times
“Faced with its second mass protest by members in its short life span, Facebook, the enormously popular social networking Web site, is reining in some aspects of a controversial new advertising program.” Thanks to all who joined the group or wrote
Facebook ruins Christmas for everyone! – Netiquette-
MSNBC blog notices privacy damage wrought by Facebook’s Beacon.
AIGA NY Dance Party & Fund-raiser
Dining and dancing for design. John Hodgman (“I’m a PC”) will auction off custom calligraphy by Marian Bantjes, a private tour of the MoMA poster collection, your pixel-portrait by Christoph Niemann, and much more.
The Rissington Podcast
Not just liquid layout, but liquid layout with a perspective effect in the footer! I salute Oxton and Hicks.
Flickr: Photos from wiseacre photo
Funny and graphic self-portraits. Hat tip: Ray McKenzie.
Fortune Names Steve Jobs the Most Powerful Business Person
Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been called many things over the years, and now Fortune has added something else to that list: The most powerful business person in the world.
Avatar Icebreaker
Jason Santa Maria spills Happy Cog trade secrets.
Comprendiendo el dise?±o web : Planeta Reixa
Authorized Spanish translation of Understanding Web Design.
MoveOn to Facebook: We caught you red-handed
Now, MoveOn is poised to launch a new offensive against Facebook, claiming that early screenshots of Beacon posted by TechCrunch indicated that the advertising application once included a “global opt-out” that would allow members to block it entir
Illustration by Paula Wirth – a photoset on Flickr
I love Paula Wirth!
Do Facebook users care about “privacy issues?” What about Doubleclick?
Explains what the privacy issues *are*. (Facebook’s cookie tracks what you do on non-Facebook websites, and shares that info with advertisers.)
Adobe Design Center – Zeldman: Style vs. Design
My update to my original article, now available as HTML instead of Flash text. (Oh, Irony, mistress of my heart, how I love you.) The article is still good, although the original, which I wrote for Adobe in 1999, was better. The issues have not ch
Blue Beanie Day 2007 Photo Pool
At Flickr!
iBackpack – Backpack Pages Optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Uses CSS to make Backpack more iPhone-friendly. Hat tip: Splorp.
Banks Gone Wild – New York Times
Krugman on Wall Street: ‘This slump was both predictable and predicted. ‚ÄúThese days,‚Äù I wrote in August 2005, ‚ÄúAmericans make a living selling each other houses, paid for with money borrowed from the Chinese. Somehow, that doesn’t seem like a sust
The Real Rudy – New York Times
Brooks: “Someday Rudy Giuliani will look back on this moment and wonder why he didn’t run as himself.” The trouble in both parties is that centrists, to survive the primaries, must play to the base, betraying their own principles and alienating th
iPhone can’t receive calls while downloading data on Edge network
Also can’t receive calls while not downloading data over Edge network.
Peachpit: Standardista solidarity
Blue Beanie Day coverage on Peachpit’s blog.
Why we need standards support in HTML email – Campaign Monitor Blog
“Today there are at least 10 popular email clients out there, each offering different levels of standards support ranging from perfect to virtually non-existent.”
Stuntbox РTell ‘Em, Z
David Sleight on Zeldman Business Week podcast.
Like it says.
1940’s Fully Reconditioned Telephone
Glorious! For the design classicist on your holiday list. Via
Hire a thief on
Evolution Mobile wants to pay a freelancer to steal one of Aaron Gustafson’s sites. Stealing is never cool. Trying to hire someone to steal because you don’t have the skill to steal it yourself is some fifth dimensional kind of lame.
How to Pay for Kids
Parents today will spend more than $300,000, on average, to raise a kid from birth to age 21. Here are tips for making ends meet.
Norman Mailer, 1923-2007—In Memoriam
“On the New Yorker website, Louis Menand reflects on the late Norman Mailer’s life and career. Mailer himself rarely contributed to The New Yorker, though. Until Tina Brown’s tenure, Mailer had published only two short poems in the magazine….”
Winners of the Computerlove T-Shirt Design Contest
Some interesting shirts on the theme of Utopia. (I was one of the judges.)
Reading Tea Leaves and Campaign Logos – The New York Times > Opinion > Slide Show > Slide 1 of 15
Brilliant! A must-read for designers.
Happy birthday, Martin Scorsese!
November 17th in History at
Flickr time travel bug on Flickr
Every two weeks or so, Flickr spits up an old photo with a new date.
Dead Man Jazzing!
Bill Evans, who died in 1980, is playing a concert in NYC according to iLike’s event listings in Facebook. Obviously there’s another musician named Bill Evans and iLike’s database doesn’t know a famous dead Bill Evans from a less famous live one.
Shelfari spam: “basically social networking rapists”
Shameful behavior of a site for book lovers.
Jason Santa Maria | Where They Should Be
On the new Apple keyboard: “As beautiful as it is, I have but one small beef: Apple moved the volume keys from the top right of the keyboard. It seems like such an insignificant thing, but it screws with the use patterns I’m accustomed to.”
37signals Product Blog: Downtime explanation
I love 37signals. They have integrity, clarity, and transparency. Here they explain how a traffic accident impacted a transformer powering some of their host boxes, taking Basecamp offline for a few hours last night. Knowing what happened is good,
Something old, something borrowed on Flickr
There’s somethign familiar about, but I just can’t put my finger on it.
Innocent mistakes – Paul Krugman
Krugman rebuts the argument that Ronald Reagan’s race politics have been mischaracterized.
Updating and restoring iPhone and iPod touch software
Restoring the iPhone removes the operating system and all your data. A clean copy of the OS then gets installed. Lastly, you can restore (most of) your data from backup. For a full iPhone, the process takes about 30 minutes. It is the court of las
Arto Lindsay – Wikipedia
Wikipedia’s bio of the great (and still too little known) musician.
Twitter / Zeldman: A Plan for Internet Success
It just … might … work!
David Bowie: Mug Shot Oddity
My, he was yar.
Unintentionally Scary Clowns
A photo pool at Flickr.
if taglines were honest
by guardedly optimistic (just another conga player turned copywriter). Loving it! Hat tip: LoriHC.
Building Findable Web Sites: Coming Feb 2008
Aarron Walter’s Building Findable Web Sites: Web Standards SEO and Beyond “has three primary goals: (1) Help people find your web site. (2) Help people find what they are looking for once they arrive at your site. (3) Bring your audience back to y
Miss Aniela Photography: Portraits in Playing Cards – g a l l e r y
“Cuteness” style illustrator.
Utility Players
“Here we are now, monetize us.” Great (if too brief!) discussion on building a following and then surprising users with invasive or privacy-violating changes. “The great problem with launching a service and figuring out how to monetize it later is
Sleevage ª Album Cover Blog. Music, Art, Design.
Sleevage calls itself “the world’s best album cover design blog.” I don’t know about that, but it is cool. Via Hutchy-wutch.
HoHoHo! : Design : Brand Spanking New
Great free icons for websites. Really great. And free. Plus, check the way comments work on the blog. (Hint: Click the “quote” button.)
Make My Logo Bigger!
Make my logo bigger! And get rid of that nasty whitespace, too!
Give free rice to hungry people by playing a simple word game. Addictive. And good.
Father Awarded Millions for Funeral Protest – New York Times
The father of a fallen Marine was awarded nearly $11 million in damages by a jury that found leaders of a fundamentalist church had invaded the family’s privacy and inflicted emotional distress when they picketed the Marine’s funeral.
Living With Music
On Wednesdays, this blog is the delivery vehicle for “Living With Music,” a playlist of songs from a writer or some other kind of book-world personage. (Paper Cuts РBooks РNew York Times Blog.)
Vinyl May Be Final Nail in CD’s Coffin
“As counterintuitive as it may seem in this age of iPods and digital downloads, vinyl — the favorite physical format of indie music collectors and audiophiles — is poised to re-enter the mainstream, or at least become a major tributary.”
Veer Presents: Rian Hughes – Design, Tea, and Biscuits, live in NYC
An evening of genteel design discussion and civilized refreshment with British illustrator, graphic designer, comics artist and typographer Rian Hughes.
The Last Supper in detail
‚ÄòThe Last Supper’ in 16 billion pixels worth of detail. (High-res digitization.)
The Metropolitan Museum’s new Greek and Roman Galleries – New York Times
Immersive gallery: The reopening of the Greek and Roman galleries in the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the culmination of a 15-year, $220 million project. The galleries house art created between 900 B.C. and the early fourth century A.D.
Apple – AirPort Express – AirTunes
Unwire your living room. Play iTunes through your stereo. What won’t they think of next!
Technology Review: What Is He Doing?
Twitter is at the heart of the phenomenon called microblogging. Meet its founder, Evan Williams.
Good News About Asthma (Gotham Gazette, October 2007)
The chronic lung condition sends far fewer kids to city hospitals now than 10 years ago, but no one seems to have noticed. Environment refers to the places where New Yorkers live; our surroundings; the air, water and land that make our existence p
White House Meddling in Health and Global Warming Science
Pages of expert testimony detailing health damage to the young, the old, and the poor, were censored before showing to Congress.
The ìBlogî of ìUnnecessaryî Quotation Marks
“Its” really “good.”
Stressed About the Rent? Youre Not Alone
“The high cost of housing in the New York region is a subject of gossip, debate and academic research. It may also turn out to be a source of emotional distress and anxiety.” Oh, really?
Confirmed: Facebook and Microsoft flacks make friends before deal announcement
“Oh Facebook has a deal to announce Really Don’t rely on rumors For confirmation of Facebook’s as-yet unannounced deal with Microsoft look no further than Facebook Brandee Barker…”
FRONTLINE: showdown with iran: watch the full program | PBS
As the United States and Iran are locked in a battle for power and influence across the Middle East — with the fear of an Iranian nuclear weapon looming in the background — FRONTLINE gains unprecedented access to Iranian hard-liners shaping gove
The Hottest Digital Agencies Around – Advertising Age
Ad Age (website designed by Happy Cog) names Poke, Profero, and others as hottest digital agencies in the world.
UtneCast 35: Chinese Punk Rock
Podcast: interview with Amy Adoyzie, author of an article in the current Utne Reader about China’s punk rock scene, including samples from Chinese punk bands Subs and Brain Failure.
UtneCast 36: Frances Moore Lappe/ Vieux Farka Toure Remixed
Leif Utne’s recent conversation with Frances Moore Lapp?©, bestselling author of Diet for a Small Planet, about her brand new book Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity and Courage in a World Gone Mad.
Internet Archive: Bookmobile
“In a celebration of the Public Domain, the Internet Archive’s Bookmobile will be coming to a town near you, bringing with it the ability to access, download, and print one of the almost 20,000 public domain books currently available online.”
Gestalten mit digitalen Medien
Update of the ring as a status symbol. It shows the number of Google hits you get, when you search for the name of the person who wears it. Via Cameron Moll.
Daring Fireball: Let the Tea Leaf Reading Begin
‘The best thing about being an Apple observer is that even when the company does make a long-awaited announcement, it inevitably leads to new questions regarding what exactly they mean. Apple punditry is the Kremlinology of the tech world. So it i
Techdirt: Law Firm Uses Copyright Claim To Say You Can’t View Its Website’s HTML Source
Videos of people using assistive technology | 456 Berea Street
A guy with spinal muscular atrophy playing World of Warcraft and Unreal Tournament 2004 using only his thumb. A woman with ALS controlling her computer with a switch taped to her cheek. A girl with athetoid cerebral palsy who can write and draw th
A Major Medallion Number and a Legibility Faux Pas
Eight designers critique the wretched new NYC Taxi logo all this week.
Ten Comments on the A List Apart 2007 Web Design Survey
From Samís World Of No.
How to Draw the iPhone – a Photoset on Flickr
From A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students, by Arthur Thomson, 1964 Dover reprint of the 1929 Oxford University Press 5th edition.
Grading the New Font ìFeaturesî in OS X Leopard | Typographica
‘Apple announced a October 26 release date for Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) today, along with more detailed information on the new system, including over ‚Äú300 New Features‚Äù. Let’s look a little closer at the features in the Fonts category and give them
The Making of the Findings from the Web Design Survey
Eric Meyer, a key contributor to A List Apart’s newly released survey findings document, discusses some of the backstage angst and tumult that went into its creation and production.
Our Favorite 100 Blogs 2007 – PC Magazine
PC Mag names its favorite blogs; there are plenty of eclectic choices in among the expected ones. is number 100, which I think means “least favorite out of 100.” Yay!
Stuntbox – The Other New BusinessWeek
David Sleight, online creative director at Business Week, discusses the print magazine’s redesign, including typefaces used (one old favorite and one that was new to me). “Type wonks may recognize Quiosco from the 2007 Type Directors Club Competit
Apple – Web apps – Facebook
The version of Facebook optimized for iPhone gets props from Apple’s Web Apps mini-site. (It’s a Staff Pick.) I like it, too.
The greatest photo ever shared on Flickr
And maybe in the history of humans.
Thinking With Type Book Review.
I love typography on Elken Luptin: “If you own not a single typography-related book, then reserve a place on your bookshelf for Thinking With Type.”
Gore and U.N. Panel Win Peace Prize for Climate Work
“We face a true planetary emergency,” Mr. Gore said in the statement. “The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest opportunity to lift global consciousness to a hig
Pros and Cons of Underground Cellphone Technology
At a sparsely attended hearing at City Hall this morning, representatives from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority appeared before members of two City Council committees to discuss plans to wire subway stations so that commuters will be able
Adobe – InDesign CS3 Accessibility
Create tagged PDF documents. Authors interested in producing accessible content with InDesign CS3 begin by adding structure to documents using the InDesign tagging facility. InDesign offers a number of ways to structure documents by adding tags.
Stella Artois
Animation inspired by vintage Artois posters. Requires Flash. Via Coudal.
Woman Ordered to Pay for File-Sharing (comment)
Essentially, she was found guilty of having a music folder on her hard drive.
China censors Internet users with cartoon cop spies
Interrogation by cuddly pandas is obviously next. (Link via Jim Heid.)
Filming locations for Vertigo (1958)
From the Alfred Hitchcock DVD Wiki‚Äîa walking tour (and more) of San Francisco locations used in Hitch’s melancholy masterpiece. Hat tip: Dave Bastian.
Radiohead Album Price Tag: It’s Up to You
The art-band ups the ante in the music industry shake-up.
Alex the African Grey |
Science’s best known parrot died on September 6th, aged 31.
Logos : Dave Bastian dot com
Dave Bastian returns to the web. View some of his lovely logo work here. His illustrations and free fonts will soon be back as well.
Coudal Partners’ Layer Tennis | Presented by Adobe CS3
The creative pastime formerly known as Photoshop Tennis starts today! 3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PT
Daring Fireball: More on the Amazon MP3 Store
“Amazon could have built this store 10 years ago ‚Äî the music labels simply wouldn’t allow it. What’s happened now is that the music label executives ‚Äî at least at Universal and EMI ‚Äî have finally gotten it through their thick skulls that it’s the
iPhone 1.1.1 Update – reader comment in Pogue’s blog
“My guess is that a large reason why Apple is building a Great China Wall to block out 3rd party developers, is the spotlight is on their first cell-product.
If 3rd party apps create problems for a handful of users phones, although rational logic
Dear Steve Jobs: Don’t punish legitimate iPhones developers
“While it can be argued that you, as a result of your committments to AT&T, must actively counter the efforts of hackers and developers who have released apps that unlock iPhones from the AT&T network, there is no argument for punishing legitimate
The Norton Anthology of English Literature: Archive
Audio readings from the Canterbury Tales and Beowulf. (Beowulf, read in modern translation by the fellow who translated it, is surprisingly modern and engrossing.)
Amazon sells DRM-free MP3 music files
Amazon now sells DRM-free MP3 music files. has done this for years, of course—and for far less money per file. But Amazon has access to commercial artists on major labels; is (necessarily) indie-focused.
The Van That Has Everything
One toke over the line.
A List Apart No. 246: Handle layouts, people
For people who make websites. Preserve layout consistency with JavaScript (Aaron Gustafson) and keep your team members from throttling each other with smart relationship management techniques (Keith Laferriere).
Social Network Exhaustion (or Facebook Bankruptcy Redux)
Interesting piece by Jason Calacanis, filled with wonderful bits of language.
Semantic markup. So what?
Why write semantic markup? It is meet and right so to do. (Blogwig recalls lessons learned at An Event Apart Chicago.)
Newsvine – Tough US Welcome for Iran’s Ahmadinejad
Bollinger was strongly criticized for inviting Ahmadinejad to Columbia, and had promised tough questions in his introduction to Ahmadinejad’s talk. But the strident and personal nature of his attack on the president of Iran was startling.
Idiot criminal uploads pix of self from stolen iMac
Like it says.
Become a mentor‚Äîit’s a rare chance to make a difference in the life of a talented and ambitious young artist. Applications are due by Friday 28 September. The opportunity to become a member is available to AIGA members only.
FactoryCity ª Announcing OAuth 1.0 Public Draft 1
OAuth is like a valet key for all your web services. A valet key lets you give a valet the ability to park your car, but not the ability to get into the trunk or drive more than 2 miles or limit the RPMs on your high end German automobile. In the
Hahlo 2.0
Hahlo, the clean, streamlined Twitted interface for iPhone, just pushed out version 2.0. It’s great!
Designer’s Bloc
Bookmarks for Web Professionals
Fray: Busted! True stories of getting caught in the act.
Fray is the web’s original digital storytelling magazine. Now it is being reborn as a quarterly printed book, and seeking submissions for its first issue on the theme of getting caught in the act.
The Talk Show with John Gruber and Dan Benjamin – Episode 15
A special episode, recorded by John Gruber at Macworld 2008 in some kind of plastic bubble. John interviews Cabel Sasser and Steven Frank of Panic. They discuss Apple, the Macbook Air, and much more.
15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography. Part 1
At i love typography: “We take the best of web typography and explain why these web sites are worthy of this description.” A List Apart is ranked number 1. Yes.
About | Pink for October
Web sites will Go Pink during the month of October to bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get people talking about breast cancer, and raise money for research.
Star Trek Cribs – The Director’s Cut
Very funny :60 stop animation video. Smart use of Daddy Yankee track at end.
The Death of TimesSelect and the Future of Web Advertising | Luminous
The New York Times just dropped TimesSelect, their online premium content subscription program. The program ran for two years and was generating about $10 million a year in revenue. Content previously restricted to subscribers is now available to
Text Resizing – a Visual Guide
Many web users do not know they can resize text; this lack of knowledge can lead to accessibility problems. This simple, clear video can help. Please link and point to it; feel free to embed it in accessibility statement pages; distribute it widely!
Inscribed in the living tile: Type in the Toronto subway (Joe Clark)
Abstract: The Toronto subway has a typographic heritage all its own, starting with a unique font. But, with renovation after renovation and after a series of new station additions, signage and wayfinding in the system are a total mess. The latest
U.S. Contractor Banned by Iraq Over Shootings
NY Times, on a day-old story: “Baghdad’s authority to bar Blackwater USA, a security company that was involved in the deaths of eight Iraqis, appeared to be in question.” Feels like a tipping point, though tipping toward what?
Apple’s Cheap-to-Build nano (Business Week)
When leaked photos of the latest iPod nano first appeared on enthusiast blogs, it quickly gained the nickname “little fatty,” owing to the squat shape required to accommodate a wide-screen video display.
Urban Dirty: Free texture stock photography for your artwork, desktop and design
Urban Dirty is a regularly updated online photo library featuring 217 gritty, grimy and sometimes slimy images for use in design and artwork creation.
Microsoft in Europe: The Real Stakes (Business Week)
“If the Luxembourg court validates the Commission’s order, Microsoft could face a future in which its product design decisions and licensing policies are subject to scrutiny by governments around the world. If the court sides with Microsoft, it co
Coudal Partners’ Layer Tennis | Presented by Adobe CS3
The game formerly known as Photoshop Tennis is back. Upcoming: Shaun Inman vs Kevin Cornell, with commentary by John Gruber.
Known for Famous Photos, Not All of Them His – New York Times
Joe O’Donnell’s glowing legacy outlived him by less than a week. The man recalled by some as ‚ÄúThe Presidential Photographer‚Äù with a knack for having a camera to his eye at just the right moment, became instead someone described as a fraud who hija
hahlo 2.0
Twitter for iPhone. (Beta.) Nice. Via Twitter.
Vinyl junkies, show us your records!
A wonderful photo pool on Flickr.
Browsers will treat all versions of HTML as HTML 5 – comment 16
“If HTML 5 causes existing content to break, then that will be evidence of a flaw in the specification. Conversely, if a new browser causes existing content to break, then that will be evidence that the creators of that browser didn’t follow the s
LILEKS’s Matchbook Museum
The ever-splendid James Lileks presents an ever-expanding collection of matchbooks. Via Unstoppable Robot Ninja, who cribbed it from
Underground Pro
P22 Type Foundry announces Underground Pro, an extensive font set based on Edward Johnston’s iconic 1916 type design for London Transport’s Underground Railway system. It includes 6 weights, with advanced support for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic languages.
Terrible sketches of the presenters at An Event Apart Chicago
But darned good write-ups.
Penis-pump driver crashes into bus | The Register
The unnamed 42-year-old was driving his old Citroen in the Slovak town of Levice when the accident occurred. Via DL Byron.
Typographic Walking Tour of NYC
Two and a half hours of little-known typographic treasures led by Tobias on behalf of AIGA. Saturday, September 29 at 11:00 am. Space is limited.
NxE’s Fifty Most Influential Bloggers
Top-50 lists, whether done by NxE or New York Magazine, are always controversial and often silly. On the other hand, I’m No. 27 on this list, so it’s freakin’ hot.
The Web Standards Project’s Mission – now in Spanish
The Web Standards Project is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards which ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all. Its mission statement, written in 1998, has now been translated into Spanish by Francisco Aguirre. Thank
Bin Laden Appears in 9/11 Video From Al Qaeda – The Lede – Breaking News – New York Times Blog
Reading, watching, discussing and blogging the day’s local, national, and international news at The New York Times on the Web.
The Photomoma Virtual Museum
“Photomoma is a virtual museum. It consists solely of photographs of works found within the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. While such a museum is nothing new‚ÄîMoMA themselves have a virtual gallery of all their items‚ÄîPhotomoma focuses on th
Rob Weychert | Webmaster Jam Session 2007
Creator of Virtual Stan, now a creative director at Happy Cog, will speak at Webmaster Jam 2007.
How’d you discover waferbaby, anyhow?
Mr Bogan asks his readers how they first became same. Such a great idea.
Rudy Giuliani – Presidential Election of 2008
Great profile of the ex-New-York mayor America loves and NYC loves and hates.
Steve Jobs Speaks the Truth About the iPhone Price Drop
Exactly so.
Happy Webbies
Like Happy Bunnies, but for web nerds.
LukeW: Primary & Secondary Actions in Web Forms
From his upcoming book, Web Form Design Best Practices (and as seen at An Event Apart Chicago), great and well-researched information on little changes that make forms more effective.
Apple – To all iPhone customers
I’m impressed with Steve Jobs’s handling of the frustration felt by some iPhone purchasers when they learned of the $200 price drop.
Sim Daltonism
Color blindness simulator for Mac OS X. It filters in real-time the area around the mouse pointer and displays the result—as seen by a color blind person—in a floating palette.
Centered Tabs with CSS
Oldie but goodie: Ethan Marcotte spins a variation on Douglas Bowman’s classic approach to creating tabbed interfaces.
Choose iLife
Let the healing begin.
Boing Boing has redesigned
If ever a site needed a redesign, it was Boing Boing. And now it’s had a good one. Jemma Hostetler (n?©e Gura) makes Boing Boing look good to your eyes.
Doing Jones (Joe Clark:
Joe Clark can write about paint drying and make it interesting.
Steve Jobs live: Apple’s “The beat goes on” special event
Engadget’s coverage and photos.
Macworld: Apple Event – Live Coverage
Live coverage of today’s Apple Event from the Moscone West expo center. New iPods. And some other stuff.
German Police Arrest 3 in ‚ÄòImminent’ Terrorist Plot
“The suspects ‚Äî two German citizens and a Turkish resident of Germany ‚Äî were in advanced stages of plotting bombing attacks that could have been deadlier than the terrorist strikes that killed dozens in London and Madrid, police and security offic
Taxi Strike Begins; City Says It Is Prepared
Many of the drivers are upset about a requirement that cabs install new technology -‚Äì including credit card readers and G.P.S.-equipped passenger information and navigational screens that display advertising and allow riders to track their route –
Because Long Takes Too Long
Liz Danzico on the rationale for the 200-words-or-less design site she and Khoi Vinh have just launched.
Random Bits Podcast with Eric Meyer
An interview with the CSS ninja. Hat tip: Mark Angeletti.
Grammy Award Winning Album Colors – 2007
Color palettes for ten of the more popular award-winning albums.
Bias Contemporary Art New York
Fred Gates and Daniel Warren announce the opening of Bias Contemporary Art New York. Initial gallery offerings will be made online, with offline shows planned for the future. The gallery’s first two shows feature graf “writer” and artist AVone and | Review: Apple’s New Aluminum Keyboard
Like it says. Plus video.
Designers and Developers for MDA
“Through this fund drive to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association we speak loudly as a group letting clients, friends and family know that while we may be constantly attached to our laptops with white earbuds glued to our ears, we are
Peter Turgeon ~ Web Solutions and New Media Expert
Great looking site design. Where have I seen it before? Ashes, Sweetness and Light
“Dandelife is my brain-child. It came as the result of anticipating what the family tree, baby books, family albums and personal autobiographies will look like in 40 years.”
An Event Apart extended mix
The complete playlist from the web design conference in Chicago this week.
Hilly Kristal, 75, Founder of CBGB, Is Dead
It really is the end, now.
This FAQ is under development. Most of the answers are simply notes about the type of information to include, and are not yet even close to the final responses.
Best animated GIF ever
Event Apart Chicago 07 rocking out.
Hard To Tell If Wikipedia Entry On Dada Has Been Vandalized Or Not
The Onion. Just brilliant.
Download a preview of Mobile Web Design
One week from today, Cameron Moll’s Mobile Web Design will be available for purchase. Download previews now. (It’s beautiful.)
Saw Cameron Diaz …
This really happened.
i love typography
Better Know A Speaker: Lou Rosenfeld
Information architect. Book publisher. Bringer of polar bears. And now search engine analyzer. Lou Rosenfeld is all of these things, and more.
Interview with Andy “Malarkey” Clarke
Design and fine art. Accessibility and clients. Accessibility and “Web 2.0.” Informative interview with the always engaging triple talent Andy “Malarkey” Clarke.
Green Options redesign by Noel D. Jackson
Green Options, a community dedicated to environmental resources, education, and discussion, gets a handsome and readable makeover‚Äîand one that’s as standards-compliant as the CMS lets it be. Good content, good design, good glass-nearly-full success story.
Eric Meyerís CSS Sculptor
Eric Meyer’s CSS layout generator, created in collaboration with WebAssist, makes it easy for Dreamweaver users to create standards-compliant CSS-based layouts.
Britney Spears’ new product steals from mondonation and charities‚ÄîYoung Go Getter.
AT&T turns off detailed billing for most customers
Hooray! Via
City Council Takes Up a Bill to Ban Voyeurism
The key, Mr. Vallone said, is ‚Äúdrafting this so we capture the perverts and not the people just admiring God’s creation.‚Äù
Better Know A Speaker: Liz Danzico
Editor of Boxes & Arrows, director of experience for AIGA, information architect at Razorfish, Barnes & Noble, and Happy Cog, and much more: Liz Danzico is a brilliant and connected thinker‚Äîand a featured speaker at next week’s Event Apart Chicago
Jeff Croft: W3C: Where are the web designers and developers?
“In which I wonder aloud if the reason CSS’s version number has moved exactly one decimal point in almost a decade is, at least in part, that there are no designers on the W3C¬†team.”
Iraq War Brings Drop in Black Enlistees – New York Times
“Cornelius McMurray, who does outreach with a local church … says the young black people he works with view life in Baltimore as enough of a war.”
5000 Web Apps in 333 Seconds
Just like it says.
SimpleBits ~ Bulletproof Web Design
Today, Peachpit announced Bulletproof Web Design, Second Edition by Dan Cederholm (0-321-50902-1,, an update of the popular guide to problem-free, versatile coding in XHTML and CSS.
Swap Meat: Dolls for Friends
The rockinest soft dolls ever!
AIGA Design Legends Gala, September 19
In NYC. Honor design and designers. Presenters include Kurt Andersen, Paola Antonelli, Bill Grant, John Maeda, Scott Santoro, Paula Scher, Laura Shore and Lucille Tenazas. Medalists are Ed Fella, Ellen Lupton, Bruce Mau, and
Georg Olden.
XRAY now supports IE6+
Westciv’s neat bookmarklet has been updated. In addition to webkit and Mozilla browsers, it now also works in IE6+. Recommended for all web designer slash developers.
Respect! A potential SXSW Interactive 2008 panel
This proposed SXSW panel is about building respect for web design as a profession, helping others understand what you do, and working more harmoniously with practitioners of the various disciplines that go into making a great online user experience.
An Event Apart News: Full AEA San Francisco Schedule
With the Chicago show right around the corner (and about three seats short of selling out), we’re concerned that people might have missed the publication of our complete San Francisco schedule. That would be a dark shame, because it’s wonderful in
Flickr: An Event Apart Chicago 2007
Apartniks, post your AEA Chicago pix here. Be sure to tag your photos “aeachicago07” (and anything else you choose).
Seeing Corporate Fingerprints in Wikipedia Edits – New York Times
New site “traces the source of millions of changes to Wikipedia.”
2 Firefighters Killed in Blaze at Ground Zero – New York Times
“Two firefighters were killed yesterday battling a blaze in the Deutsche Bank skyscraper, a vacant relic of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack that was in the process of being dismantled.”
At German Base, Troops and Kin Gird for New Iraq Tour – New York Times
“Urging spouses to stay on base during deployments is not unique to overseas bases…. But it also demonstrates, General Hertling said, how the gap between American society and its volunteer military has widened as the Iraq war has dragged on.”
Afghanistan and Pakistan | Who is hunting whom? |
“Far from being caught in a pincer between pro-American governments in Kabul and Islamabad, al-Qaeda and its fellow travellers have consolidated a stronghold that encroaches on the territory and may in time threaten the survival of both.”
When murder is just plain murder |
“The deliberate targeting of civilians for no direct military purpose is just a crime. This remains true regardless of the justice of the cause, and whether the killing is done by states, armies, groups or individuals. The world should never tire
iPhone + AT&T = Dead Trees and Giant Fees
51 page invoices are so not right. If people keep blogging this, eventually AT+T will figure it out. (Question: Has Al Gore checked his iPhone bill? One call from him to the CEO of AT+T might nip the whole thing in the bud.)
By the great John Allsopp, yet. From strangers I had to learn about this.
Sam Lu – goSammy ª iPhone Web Concept Kit
“During one of my lunch breaks at work, I came up with a concept for a web application that would be used on the iPhone. I had a difficult time finding an image of the iPhone with the exact dimensions for the screen inside so I took it up myself t
Amazon allowing CSS customization
“This morning, Amazon announced that their aStore product (part of the selling tools available to folks enrolled in the Amazon Associates program) would allow full customization of the look and feel via CSS.”
Why FireFox is Blocked
Greed is good.
eMusic Dozens – Joe Strummer’s roots
Joe Strummer’s favorite LPs, from youth up.
Why Wi-Fi Networks Are Floundering
The road is getting bumpier for cities and the companies they have partnered with in a bid to blanket their streets with high-speed Internet access at little or no cost to users.
iPhone Copy and Paste
Video mockup of what it might look like to Copy and Paste on iPhone, using the magnifying loupe and a second-finger tap.
Unstoppable Robot Ninja
Beep! Airbagger (ex-Vertua, ex-Sidesh0w) Ethan Marcotte’s amazing new squash-and-stretch sIFR- and swfIR-enhanced site is bloggerific!
AIGA position on spec work: Design & Business: AIGA
Doing speculative work seriously compromises the quality of work that clients are entitled to and violates a tacit, long-standing ethical standard in the communication design profession worldwide. AIGA strongly discourages the practice of requesti
How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer
Debbie Millman interviews the great James Victore. Excerpted from Millman’s upcoming book, How To Think Like A Great Graphic Designer.
Jina Bolton interview
Q&A with designer Jina Bolton, web interface developer at Apple and co-author of The Art & Science of CSS. Ms Bolton will speak at An Event Apart San Francisco.
Tech Weenie Sells Prince St. Pad to Model for $1.41 M. | The New York Observer
“There’s now one less Internet millionaire in Nolita, but two more brunet waifs to take his place,” this report on rich people and their pads begins. The news, to me, is that Razorfish just sold to Microsoft as part of a $6 billion deal. I missed that.
How Not To Get Noticed ª SlideShare
We all have ideas about the design and usability of WordPress, but what happens when actual testing gets applied to the problem? Liz Danzico’s presentation from WordCamp 2007 shows Happy Cog’s work on the information architecture and usability for
Why the iPhone shipped without copy and paste
“The most vexing shortcoming of the iPhone is its lack of text selection and clipboard features. But … while they’re essential, it’s good that the 1.0 iPhone shipped without them.” Essential interface design reading at Daring Fireball. turns five
Tantek, a giant in the web standards, microformats, and browser development communities (not to mention a leading force behind much that is good in Technorati) looks back on his first five years of bloggity blog.
New elements in HTML 5
Three major browser vendors—Apple, Opera, and the Mozilla Foundation—came together as the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
(WhatWG) to develop an updated and upgraded version of classic HTML. More recently, the W3C took note of
How Apple Nurtured Fake Steve
Why assume a newsmaker’s persona? Perhaps because you lack access.
The man who shot NO END IN SIGHT
The story behind the making of NO END IN SIGHT. “In 1996, Charles Ferguson sold the startup company he founded to Microsoft for $133 million…. Then … he wrestled with the question … Now what do I do?”
The Snows of Kilimanjaro
“Stretcher bearers! Stretcher bearers!” The widescreen technicolor melodrama starring Ava Gardner, Susan Hayward, and Gregory Peck, loosely based on several Hemingway short stories, is available for viewing or downloading to Mac, PC, or iPod video
Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid
Wilson Miller’s great A List Apart article from April 2007.
Film noir classic. A poisoned man seeks his killer. Presented in its entirety on Google Video.
Bulletproof Web Design, Second Edition
Dan Cederholm’s little blue book gets a tune-up. Highly recommended.
How Apple’s small things influence their big things – (37signals)
The iPhone design has influenced the new iMac design just as the widescreen iPod influenced the previous iMac design.
Apple: Back to the iMac
Desktops lag laptops in PC sales, but Steve Jobs sees the latest iMac as the headquarters of an Apple product, Web service, and content universe.
ëFake Steveí Blogger Comes Clean – New York Times
It was so much better not knowing.
Top blogs fail W3C Markup Validation
All the blogs in the Technorati Top 20 list of popular blogs fail the well-known W3C Markup Validation test. This probably means that complying to the W3C standards is not a priority for the most popular content creators on the planet.
New Cog in Town
Jenn Lukas loves coffee, kittens, and structural semantic markup.
Freight by Joshua Darden on Flickr
Who else uses Josha Darden’s Freight family of typefaces? Where have you used them?
An Event Apart News: Better Know A Speaker: Jim Coudal
Jim Coudal, renaissance person, raconteur, and speaker at An Event Apart Chicago, talks about what’s holding his attention of late.
[ Tagamac ]
New blog by Ian Beck dedicated to the intersection of tagging and Mac software. Via Daring Fireball.
Apple Introduces What It Calls an Easier to Use Portable Music Player – New York Times, October, 2001
”It’s a nice feature for Macintosh users,” said P. J. McNealy, a senior analyst for Gartner G2, an e-commerce research group. ”But to the rest of the Windows world, it doesn’t make any difference.” ‚Äî via Tim Murtaugh’s Excuse for a Blog
GIF animations: every frame
Every frame that went into the Graffiti Research Labs animated billboard.
Graffiti Research Lab ª Drive-In GIF Theater
Graffiti Research Labs converted over 60 user-submitted GIF animations to a giant animated LED billboard.
Apple’s first iPhone software update addresses security, bugs
Fixed bugs not listed. In my experience, iPhone update fixes Address Book sync bug where some new contacts don’t sync; does not fix Address book sync bug where some contact photos don’t sync; does not fix bug where Mail automatically downloads mes
Music From Independent Labels to Be Sold via Cellphones
EMusic, the nation’s second-largest online music seller after Apple’s iTunes, plans to announce a deal with AT&T today that will allow people to buy songs from independent labels through their cellphones, without the need to go through a personal
Apple squeezes out iPhone update before Black Hat | The Register
Ignore The Register’s determination to paint the iPhone as fatally flawed and overhyped, and you’re left with the information that the iPhone software and firmware update released yesterday is known to address some security flaws in the iPhone’s S
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Freetards in deep denial
Fake Steve Jobs on Linux vs. Windows in China.
Google Maps adds support for microformats
Microformats add machine-readability to everyday web pages while preserving human-readability. They allow tools to make more sense of your web pages, while not changing the visual appearance for visitors to your site one whit. Google Maps now adds
iPhone Address Book sync issues
Some Address Book contact photos sync to iPhone; others don’t. More things to try. Apple – Support – Discussions.
Problems with iCal sync
Apple Support discussion. (Hint: reset iSync.)
iPhone troubleshooting assistant
Sync and device recognition issues. (Hint: turn off. Turn on.)
Getting Real: Copywriting is Interface Design (by 37signals)
“Great interfaces are written. If you think every pixel, every icon, every typeface matters, then you also need to believe every letter matters. When you’re writing your interface, always put yourself in the shoes of the person who’s reading your
Learning from Dave Winer – Joel on Software
“Even if you never read a single thing Dave Winer wrote in his 439 years of blogging, it’s worth taking time to study his ideas about comments on blogs (he doesn’t allow them).”
iPhone – Safari crashing
“Reset All Settings” sometimes fixes this.
HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.
About Blackle – Energy Saving Search
Black Google saves energy.
As U.S. Rebuilds, Iraq Wonít Act on Finished Work – New York Times
“Iraq’s national government is refusing to take possession of thousands of American-financed reconstruction projects, forcing the United States either to hand them over to local Iraqis, who often lack the proper training and resources to keep the
All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash
Officials confirm that all online data has been lost after the internet crashed and was forced to restart.
171 Starbucks (video)
Comedian/filmmaker Mark Malkoff attempts to visit all 171 Starbucks stores in Manhattan in one day.
The Items I Carry
A photo on Flickr.
Apple sells record number of Macs
“Apple sold a record number of Macs last quarter, to the tune of 1.76 million, 64% of them notebooks. That’s a heck of a lot of MacBooks.” (My Dad, a longtime Windows/DOS user, just bought one as well.)
Subtraction: Going Back on Friends
Among social networking applications on the web, why is it so difficult to go from friend to friend? The answer reveals the two models of organizing network contacts in social software. Good reading for all designers and IAs. ? One line of code
Make your site look better on the iPhone with one line of HTML. Awesome.
An Event Apart Chicago: Savings End Friday
Earlybird savings on An Event Apart Chicago end this Friday. Registration for the two days of web standards, best practices, and inspiration is regularly $895, but you can get it (and the meals, parties and swag that go with it) for just $795 if y
Planet Quark
Listen up, print designers. Launched today, Planet Quark is an independent website by and for users of Quark products. Edited by graphic design publishing veteran and Quark expert Jay Nelson.
Dark and Fleshy: The Color of Top Grossing Movies
Color breakdowns of 25 posters of the top-grossing movies of all time. Via xBlog.
Google Set to Bid $4.6 Billion for Airwaves – New York Times
The company wants the FCC to mandate that any winners lease a portion of the airwaves to competitors
40+ Summer Inspired Color Palettes
From COLOURlovers, the palette site.
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs
Fake Steve Jobs is prolific, and very funny.
Better Know A Speaker: Jeremy Keith
Jeremy Keith, one of Brighton’s loudest web developers and a featured speaker at An Event Apart Chicago, holds forth on microformats, lolcats, and applying best practices learned from CSS to writing good JavaScript.
Midtown Explosion – New York Times Blog
The explosion in my neighborhood that killed a person and disrupted the city. Interviews, documents, multimedia, reader discussions and news updates from the metro staff of The New York Times.
Cover Browser: every comi ever printed
Jackpot link (and related to “Things on Things,” just posted). Cover Browser intends to catalog the cover of every comic book (and every book, game, DVD, magazine…) ever printed. There are already 77,000 entries in their archive. Via
Things on Things
“There’s a lack of depth on the internet, a world with an atmosphere just one pixel thick that has reached out across all forms of media and turned everything into a vast, shallow pool that stretches as far as the eye can see. All visual culture i
Multi-touch on the desktop
AKA why multi-touch won’t replace keyboards on desktop systems.
Long ago and far away
Memories on Flickr.
Jiri David: “No Compassion” Manipulated Photos
Have you ever seen George Bush on the verge of tears? Not many have. Juri David makes it so, with other world leaders as well. The effect is disturbing in its simplicity, and its message is obvious.
Dandelife Is One Year Old
Congratulations, and many happy returns!
Radio Telepathy
A fundamentally eclectic music podcast.
Tartan Maker – Still using stripes?
Still using diagonal stripes? Get with it. Generate seamless tartan patterns for all your Web 3.0 needs.
Diagonal Stripe Background Generator
Satire of an exhausted “Web 2.0” visual trend, or useful graphic design tool? It’s both! Ajax-powered visual design tool lets you create, preview, and download seamless, striped background images, with or without gradients.
Seed Gallery New York
Through 29 July, the work of five New York artists including Fred Gates is on view at Seed Gallery, 111 Front St., DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY.
SuperMoxie: Strong, cutting-edge illustration
Edgy illustration ‚Äbooks, children’s books, and more ‚Äî by Jena Scott.
Jeffrey Zeldman – Mahalo
Me on the new “user generated” search engine Muhalo. Hat tip: Daniel Schutzsmith.
Gates Report: The REAL Communist News Network
Rupert Murdoch, right-wing owner of Fox News and MySpace, can’t get enough of Communist China.
An Event Apart: Better Know A Speaker: Dan Cederholm
Dan Cederholm is the brilliant mind behind Bulletproof Web Design and Web Standards Solutions and he’s going to be bringing his highly acclaimed talk, ‚ÄúInterface Design Juggling‚Äù, to the Chicago stage. We took a few minutes to dig deeper into what
Memo to Apple: License the ClearType fonts
A reasoned request by Joe Clark. From January 2005; still unanswered.
Happy Cog Studios: Liz Danzico at WordCamp
Speaking at WordCamp 2007, Happy Cog’s Liz Danzico will deliver a Usability Analysis of WordPress as the penultimate address of the two-day conference. WordCamp is a high-level conference for WordPress users and developers.
A List Apart -9999px Shirt on Sale
Quick! Can you name the 17 popular methods of CSS image replacement (and the 84 objections to each one)? Of course you can. And by wearing this shirt, you can let the world know. Swap that “geek loser” image for a new “CSS expert” image that is su
“The Dark Side of the ‘Citizen Media’ Revolution”
“Blogs ‚Äî the primary engine of Web 2.0’s so-called ‚Äúcitizen media‚Äù revolution ‚Äî are ten years old this week,” says Andrew Keen. Hmm. Mine’s twelve years old. Sorry for wrecking civilization, dude.
iPhone: The Music Video
Twittered by millions. You’ve already seen it. New York Times technology columnist (and former off-Broadway pianist/conducter) David Pogue dumps his old mobile phone for the iPhone in this sing-a-long video, set to the familiar strains of “My Way.
Happy Cog is hiring
Happy Cog Philadelphia is looking for a great project manager to start immediately.
Recycle Your iPod or Cell Phone
From Apple. Like it says. Free.
Film Techniques of Alfred Hitchcock
Top 13 basic film techniques of Alfred Hitchcock. The audience is pulled in by eyes, camera, distractions, POV, montage, simplicity, ironic characters, dual actions, MacGuffin… Via Kottke.
Flash versus Cole Porter
What I like about this post is that it quotes Steve Jobs talking about “web standards.” (Well, trying to, anyway.)
Happy Clog
Beyond sweet
Iconfactory developer Craig Hockenberry on what the iPhone can’t do (and why) and how finger widths and shadows (and bigger hit points) will change the assumptions behind web app development.
Secure & Accessible PHP Contact Form
Easy-to-install form has many accessibility, usability, and security features; a WordPress plug-in version is also available.
iPhone Sales Exceed Estimates (Blackfriars’ Marketing)
“Some analysts claimed that the iPhone launch would be a failure if Apple failed to sell 100,000 iPhones during the first weekend. … [T]hat number was exceeded in just the first two to three hours. Blackfriars’ prediction is that Apple will sell
Talk to yourself before your readers (
A tip on writing more naturally for the web. (After 14 years online, Iconfactory’s Craig Hockenberry finally has a blog, and is it.)
Facebook is the new AOL (
An Event Apart Seattle 2007 Photo Pool
A photo group at
If you can answer this, you are not paying attention
“An appalling piece of linguistic blindness” in Apple’s dialog boxes.
Swap Meat: NY Times
“How one online cool-stuff experiment evolved from promotion to swapping to . . . selling.”
ZOMG! Spare me the POSH acronyms, please!
Ara Pehlivanian’s well-reasoned rant against the rebranding of semantic HTML. Minus the anger and hyperbole, I agree with him.
Dan Cohen – Digital Humanities Blog – Mapping What Americans Did on September 11
“How researchers in the future will be able to intelligently search, data mine, and map digital collections.”
Dan Cohen – Digital Humanities Blog – It’s About Russia
‘One of my favorite Woody Allen quips from his tragically short period as a stand-up comic is the punch line to his hyperbolic story about taking a speed-reading course and then digesting all of War and Peace in twenty minutes. The audience begins
Westciv’s free course in CSS
Free self-paced course in CSS. Come every Monday for 10 minutes over the next 12 weeks for a solid grounding in the hand coding of CSS, and a deeper understanding of the principles of standards-based web development.
The problem with pixels / Wilson Miner Live
Is it okay to size text in pixels now that IE (the only browser that forbade the scaling of type set in px) allows users to resize the page?
Holy crap, I’m in Business Week!
Zeldman profile in the context of an article on “10 professionals that are expanding the realm of design by using knowledge from other disciplines.”
Sharing what matters |
Danny Hillis, creator of the 10,000 year clock, hopes to build a wikipedia for data. The vision: transforming the web from a document collection to a data commons.
Home truths about telecoms |
Despite fears about the Blackberry, work hasn’t invaded home life so much as social networks have invaded the workplace. Migrants, not geeks, are the most aggressive adopters of IM and webcams. And more. Anthropologists investigate the use of comm
d.Construct 2007 workshops
Designing the user experience. Full day workshops go on sale tomorrow for £345+VAT (early bird pricing).
Judge Judy and Johnny Rotten (YouTube)
Williams vs. Lydon in Judge Judy’s court room. Via
Pete Zeldman, Drummer (YouTube)
Live polyrhythmic drum solo.
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs keynotes compared
“At the suggestion of a reader, we ran the text of both speeches through the tag-cloud generator, a program that displays the most commonly used words in varying sizes, depending on how often they’re spoken.”
3 Questions For Jeffrey Zeldman
My UX Zeitgeist profile.
Amount of actual news on the CNN homepage (Daily Kos)
You must read this.
Introduction to WCAG Samurai Errata for WCAG 1.0
Published by the WCAG Samurai, an independent group of developers convened in 2006 to remove inconsistencies and vagueness from W3C published accessibility standards.
The Scotsman – Critique – Graphic equaliser
A meeting with Peter Saville, 51-year-old designer of vastly influential rock and punk album covers. Via Fawny Blog.
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report
“AOL to AOL Netscape: Drop Dead,” “Microsoft to Abandon Standalone IE,” and “FCC No Evil” are some of the stories in The Daily Report of early summer 2003.
Pirated Sites Archive
Cubed 3 vs. A List Apart 3.0. More nostalgia from days gone by. TypoWiki
Is that Helvetica in your pocket, or are you just glad to sell me? Typefaces used by big companies and publications. Awesomely useful information for designers and business people alike. via’s XBlog.
Issue 2 | Graphic Define Magazine
D. Keith Robinson on staying creative; Emily Cohen on successful creative briefs; and much more. Editor Daniel Schutzsmith’s Graphic Define Magazine encourages professionals in the graphic, web, and interactive industries to share tips, strategies
TED | Talks | Blaise Aguera y Arcas: Photosynth demo (video)
Hyperlinking the collective memory: Using photos of oft-snapped subjects (like Notre Dame) scraped from around the web, Photosynth creates breathtaking multidimensional spaces with zoom and navigation features that outstrip all expectation. Its ar
obchod s vÌnom – Pav?k, Pezinok
There are crass A List Apart design rip-offs. Then there are uninspired and barely competent ones. And then there’s s@#$ like this. Hat tip: J?°n Sokoly.
Colorful Beauty in Nature: Butterflies
Developing color schemes from natural beauty.
Apple hides account info in DRM-free music, too
“With great power comes great responsibility, and apparently with DRM-free music comes files embedded with identifying information. Such is the situation with Apple’s new DRM-free music: songs sold without DRM still have a user’s full name and acc
How to install IE 7 and keep IE 6
Dominey on how to install IE 7 and keep IE 6. Be sure to read the update as well.
Airbag – Huh.
Time Magazine on what Ruby on Rails does. Of course they get it wrong. They always get it wrong. All these magazines get everything to do with the web wrong. Then you think about their coverage of more important things, like the Darfur conflict.
YouTube – Women In Art
500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art. Via
passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers
If you’d rather not visit this site, that’s your decision and who am I to judge? Not everybody enjoys a good laugh. Don’t mind me. Whatever makes you happy.
WordPress 2.2
WordPress 2.2 is an awesome upgrade to every geek’s favorite open-source blogging tool. Absolutely recommended for all WordPress users.
Morten Twellmann
“Designer” of
Red SjÊlen
ALA ripoff.
On “Feature Fatigue”: The New Yorker
When consumers were given a choice of three models, of varying complexity, of a digital device, more than sixty per cent chose the one with the most features. Then, when the subjects were given the chance to customize their product, choosing from
Crestanello Gran Caffe Italiano – Midtown East – New York Magazine Restaurant Guide
“Europeans know how to make the familiar things in life just a little bit nicer, and that applies to counter-service eateries as well. In Midtown, this sole American branch of an Italian caf?© chain accommodates guests with high-backed red velvet s
Smart Experience (Beta): Using Internet Business Strategy
Learn to create products that influence and reflect a particular business strategy and develop basic business strategies of your own. Taught by Victor Lombardi. One of several classes now on offer from Smart Experience: Internet, Mobile, and Softw
The Next Web Documentary
iChat Video interview: five internet influentials answer five questions in 20 minutes. Tim O’Reilly from O’Reilly Media, Steve Rubel from Edelman and Micropersuasion, Matt Mullenweg the founder of WordPress, Marten Mickos the CEO of MySQL, Eric A.
My Neighbor Totoro – Wikipedia
Nice information on the wonderful 1988 film, My Neighbor Totoro („Å®„Å™„Çä„ÅÆ„Éà„Éà„É?, Tonari no Totoro?), written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli.
HTML5 Accepted by HTMLWG – Lachyís Log
“The HTML5 spec, which we have been working on in the WHATWG for the past 3 years, has finally been accepted for review as the basis for the official HTML 5.”
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – Wikipedia
A meeting point for North and South India, and an emerging IT and biotechnology hub of India.
Upcoming: An Event Apart Chicago 2007
At Chicago Marriott Downtown, Monday, August 27, 2007. A calendar listing at
BBC NEWS | Fighting rages in Lebanese camp
At least nine civilians have died in the clashes at Nahr al-Bared camp, near Tripoli.
“List view” for messages
Basecamp adds a nice, new, useful feature.
SimpleBits ~ Cork’d Finds a New Home
Cork’d, the wine community site created by Dan Benjamin and Dan Cederholm, has been acquired by a newly formed company helmed by Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV fame. Congrats, Dans.
Hivelogic – The Narrative – Cork’d Has Been Acquired
Cork’d, the wine community site created by Dan Benjamin and Dan Cederholm, has been acquired by a newly formed company helmed by Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV fame. Congrats, Dans.
d.Construct 2007: User Experience Design Conference
d.Construct is an affordable, one-day conference aimed at those building the latest generation of websites. The event discusses how to design websites that not only work, but are an enjoyable experience for the user. Clever site design is worth ch
Western Rim Property Services
An especially tone-deaf ripoff of the A List Apart layout.
Meyerweb: Formal Weirdness
Eric Meyer on the inherent weirdness (and resistance to CSS styling) of form controls in today’s browser landscape. CSS, design, layout, browsers, compatibility, markup.
Daring Fireball: Microsoft and Yahoo, Sitting in a Tree
Yahoo’s software isn’t written using Microsoft technology. Implications therein.
Andy Budd:CSS2.2
A modest proposal.
BBC NEWS | Helvetica at 50
“Helvetica’s message is this: you are going to get to your destination on time; your plane will not crash; your money is safe in our vault; we will not break the package; the paperwork has been filled in; everything is going to be OK.”
The Heads of State
Print designers extraordinaire. Posters, packaging, logos, bumper stickers.
BBC NEWS | England reacts to PM’s departure
BBC News website journalists have been out on the streets of England getting people’s views on Tony Blair’s announcement that he plans to quit. Here is a selection of their comments.
BBC NEWS | Blair will stand down on 27 June
“He thanked the British people for their support and apologised for when ‘I have fallen short.'”
Photoshop CS3 and the GUI in Middle Age
“A large installed base can affect developers’ ability to innovate in UI design.”
Meyerweb: Reset Reloaded
Using CSS to set browser defaults to 0.
HTML Working Group Considered Harmful
HTML Working Group Considered Harmful
Ian Hickson: “There are people strongly arguing that HTML should be a purely presentational language, much, much more presentational than the proposed WHATWG draft. In fact, unless someone argues against it, it’s likely that the W3C spec will be e
Semantic Nonsense
Jeff Cutsinger: “[S]emantic markup is best practice because of its fruits, not because it is semantic. … The knowledgeable author can use semantic elements to the exclusion of presentational markup with great effect. But the vast majority of use
Silly season [dive into mark]
“Adobe introduced Apollo, their latest attempt to recreate the web in their own image. … Meanwhile, Microsoft announced Silverlight, their latest attempt to recreate the web in their own image.”
Build your own web2.0 layout
Satire. Kind of. Via
ColorJack: Sphere (Color Theory Visualizer)
Explore color combinations, test for various kinds of color-blindness.
Adobe CS3 Installer | Blue Flavor
Adobe challenged Blue Flavor to create a cross-platform solution for the installation user-experience for their flagship Creative Suite 3 (CS3).
UX Zeitgeist now in alpha – Rosenfeld Media
“UX books and topics for possible books … nominated by members of the UX community who we’ve invited to participate. Our goal is to eventually gather the collective opinion of the entire UX world on what UX books matter, and which ones need to b
Eating its own Digg Food
Against the advice of its attorneys, Digg is allowing its users to link to information, the public sharing of which is illegal under intellectual property law. Gutsy. “If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying.”
Showcase | ExpressionEngine
Breand?°n Knowlton of Comhaltas on Irish Music and ExpressionEngine.
I Am Not A Graphic Designer
“Though I use my training in Graphic Design daily and often find much of what I do professionally to be based on visual language and aesthetics, it is only one of many services I offer my clients. Being labeled a Graphic Designer feels a little li
Satya: Restaurant Guide: New York
Vegetarian restaurant listings, New York City. Also available for Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.
PlotKit – Javascript Chart Plotting
“PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript. It has support for HTML Canvas and also SVG via Adobe SVG Viewer and native browser support.”
Flickr: The Retro Kid Pool
The most awesome collection of retro images to be found.
Gotomedia: SXSW “Get Unstuck” podcast broadcast (MP3)
MP3 of SXSW Interactive 2007 panel on “Getting Unstuck” featuring Zeldman, Luke Warblowski, Chris Messina and Kristian Bengtsson, moderated by Liz Danzico.
Coudal Partners Swap Meat: Kevin Cornell Scrapbook
Limited-edition of 200. Kevin Cornell Swap Meat Scrapbook, 60pp, 6″ x 9″ perfect-bound, signed and numbered by the artist. Wrapped in kraft paper with red twine. $25each.
The Swap Meat Scrapbook
From Coudal Partners’s Swap Meat: a handsomely bound, limited-edition collection of Kevin Cornell drawings, comics and paintings, pieced together from old sketchbooks and piles of loose art. Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router
New Faithful. Hat tip: Hivelogic.
Tomorrow’s New Yorker today (
“Monday’s New Yorker on Sunday is usually only available to the select few of the Manhattan media elite who are sped their new issues hot off the presses. Now everyone can have a similar experience on the web.”
Lego my Logo: Web 2.0 and 1980s Branding Aesthetics
“Along with heightened functionality and AJAX everything, comes a new aesthetic to visually communicate to the user that he or she has arrived at a Web 2.0 site. The only catch is, it’s not a new look at allwe have seen this before. I’ve compiled
Spread the word! The Web Design Survey (banner)
Spread the word! Let your colleagues know about the survey with this handy link banner.
Fujifilm: FinePix F470 Digital Camera Manual
Because otherwise the date on every picture will be wrong. Hat tip: Bossy Liz Castro of
Rosenfeld Media – Luke Wroblewski to write book on web form design
Luke Wroblewski has begun work on Rosenfeld Media’s newest title, Web Form Design Best Practices. You can visit Luke’s book-in-progress site and subscribe to its RSS feed.
POSH (Plain Old Semantic HTML)
“The term semantic-html is a mouthful, and belies both how simple it is, how well established it is among modern web designers, and the fact that it has benefits far beyond the obvious doing the right thing for the Web by using semantic markup. We
Airbag – Amigos.
Airbag and Vertua merge!
A List Apart: The Web Design Survey, 2007
In all the years people have been creating websites, nobody bothered to gather statistics about who does this work, using what skills, under what conditions, and for what kinds of compensation. Presenting A List Apart’s first annual web design sur
Cre8pc on Usability & Holistic SEO: Finding The Women in Tech and Women in Search ª
“I looked at the sea of female faces at the conference in New York and my thought was that I hoped some of them would find their way to front of the room, in front of the microphone, because I want to hear what they have to teach me.”
Karl Gude interview takes you inside Newsweek
“I am the former Graphics Director for Newsweek and this interview was done during my final week at the magazine. The meeting you will see is the Friday morning ‘run-through’ when work by the design, graphics and photo departments is presented to
Talent is Never Enough (ALA rip) hit with the ugly stick.
A Losing Battle with Blog Comment Spam? Is Share This Plugin at Fault? | TimeforBlogging
Share This Plugin is not at fault.
Harney and Sons Tea
Showing the beauty of some of this tea company’s packaging.
nascentguruism is where Steve Marshall, a 24 year old web developer, writes about technology, the web, and whatever else comes to mind. His site uses a baseline grid; this version of it makes that grid visible. (via comments in this issue of A List Apart)
No one belongs here more than you. Stories by Miranda July
A book site that tells a story. Brilliant. Via 37signals.
Design Tools Monthly (redesign)
Design Tools Monthly is the executive summary of graphic design news, with subscribers in over 41 countries. The site from which subscribers download PDFs of each issue, plus software and fonts (sample content: a 25.7 MB file on what’s new in Adob
YouTube: How to paint the MONA LISA with MS PAINT
Amazing. Warning: annoying soundtrack; lower speaker volume before viewing. Letterhead Fonts embraces DRM
Jeff Croft: “The foundry … has added DRM [Digital Rights Management] for their fonts, and placed ludicrous restrictions on them, such as the inability to embed them in PDFs and incompatibilities with font management programs like Suitcase. … I
Rosenfeld Media UX Zeitgeist
Important books and topics on user experience design, according to the UX community.
Motorola’s Hot New DynaTAC
Yahoo Tech News April 1st reportage.
Web news readers have greater attention span: study – Yahoo! News
“WASHINGTON, March 29 (Reuters) – People who use the Internet to read the news have a greater attention span than print readers, according to a U.S. study that refutes the idea that Web surfers jump around and don’t read much. The EyeTrack07 surve
The Morgan Library & Museum | Exhibitions | From Berlin to Broadway
In 2005 the Morgan Library received 43 early-twentieth-century German and Austrian drawings through the bequest of Broadway lyricist Fred Ebb (1928–2004). The bequest, shown in its entirety from April 20 through September 2, 2007, includes major w
Bruno Mathsson: Designer and Architect
From March 22 to June 10, 2007, The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design, and Culture presents Bruno Mathsson: Designer and Architect, the first exhibition in the United States to examine the work of this leading figure
Flickr: The Flap ‘n’ Snap Pool
Flap your face!
Meyerweb: After Boston
Event Apart co-founder Eric Meyer after Boston: “I see the attendees at AEA as the craftsmen and women of the web. Sure, there are shops mass-producing sites, the way a factory churns out cheap clocks. That’s fine if you just want something to put
Grapefeed: An Event Apart
Grapefeed’s experiences at An Event Apart Boston, including a nerve-grinding, last-minute scramble to an alternate train station when the Back Bay station was sealed off because of a gas leak. (Same thing happened to me.) Thoughts from An Event Apart
“An Event Apart Boston was a great experience. Whenever I’m at a conference, I get an insatiable urge to drop whatever I’m doing with my life and become an expert at whatever the speaker’s talking about. Anyway, a few notes.”
About The Image: Interview with iStockphoto Founder and CEO Bruce Livingstone
At 35 years old Bruce Livingstone is a pioneer in the world of stock photography having created iStockphoto, the first successful micropayment stock licensing business. After selling iStockphoto to Getty images last year for $50 million, Bruce con
Adobe’s Scott Fegette: CS3 Launch at An Event Apart
“I’ve been answering questions all day at An Event Apart about the new CS3 products. Even better, I gave away … three advance copies of CS3 Web Premium to three lucky attendees. An Event Apart is a really great mix of disciplines all centering o
A Rangerís Tale ª AEA Boston: Day Two in Review
Matt Winckler: “Day Two of An Event Apart Boston: my quick summaries and reviews of the presentations.”
AEA Jump Drive on Flickr
Photo by Fredo Alvarez: “Part of An Event Apart’s swag, each of us attending received a 512 MB USB thumb drive with updated versions of the slideshows presented during the two days’ sessions.”
Ordered List Shirt
You have the power.
The Women’s War
Iraq: Female soldiers and post-traumatic stress.
New site honors photographer who died on 9/11
A new website has been created for photojournalist Bill Biggart, the only working professional photographer to perish while covering the 9/11 World Trade Center collapse in 2001. His last image was shot just moments before his death. This and many
Hivelogic: Simplebits Logo Appropriated?
In December of 2006, Dan Cederholm launched a new logo and website design for his business and weblog, Simplebits. Now, LogoMaid is selling a logo bearing a striking similarity to Dan’s.
Pirated logos … aargh!
Alas, poor Cederholm.
Alexa error triggers crisis of confidence
“Web 2.0 may indeed be waning as a meme…. But it would be ironic if web hype were to be deflated, not because of these real trends, but because of a blogging venture capitalist’s foolhardy reliance on dubious Alexa numbers.”
A new online shared contact manager and task list from 37signals.
Redesign your site, win free hosting for life via (mt) Media Temple.
IE 7 does not resize text sized in pixels
Like it says.
Zeldman and Bickner take jobs for Cucina Media
Box and Arrow has her little joke.
Weightshift: Under the Hood at
Designer Naz Hamid takes you behind the screens of the AIGA CMS interface redesign.
An Event Apart News: Suggested Hotels – An Event Apart Seattle 2007
Coming to An Event Apart Seattle? Here are some hotels we like.
Web Typography Sucks | Slides and notes from SxSW 2007
Slides from the wonderful SXSW Interactive presentation by Richard Rutter of Clearleft and Mark Boulton of Mark Boulton Design.
Get Unstuck video part two
From the “Get Unstuck” panel at SXSW Interactive 2007. Filmed in glorious widescreen jowl-o-vision, Zeldman talks about winning accounts by understanding the brand, and allowing the current ratio of projects to designers to empower you to choose y
Get Unstuck video, part one
Brief, large-format QuickTime movie. In this excerpt from the SXSW Interactive “Get Unstuck” panel, moderator Liz Danzico poses a question from the audience: what do you do when you’ve spent heaps of money on a project everyone except the CEO real
House Hearing on Disclosure of CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson’s Identity
C-SPAN four-hour video coverage.
Krillionology: What’s the word
“And then came prepone (ref). I’d never come across the word and thought it sounded silly, but more importantly it was used in the fictional context of advancing the release date of software (and that certainly never happened at Ariba). Hearing it
An Event Apart Seattle 2007
AEA Seattle ’07 has opened its doors. View the speaker profiles. Peruse the exciting two-day schedule. Register for a seat before they sell out.
“Get Unstuck” podcast
Moderator Liz Danzico leads panel members Kristian Bengtsson, Chris Messina, Luke (“LukeW”) Wroblewski and Jeffrey Zeldman on a spirited discussion about getting unstuck. MP3 posted by Kristian Bengtsson.
Functioning Form – Interface Design Blog
Luke W: “Functioning Form is a blog about interface design. That is to say, it is where art and technology emerge as experience, where message and medium meld, and where interactions are useful, usable, and enjoyable.”
Fred Gates NYPL painting
SXSW 2007 Podcasts
South by Southwest Music, Film and Interactive Conferences and Festivals – March 9-18, 2007 – Austin, Texas.
Why Apple is the best retailer in America
“Sorry Steve, Here’s Why Apple Stores Won’t Work,” BusinessWeek wrote with great certainty in 2001. “It’s desperation time in Cupertino, Calif.,” opined “I give [Apple] two years before they’re turning out the lights on a very painf
iConcertCal is a free iTunes plug-in that monitors your music library and generates a personalized calendar of upcoming concerts in your city. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X and supports worldwide searches.
SXSW Conferenceer
Sign up to post your profile and begin networking with other folks at the 2007 South by Southwest Interactive conference.
Veer: Ideas: Helvetica, the Film
Veer presents excerpts from Helvetica, the film.
Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year) as part of a larger conversation about the
UsableMarkets – markets, design, usability, research
Alex Kirtland’s blog about design strategy, online markets, and information design.
Fred Gates at Seed Gallery New York
The graphic designer and painter of haunting urban landscapes.
Book signing at SXSW: come see me
On Sunday 11 March at 3:00 pm, I’ll be signing my little heart out, along with Shawn Henry (Integrating Accessibility Throughout Web Design), Brendan Dawes (Analog In, Digital Out) and other splendid folk.
Tutors – World Class Musicians, Producers and Teachers
London Centre of Contemporary Music tutor biography of Pete Zeldman.
Design View / Andy Rutledge – The Many Faces of AIGA
“This design is an abomination.”
Speak Up ‚Ä? Nissan and the Black Experience
‘Nissan’s double-truck, struck me as peculiar. In the full color ad, the automaker presented five Japanese youth hanging out in a Shimokitazawa, Tokyo barber shop with a subhead stating, “The Black Experience is everywhere. NISSAN, SHIFT_respect”.’
10 Free Photoshop Brushes
The Elegant Star Pattern Pack features 10 high quality brushes that can be used to create beautiful borders or patterns for your promotional materials or website. Also included in the pack are individual .png files that can be used to define your UnBeige on AIGA redesign
“We knew this day would come–in fact, we were so prepared for this day to come that we spent a little extra time on the AIGA site the other day, saying goodbye to its sweet, stodgy interface. We don’t know how long ago that site had been around,
Where Is Your Startup? Does It Matter? at Like It Matters
What impact does geography have on web startups?
Make Me a Speaker!
A place where those who are interested in becoming speakers (particularly in the web world) can get advice, mentoring and help. A meeting place for those who are interested in helping others become speakers.
“A black woman took my job”
Michael Kimmel argues that it is in men’s interest to work for gender equality.
Drupal Association
The Drupal Association is an organisation dedicated to helping the open-source Drupal CMS project flourish.
Slashdot | Bloggers Immune From Suits Against Commenters
“Suppose a commenter posts a libelous comment here at Slashdot. Can Slashdot and its owners be sued for defamation? A federal appeals court just held that no, they cannot.”
swfIR: swf Image Replacement
“swfIR (swf Image Replacement) is here to solve some of the design limitations of the standard HTML image and its widely-accepted associated CSS values, while still supporting standards-based design concepts. Using the dark arts of JavaScript and
Steampunk Keyboard Mod
For Brazil Re-enactments. Hat tip: Webchick.
Cool & Wacky Records – a photoset on Flickr
From the cut-out bin of your heart.
Apple Hard At Work Making iPhone Obsolete
Per The Onion. Via 37signals.
Philadelphia Firm Launches New Comhaltas Web Site
Review of new Comhaltas site designed by Happy Cog, and of Happy Cog Philadelphia open house featuring the music of Comhaltas and worldwide webcast hookup.
Brown Gothic (typeface)
Hot for headlines. Condensed sans serif with round letterforms and no straight edges. Commissioned by a national newspaper, designed by Nick Shinn, includes 10 faces. $175 at
DF Ministry (typeface)
By Rian Hughes, inspired by 1930s British road signs. Glorious. 14 faces. From $159 at
Introducing Frenzic for Mac OS X!
The Iconfactory and ARTIS Software announce an all-new, fast-paced, addictive game for Mac OS X – Frenzic. In the spirit of classic puzzle games such as Tetris and Bejeweled, Frenzic tests both the mind and the reflexes.
Digital Web Magazine – Does Your Copy Hold Up To A Quick Glance?
Designing web pages to be read.
Comhaltas Ceolt??iri ?âireann Redesign
With 35,000 members across 400 branches in thirteen countries on five continents, Comhaltas Ceoltiri ireann is the largest promoter and preserver of traditional Irish music, dance, and culture. They chose Happy Cog to design a site conveying the r
An Event Apart Seattle 2007
June 21st‚Äì22nd, Bell Harbor International Conference Center. The speakers: Tim Bray, father of XML; Google’s Jeff Veen; Andy Budd of Clearleft; Khoi Vinh, design director at; Mint creator Shaun Inman; Newsvine CEO/ESPN redesigner Mike
YouTube – Introducing the book
A visit from the help desk.
Events in CSS and Web Design History
Eric Meyer asks: “What do you consider to be some of the most important events in the history of CSS and web design? How about some of the most overlooked events in that same history?”
Daring Fireball: Command, Option, Control
“Two asinine criticisms of Steve Jobs’s ‘Thoughts on Music’ are that (a) it’s a shameless attempt to jump on the anti-DRM bandwagon ‚Äî i.e. that Jobs and Apple are merely attempting to take credit for the already inevitable move toward non-DRM musi
First Zune Phone Photo Leaked
The first known picture of Microsoft’s hotly anticipated Zune phone.
EatFeed Poster on Flickr
Poster designed to promote a podcast. Hat tip:
Stuntbox – The Devil You Must Live With
“On sites that depend at least in part on advertising for a chunk of their revenue, ads are a sober reality. … Have your design, ads and DOM, and eat them too.”
Apple CEO Jobs pressures record labels to drop anti-piracy technology – International Herald Tribune
pple Inc. indicated it would open its iTunes store to other portable players besides its ubiquitous iPod if the world’s major record labels abandoned the anti-piracy technology that serves as the industry’s security blanket. Steve Jobs, Apple’s ch
Smallest Photo
Beautiful personal photography site.
ShieldZone – Home of the iPod Screen Protector
Protect your iPods and Mac gear.
Ambient music – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
‘Ambient Music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.’ ‚Äî Brian Eno (Music for Airports liner notes, September 1978)
Talking with Microsoft about
The Web Standards Project’s Aaron Gustafson: “I was in Redmond on Friday to meet with a few folks on the Internet Explorer team to discuss improvements we (as in the WaSP DOM Scripting and Microsoft task forces, and the JS Ninjas) wanted to see in
Jason Santa Maria | Fighting Off Design Stagnation
The classic, resurrected.
A Valentine’s Evening with the Crumbs
Spend Valentine’s Day with Aline and R. Crumb at The New York Public Library. (The event is sold out but some tickets may be available at the door.)
Stuntbox – The BW Design Update Rolls On
Behind the scenes on the Business Week redesign, by creative director David Sleight.
Propoganda One – The American Image
The University of New Mexico Maxwell Museum of Anthropology’s exhibition of the work of wartime photographer John Collier Jr includes this wonderful component, allowing you to create and publish your own war propaganda video. Hat tip, the Rogue Librarian.
Ironic Sans: Every ad in Times Square
Every ad in Times Square on one page.
Hivelogic – The Narrative – Changes
Hivelogic relaunches with a new logo and layout by Dan Cederholm and a new Rails publishing tool (plus articles and podcasts) by Dan Benjamin.
Ad Age Top 100 Campaigns
The advertising magazine of record lists the top 100 ad campaigns of the 20th century.
A List Apart: Switchy McLayout
Adaptive layout method lets web designers serve a variety of screen sizes, from tiny mobile handhelds to ultra widescreen desktops, while retaining firm control of each layout.
Public domain image resources – Wikipedia
Like it says.
Art Buchwald is dead
His plan for getting a big newspaper obituary: Don’t die on the same day as a Nobel Prize winner.
Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes
Download 419 (and counting) free user-contributed AppleScripts for Apple’s iTunes that will make maintaining your digital music collection easier and more fun! (Mac only.)
An Event Apart Boston 2007
Everything you wanted to know about An Event Apart Boston (speakers, schedule, registration, hotel), tied up with a pretty ribbon.
The Hivelogic Podcast
Dan Benjamin interviews Jon Gruber of Daring Fireball and other luminaries.
A List Apart: Style Guide
Or, how to write a style guide.
Let’s get together at An Event Apart
Web Design From Scratch AEA Boston meet-up.
Luminous õ Adblock Plus Must Die
“I’ve been using Adblock Plus for about two weeks now, and it still feels like I’ve slipped into a Hollywood movie in which an anarchist superhero comes from the future to rid humans of ads forever. Naturally, a brilliant and evil ad executive vil
Problems with font rendering on Macs | clagnut/blog
Web typography and browsers. The sorrow and the pity.
all in the head ó Changes Afoot at WaSP
Drew McLellan and Kimberly Blessing take over as group leads on The WEb Standards Project.
Your blog is our stage ñ Rˆntgenschall
This is R??ntgenschall, the first band in history to tour online!
Opquast Quality Best Practices : The list
A list of best practices for websites, from the Opquast community. Opquast is a free online application that checks your site for conformance with best practices. (Obviously such testing isn’t perfect, but it may be useful.)
Mommy, He Stole My Google Ranking!
Edward Champion’s blog is awesome!
Adam Greenfield’s new personal site.
Nurri Kim
Personal site of artist Nurri Kim.
Reasons to Love New York – New York Magazine
A Semantic Solution for Presenting NSFW Content
Details on using a proposed rel attribute to mark up non-work-safe material.
Parodying the News is Getting Harder
NPR : Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers. A fence-building company in Southern California agrees to pay nearly $5 million in fines for hiring illegal immigrants. (via Daring Fireball.)
Ma.gnolia Blog: Printer Friendly
Printed bookmarks. Yes, really.
Ciprian Muresan: Un Chien Andalou meets Shrek
Stills from the video by Ciprian Muresan. Witty and hilarious if you know the sources. (Probably unpleasant if you’re unfamiliar with them.)
eMusic Dozens – Bugs Bunny Goes Classical
“Like a lot of people my age (for now, let’s just say that I need almost both hands to count the number of US presidents who have served in my lifetime), my initial exposure to classical music came via the hijinks of Bugs Bunny and friends.”
Intelligence Chairman Needs Crash Course on al Qaeda
The incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee can’t answer fundamental questions about the powerful forces arrayed against us in the Middle East.
Bruce Fraser: January 9, 1954 ñ December 16, 2006
Bruce Fraser, noted author and lecturer, passed away on Saturday, December 16th, 2006. He was at home with his wife Angela and friends. Bruce, a Buddhist, will be cremated and his ashes returned to Scotland. Friends and family are working on an in
Clock of the Long Now – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Clock of the Long Now, also called the 10,000-year clock, is a proposed mechanical clock designed to keep time for 10,000 years.
Michael Chabon on the Long Now
The point of the Clock of the Long Now is not to measure out the passage, into their unknown future, of the race of creatures that built it. The point of the Clock is to revive and restore the whole idea of the Future, to get us thinking about the
The Plot Against Yoko
This week came the latest knot in the public-private tangle of her life: her longtime driver, Koral Karsan, was charged in a plot to extort $2 million from her, using threats to kill her and her son.
Jason Santa Maria | Return to Letterpress
Typesetting the old-fashioned way.
Flickr: The Icon Words Pool
Arranging Dock icons to spell words. Neat. (Via Iconfactory’s Craig Hockenberry.)
Adobe CS3 beta download
You need your CS2 serial number to activate, and your Adobe ID to download.
zefrank snowflake maker
Click and drag.
PhotoshopNews: Bruce Fraser’s Serious Illness
A leading light from the world of Photoshop is seriously ill. If you learned from Bruce Fraser, here is your chance to thank him.
YouTube – Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra – Love Me Tender
Elvis does Frank and Frank does Elvis, live on TV.
David Galbraith on Zune
Hilarious, brief Zune review starts with a Christmas morning fantasy. Via
What would radical transparency mean for Wired?
Chris Anderson, a writer at Wired Magazine, coined the phrase “the long tail” and has been working on a book about it. In this post on his blog about the writing of the book(!) he discusses what open source publishing might look like. Most of thes
Mark Simonson Studio: Coming Soon: Three New Fonts
Kinescope and Snicker are loosely based on title lettering in Fleischer Studio’s animated Superman films from the forties. Launderette is based closely on lettering used in the titles of the 1944 Otto Preminger film, Laura. Me want all three!
Mojo’s Goodwill
Mojo’s Goodwill, a Christmas classic comic (plus desktops) by Kevin Cornell.
Gridding the 960 ~ Authentic Boredom
Background image grid + pixel ruler + column divisions for 960px-width layout, all in one mean little package.
European Adventure II
Happy Cog Philadelphia comes back to Dublin, Ireland to meet with Comhaltas again.
Invasion of the Tinmen v1.0
Create robots with your loved ones as a holiday diversion.
Generic, Secular, Holiday Greetings from Fox and Family…
Fred Gates: News Corp takes a short pause from lecturing us about the “secular”, “anti-tradionalist”, Christmas-hostile left-wing media to send a secular, anti-traditionalist, Christmas-hostile “holiday party” invitation that is anything but Chris | Chicago Librarian
Chilling Effects aims to support lawful online activity against the chill of unwarranted legal threats…. The Chilling Effects project seeks to document that “chill” and inform C&D recipients of their legal rights in response.
The Gift to Be Simple | Chicago Librarian
Leo Robert Klein: “People want the features but they don’t want the complexity. Furthermore, they’ll prove extremely reluctant to try out a site, if in order to accomplish their goals they’ve got to master every feature on the thing. If this weren
Don Norman: Simplicity Is Highly Overrated
“Simplicity is a myth whose time has past, if it ever existed.”
Don’t Let the Graphics Grinch Steal Your Christmas Bonus
“Night Before Christmas” parody by Web Site Optimization Dot Com.
Event Apart Boston hotel deal
Book your hotel for An Event Apart Boston early to save money and guarantee yourself a room.
Devlounge | 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Designers
Flickr Pro account, 37signals subscription, tickets to An Event Apart.
Accessibility: An Event Apart
In Adobe’s Accessibility blog.
Pirated download: Designing with Web Standards (2nd Edition) by Jeffrey Zeldman
Yet another pirated content site where you can download an illegal free version of Designing With Web Standards, 2nd Edition. When the publisher issues a cease and desist, the pirates just move to a new server. The weird thing is, this repository
Zeldman Presents: Desktop Pictures | Wallpaper
Memory lane.
Iconfactory : Freeware : Wii Safety Manual (Teal)
Decorate your desktop with this informative, yet misguided instruction set from Japan for Nintendo’s Wii console.
Peachpit Commons » Authors on fire
New Riders acquisitions editor Michael Nolan gets misty-eyed watching the birth of An Event Apart.
Slashdot | Designing With Web Standards
Trent Lucier writes: “If you’ve browsed the web design section of any bookstore lately, you’ve seen him staring at you. The blue hat. The mustache. The blinding neon background. He’s Jeffrey Zeldman, publisher of the influential web development ma
(mt) Media Temple – WEBLOG
Media Temple blogs!
Things Designers Want For Christmas
Greg Storey’s A-Store is brimful with gift ideas.
Suckerfish HoverLightbox
Hoverbox Image Gallery meets Suckerfish Dropdowns. Fancy-pants image gallery via CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript.
Airbag – Rumsfeld.
“The Internet is not a truck, it’s a freaking freight train packed full of idiots.”
BREITBART.COM – Judge: Make Bills Recognizable to Blind
The [U.S.] government discriminates against blind people by printing money that all looks and feels the same, a federal judge said Tuesday in a ruling that could change the face of American currency. Hat tip: Sean Jordan.
Jubilee Center
Established in 2003, The Jubilee Center is the only after school and summer safe haven for children in Hoboken’s public housing neighborhood; a neighborhood with a history of violent crime and drug-related arrests. The Center provides free, qualit
Ten Worst Internet Acquisitions Ever
Subjective list of the 10 worst Internet acquisitions of all time.
Micro Persuasion: Digg Issues Cease and Desist to, a site that mashes up digg, and Slashdot, has received a cease and desist letter from digg’s lawyers. Other similar mirrors have received the same. As a result, has changed its name to, however, it conÖ
EnkoderTags is a plugin for the Radiant CMS that provides tags for hiding web content from robots using Dan Benjamin’s Enkoder.
IconBuilder 8.1 (free update)
_The_ Photoshop plug-in for favicon makers and icon bakers. Released 16.Nov.06. Free upgrade for registered users of 8.0.
The Art of the Book: Behind the Covers with Dave Eggers, Chip Kidd and Milton Glaser – 92nd Street Y – New York, NY
(Michael Bierut, moderator.) Dave Eggers is the author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and the editor and art director of McSweeney’s. Chip Kidd, the longtime art director at Alfred A. Knopf, has been called, ‚Äúthe closest thing to a r
Why Tim Berners-Lee is Wrong
The W3C is finally waking up and realizing theyíve got a problem with HTML.
Daring Fireball: DMG Kernel Panic Security Issue
The latest “Month of Kernel Bugs” issue is quite serious: a “.dmg” disk image file which, if you attempt to mount it, will cause a kernel panic on any up-to-date Mac running 10.4.8.
AIGA NY | Collaborate/Celebrate
Collaborate/Celebrate: AIGA NY Annual Holiday Party
45 rpm recordings By Indiana bands
Screaming Gypsy Bandits, Caroline Peyton, MX-80 Sound, Social Climbers, Mark Bingham
Textile takes plain text with *simple* markup and produces valid XHTML. It’s used in web applications, content management systems, blogging software and online forums.
Transcending CSS
A peek inside Andy Clarke’s beatiful new book.
Less dessert = incremental profits – (37signals)
“Turn a $1 cup of coffee into a $3 desert.” Smart niche marketing.
Better Know a Speaker: Steve Krug
If not for Steve Krug, I wouldn’t so much as speak the word ‚Äúusability‚Äù in the privacy of my home, let alone bandy it about in mixed company.
Text handling: Safari vs. Firefox
Showing that Safari handles text much more beautifully and much more accurately than Firefox.
Rupert Murdoch’s Tell-All Interview Promotes “If I Approved It” Book
‘Insisting that it is not in poor taste, FOX Television will air an interview with News Corp head Rupert Murdoch promoting his upcoming book If I Approved It, which seems to stoke the intense controversy surrounding a recent decision to pull an OJ
Hex Color Picker
Lets you get and edit hexadecimal HTML color codes in the standard Mac OS X color panel.
Particletree » Easy Color Picking on the Mac
Easy Color Picking on the Mac — via Lucky Software’s Hex Color Picker and an Apple Script by Kevin Hale.
A proper welcome ¬´ Speedbird
“One morning you wake up and have had enough. You’ve had enough of fighting an outdated CMS, you’ve had enough of a heavy and equally outdated design, you’ve had enough, even, of the rhetorical corners you’ve from time to time painted yourself int
Daring Fireball: Pinprick
The Gruber Theory of Software Pricing. (Don’t underprice your software in an attempt to appeal to cheapskates.)
Synapse Magazine – Electronic Music and Synthesizers
Synapse magazine. The electronic music magazine. 1970s music. Synthesizers. Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Kraftwerk, Ralph Hutter, Florian Schneider, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Frank Zapa, Captain Beefheart, Devo, Tomita, Don Preston, Roger Powell, Todd Ru
Flickr: Photos from joe_kral_tpc
Photos from Joe Kral of Test Pilot Collective.
Three-Legged Girl My Neighbor Totoro (2-Disc Set): DVD
2-disc DVD set (Disney, widescreen), available from
IMDB: Tonari no Totoro (1988)
Internet Movie Database entry for Hayao Miyazaki’s beautiful film.
Totoro.Org – The Camphor Tree
Lovely fan site for director Hayao Miyazaki’s moving anime, My Neighbor Totoro.
Amazon does speaking URLs
Lars Pind notices that Amazon has begun using “speaking URLs” instead of meaningless ones, and wishes they’d also remove the session data from their URLs. A reader explains how Amazon uses session data in those URLs to track its users at a deeply An Event Apart Boston at Marriott Copley Place (Monday, March 26, 2007)
An Event Apart Boston listing on
Things I Learned the Hard Way: The Fish Purse
“Any dolt can identify a fake Marc Jacobs Stam, or a vinyl Louis Vuitton Speedy, but it takes a very special, too-smart-for-her-own-good dolt to be burned by irregulars.” Or, why that Luella smelled like fish.
An Event Apart News: An Event Apart 2007
An Event Apart will present major two-day conferences in 2007. Starting with An Event Apart Boston. March 26–27, 2007, Marriott Copley Place. Featuring Steve Krug, Dan Cederholm, Molly Holzschlag, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Cameron Moll, Ethan Marcotte,
Spain and Portugal | Photographs by Geoffrey Hiller
Beautiful urban travel photos.
It’s the content, not the icons – (37signals)
“Zero out of Technorati’s top 10 blogs feature those icons. And only two out of the 15 entries in the current crop at Digg’s Top Today page offer ‘Digg me’ icons. This focus on campaigning over content seems like a classic case of misplaced priori
A List Apart Store & T-Shirt Emporium
A List Apart T-Shirts. Bigger, longer, uncut. They’re back.
Leaving the City for the Schools, and Regretting It – New York Times
“Many New Yorkers with the means to do so flee the city when they have children, seeing the suburbs as a way to stay committed to public education without compromising their standards for safety and academics. Yet a small but growing number of suc
Turing Test Proves 2-Year-Olds Not Human
Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have used the Turing Test to determine that most 2-year-old children are not human.
Semantic Web = futuristic hotness for next gen billionaires, NY Times gushes
“Commercial interest in Web 3.0 ‚Äî or the ‘semantic Web,’ for the idea of adding meaning ‚Äî is only now emerging.”
Daniel Nolan Rollover
“A standards-compliant means of adding mouse rollover code to images in a document without the hassle of coding in extra parameters to each image in your document.” Includes downloadable JS file.
An Event Apart: Austin 2006 Pool – web 2.0 javascript
JavaScript libraries.
Sonja Mueller Photography
Photo portfolio with unusual (and interesting) interface (Flash).
Happy Cog Studios: About us [People of Happy Cog]
New kids on the block.
Micropatronage–Le «blog personnel» de Joe Clark
Joe Clark’s looking for some micropatronage love. Toronto accessibility guy and my ‘esteemed colleague’ launches a micropatronage drive. Use his hilarious banner ads, chip in a little something via paypal or just send good thoughts to help him out
digg – Joe Clark’s looking for some micropatronage love
Joe Clark’s looking for some micropatronage love. Toronto accessibility guy and my ‘esteemed colleague’ launches a micropatronage drive. Use his hilarious banner ads, chip in a little something via paypal or just send good thoughts to help him out
how cool is that on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
The registration table at An Event Apart Austin.
Do the Rights of the Disabled Extend to the Blind on the Web? – New York Times
New York Times coverage of web accessibility. Hat tip: Colin Spitler.
Safari Tidy plugin
The Safari Tidy plugin is a small plugin that lets you validate the webpages you browse for (x)html compliance. Works great! Recommended.
Paula Wirth’s Flickr Groups
Worth seeing.
Flickr: Retro Kid
Retro kid!
Pimp My Safari
Apple: Safari Bookmarklets
iTunes store search tools and more.
Throw the Truthiness Bums Out – New York Times
In retrospect, the defining moment of the 2006 campaign may well have been back in April, when Mr. Colbert appeared at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Call it a cultural primary. His performance was judged a bomb by the Washing
Music marketing with the behind in mind
“Gratuitous display of bum cheek. Nominees welcome.”
Searchable Map of Austin
This map is based on Mark Lucovsky’s Vitamin article. It’s more a proof of concept than anything else. I had this crazy idea of building something that would be of interest for the “right-on-top-of-us” An Event Apart Austin.
Continental Airlines – Carry-on Baggage
The new carry-on regulations; you don’t have to check your bag if you follow these guidelines. Hat tip, Eric Meyer.
On Web standards, Libertarian candidates win
Libertarian candidates insist on web standards and accessibility!
Are you ready for ISBN-13?
On 1 January 2007, the length of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) will officially change from 10 to 13 digits. Pearson’s online tool quickly translates between 10 and 13-digit ISBNs.l
south by southwest festivals + conferences
SXSW plugs An Event Apart Austin.
Scandal Below the Surface – New York Times
It should be one of the great political issues for this century ‚Äî the vandalism we’re committing to our planet because of our refusal to curb greenhouse gases. Yet the subject is barely debated in this campaign.
The Fence Campaign – New York Times
President Bush signed a bill to authorize a 700-mile border fence last week, thus enshrining into federal law a key part of the Republicansí midterm election strategy. The party of the Iraq war and family values desperately needs you to forget aboÖ Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance: Books: Andrew Kirkpatrick,Richard Rutter,Christian Heilmann,Jim Thatcher,Cynthia Waddell
By Andrew Kirkpatrick, Richard Rutter, Christian Heilmann, Jim Thatcher, Cynthia Waddell, and many more. The classic accessibility guide has finally been updated. I bought the first edition and have given it to clients. The new edition is even mor
Excellent blog about accessibility in Adobe products (mainly, Flash). Andrew Kirkpatrick is one of the main writers.
At last you can understand what Robert Plant was singing.
Reinventing HTML | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs
Tim Berners-Lee announces W3C reforms: “It is really important to have real developers on the ground involved with the development of HTML. It is also really important to have browser makers intimately involved and committed. And also all the
On having layout ó the concept of hasLayout in IE/Win
Why IE sometimes behaves unexpectedly.
Researchers See Privacy Pitfalls in No-Swipe Credit Cards – New York Times
American Express has said its cards incorporate…
Getting Real, the book, now comes in three flavors – (37signals)
eMusic: 33 Folkways LPs
Thirty-three important Folkways Recordings for download. Louis Bonfa, Mighty Sparrow, Woodie Guthrie, Henry Cowell and more.
Perian – A swiss-army knife for QuickTime
Perian is a free plugin that enables QuickTime to play almost every popular video format. Yes, Perian is a Universal Binary.
8020 Publishing
8020 Publishing is out to create the ultimate web/print hybrid magazines.
Bruce Lawson’s personal site: Would a vasectomy make a vas deferens to me?
Why Lawson declined to be snipped.
Nazarin Hamid
Nazarin Hamid is a Chicago-based designer. This is his home.
Wikiality (Stephen Colbert’s Wikipedia)
‘Nuff said.
Mr. T and Me
Mr. T memorabilia fan site, featuring the Mr. T collections of Mike Essl & Greg Rivera. Also the first XHTML/CSS site designed by Essl, co-founder of The Chopping Block.
T Freaks
Gothamist interviews Mr T fans Greg Rivera and Mike Essl. (Essl co-founded The Chopping Block and is now director of the design program at Cooper Union.)
Business Week: Apple’s Big Mac
Record-breaking quarterly sales of the Mac are putting Apple into the running for a top computer-maker spot. (In the newly redesigned Business Week.) Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance: Books: Andrew Kirkpatrick,Richard Rutter,Christian Heilmann,Jim Thatcher,Cynthia Waddell
Must-have accessibility book gets updated.
Creative Good – Case Studies
Client-friendly case studies presentation by Creative Good.
Technorati Slides Downhill
Problems at Technorati. (From the Interface Insults group at
Coming soon: Mobile Web Design, the book
“Much has been written about mobile devices. Much has been written about developing websites for the so-called ‘standards era’ of the web. However, little has been written about the two colliding. This book aims to fill that void.” by Cameron Moll. Whoo!
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: Web 2.0 Thinking Game
Web 1.0: New media company buys old media company. Web 2.0: New media company buys new media company.
BBC News: Scorsese set to ‘quit’ Hollywood
Film director Martin Scorsese leaving “Hollywood” to make low-budget films.
Bye-bye, CBGB
Last night at CBGB. By Jon Pareles.
Applications: Eudora
Macintouch readers voice concerns and raise questions about the “open-sourcing” of Eudora (seemingly mainly the sale of the Eudora name to the makers of Thunderbird, and the discontinuation of the Eudora we know).
Things I Learned the Hard Way
Female folk wisdom for life, love, work and play.
Microformats Bookmarklet
Microformats Bookmarklet!
soundsdujour: on the BODIES exhibit
Our rich asses will pay to see your poor Chinese corpse posed kicking a soccer ball.
AIGA Design Legends Gala
AIGA honors Target and MTV.
Kottke before he was Kottke.
Fireside Chat
Dan Cederholm, Jason Santa Maria, Ryan Sims, and Greg Storey on the state of web design as they see it.
The Sequence of Events
Re-viewing the Cory Lidle info-graphic at
Web 2.0 Validator
Web 2.0 Awards Zeitgeist
The Who, How & Why Behind SEOmoz’s 2006 Awards.
Small Plane Hits Building in Manhattan – New York Times
NEW YORK (AP) — A small plane crashed into a high-rise on the Upper East Side, raining down debris on Manhattan and unleashing what witnesses reported was a gigantic fireball, police said.
Subtraction: Selling Jeffrey Zeldman on Selling
Khoi Vinh interviews Jeffrey Zeldman prior to the latter’s AIGA NY talk next week.
An Event Apart Austin – Boxes and Arrows Event Calendar
An Event Apart Austin listing on the thrilling new Boxes & Arrows event calendar!
UsedWigs Radio Podcast 18 ´ USEDWIGS RADIO
Podcast interview: Greg Hoy of Happy Cog Philadelphia.
Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO ª Dashes vs. underscores
“For urls in Google, I would recommend using dashes.”
hyphen and underscore: the best separator is the hyphen
Google sees hyphens as dividers in URLs and body text, and ignores underscores.
Two Cents on Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Websites – 70 Practical Tips from Ian Palmer
“Use hyphens (-) NOT underscores (_) to separate words in directories”
Managing Knowledge Means Managing Oneself — Peter F. Drucker full-text article
“In a few hundred years, when the history of our time will be written from a long-term perspective, it is likely that the most important event historians will see is not technology, not the Internet, not e-commerce. It is an unprecedented change i
Coudal Partners: Six Degrees of Bob Dylan
Play Coudal’s latest mind game and win Dylan’s new album, Modern Times.
International Crisis Group – Conflict prevention and resolution
135 respected global leaders — former presidents, prime ministers, foreign and defence ministers, congressional leaders and heads of international organisations — have today joined in a call for urgent international action to comprehensively res
Airbag – Boxes.
“When content is forced through a entry-commment-trackback-pagerank strainer it all comes out looking the same no matter how the templates are designed. Sure this format is functional but it’s more like a Maersk shipping container than a Volvo s50
Meyerweb: W3C Change: Full Independence
“My third recommendation is simply this: Transform the W3C from a member-funded organization to a financially independent entity.”
The new anti-Semitism | Chicago Tribune
“The world’s politicians and media are talking seriously with those who not merely want back the West Bank, but rather want an end to Israel altogether and everyone inside it.”
A Grave Turning Point in U.S. History
“It is not just that Congress is about to give the president the authority to collect anyone, including an American citizen, off the street to be indefinitely imprisoned as an enemy combatant. It is even more the speed with which this is being don
Balkinization: Selling out
So let me get this straight: The Democrats give up the chance at filibustering one of the worst bills in recent memory because they were afraid that the President would paint them as soft on terrorism. After the bill passes, the President plans to
Markup Maker
Takes a simple list of page ids that you enter and converts it to a valid XHTML document.
Balkinization: Spineless Democrats Deserve to Lose
If the Republicans are now the Party of Torture, the Democrats are now the Party of “Torture? Yeah, I guess so.”
Antiterrorism Bill on Detainees, Geneva Conventions – Rushing Off a Cliff – New York Times
Here’s what happens when this irresponsible Congress railroads a profoundly important bill to serve the mindless politics of a midterm election: The Bush administration uses Republicans’ fear of losing their majority to push through ghastly ideas
Mission: Impossible!
Artist Dave Brasgalla releases a gorgeous Aqua-style icon tribute to cult-tv favorite Mission: Impossible.
A List Apart: Comments: 12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards
Henick on image replacement vs. alt text in h1 tags.
Digital Web Magazine – Push my
Gustafson’s best.
Airbag – Shortbus
Writing for the web.
Subtraction: AIGA Here and There
See Khoi Vinh at AIGA Baltimore this week and Jeffrey Zeldman at AIGA New York in October.
Freenode founder dead at 50
Rob (lilo) Levin, the founder of the IRC network Freenode has died at age 50 after being struck by a car. (Sad tip o’ the cap to Damon Haidary.)
Highlight Microformats with CSS
From Hicks. Nice!
Optimal width for 1024px resolution?
Netscape 4-ever!
Netscape 4-ever!
Four More Years
From the AIGA Design Archives, a unique installation cum readymade.
The Lonelygirl That Really Wasn’t – New York Times
The woman who plays Lonelygirl15 on the video-sharing site has been identified as actress Jessica Rose.
Happy Cog Studios: Work:
Happy Cog redesigns and its siblings.
Roots bookmarklet!
Smooth, visually pleasing, deluxe finder of linkbacks. While visiting any website, click the Roots bookmarklet to see what the Ma.gnolia community thinks of that site.
Method Arts Seattle Event
Pre-Event Apart Seattle party by Method Arts.
Can Microsoft Expression Web Designer Touch Dreamweaver?
Standardista and author Meryl K. Evans says, “The Expression Web Designer application walks the Web standards walk.” (Caveat: it supports only ASP.Net.)
Brown University
Smooth HTML.
Harold Budd Biography
Like it says.
Brian Eno Biography
Like it says.
RSS 2 and Atom compared
Jason Santa Maria | European Adventure
Happy Cog Philadelphia goes to Ireland.
iPod Spoofs – a photoset on Flickr
“Small but enjoyable photoset” (hat tip: sharpeworld).
Time Capsules: Douglas Coupland: September 11
From the vantage point of a 52-day book tour that began on September 11, 2001, the author recalls the surreal first days of post-9/11 America.
SharedBook BabyBook
Had a baby (or a preschooler whose photos are still on your hard drive and stories barely in your head)? Go to or to create a hard- or soft-cover, professionally published memory book.
Ambition No.337
“To be featured in the book that inspired me to learn more about standards is a wonderful feeling.”
Zach Klein: Connected Ventures + IAC
The kids behind sell to Barry Diller’s InterActiveCorp.
Bokardo ª Why Netscape Will Succeed
“Jason Calacanis, the man in charge of Netscapeís new Digg-like redesign, really gets social web design … and Netscape will succeed as a result.” (Bokardo, a blog about social web design)
Plugins/Spam Tools ¬´ WordPress Codex
Spam tools for WordPress.
‘People nearby started to panic’
A mobile phone rings on a London-to-New-York flight.
The Agency Model is Dead – Blue Flavor
Brian Fling of new agency Blue Flavor lists “signs of the decline in the traditional agency” and discusses his agency’s nontraditional approach.
When is the last time you were a client? – Signal vs. Noise
“Client bashing is popular among designers, programmers, and consultants, but I’m curious: When was the last time you were a client? How did you feel about trusting the end product to someone else? How would you rate yourself as a client? What was
Congress: Hall Pass Revoked | Firewheel Design
“If Net Neutrality didn’t do enough to get you squirming HR5319 AKA Deleting Online Predators Act AKA DOPA should serve as proof that Congress should no longer be allowed to vote on any laws governing the internet. In case you missed the news, DOP
AIGA | Aquent Salary Survey Calculator
Are you getting paid what you should? Find out with this free online calculator, created by AIGA and Aquent after surveying nearly 6,5000 design professionals.
CreativeIQ: Create Letterhead Templates in MS Word
Creating letterhead templates in Microsoft Word that don’t suck.
Pantone’s Fall Fashion Color Report
The fashion forecast is for cool, calm colors from the earth. Wear them tomorrow, see them on your website the day after.
AppZapper – Making uninstalls as simple as installs.
AppZapper for Mac OS X lets you confidently try new apps while knowing you can uninstall them easily. Drag one or more unwanted apps onto AppZapper and watch as it finds all the extra files and lets you delete them with a single click.
Oliver Stone, Terror Tourist
Stone’s 9/11 blockbuster pimp-slapped by Fred Gates (review).
David Hughes Illustration
Kind to your eyeballs.
Webreakstuff » Weekly inspiration Р14th July 2006
Thought-provoking posts noted.
Coudal’s response to
Viral marketing, yeah!
GraphicDesignBar:Design Forum
Excellent new design blog.
A web-based platform (i.e. public group blog) for design publication, protection, and publicity. Upload an image of your work, a short description, and a link to feature your product at no cost.
The Golden Age of Travel Posters
Travel posters from the 20s and 30s. Hat tip:
AsylumNYC presents all non-US artists with the opportunity to exhibit and live in New York City, providing a solo show at a recognized New York institution and the legal aid necessary to obtain an artists visa in the United States.
P22 News: Lanston Type Co. Summer 2006 releases
Goudy, Bodoni, and Broadway, oh my! P22 announces the latest installment of remastered fonts from the historic Lanston Type Company.
Ben Hammersley’s Dangerous Precedent
Concise, uniquely conceived blog entries, elegantly written and cleverly embedded in photos which function as parallel blog entries. The creator is a thoughtful and multitalented web developer, portrait photographer, and book author.
Joe Clark: This Week in WCAG
“The title is a tad facetious, as I have better things to do every week than produce a Gawker-style recap. Nonetheless, these occasional postings will update you on the very latest in outrage, intrigue, inanity, and incompetence on the part of the
A List Apart: Prettier Accessible Forms
Accessible, aesthetic web design.
Tantek rewinds An Event Apart NYC
The genius staggers home. Tantek, father to half the cool stuff on the web and featured speaker at An Event Apart NYC, recounts his experience there (with pix).
K10 – Modern Japanese Cuisine ???
Whew! The we all know and love is back.
RELAX NG and W3C XML Schema
Standards and usability: the saga continues. Tim Bray agrees with this critique of W3C XML Schema. Hat tip: J. David Eisenberg.
In The City
Site of “The World’s Premier New Music Convention” uses style sheet switching to swap content, showing the event’s two sides (night and day). Software writen in Processing created the background graphics by analyzing audio frequencies. Site design
Airbag – Liftoff.
Critique of redesign.
Style Master 4.5 – CSS editor for Mac OS X and Windows
CSS editing tool offers online document previewing, WYSIWYG editing, and hand coding power tools, plus smart, fast CSS debugging tools.
Underware: Sauna (the PDF)
Excellent presentation of quirky font.
The Hogwarts Tinies
A series of illustrations for Catriona Mackay’s Harry Potter parody of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies, executed in Gorey’s signature style of pen and ink.
Notable WordPress Plugin
“Notable displays a series of icons below each post allowing your readers to easily submit you to many different social bookmarking and networking sites.”
W3C Mobile Web Best Practices checker
Mobile web best practices checker (alpha, still rough).
Peachpit Commons
Peachpit blogs!
Live from an Israeli bunker
Live blog from an Israeli bunker provides insight into the rapidly escalating middle east crisis. See events through the eyes of people who live them.
Designing With Web Standards 2nd Edition at
Delivers within a week. Hat tip: Jim Bennett.
Bloug: Letting the cat out of the wrong bag
“It’s just another data point, along with the errors found in our credit reports and medical records, that demonstrates the fragility of reality in a world of decentralized information. This mistake is intractable because it has propagated itself
Enhanced Simple PHP Gallery 2.0 (open source)
Open source software module originally designed as a simple way to post photos online. With version 2.0, it has been completely overhauled to support detailed annotation (“footnotes”) of objects (such as artwork or photos), including citations, di
Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace
Dana Boyd’s speech to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Internet Archive: Pixhell
The retro animation series from, released as open source video.
Flickr: An Event Apart: NYC 2006
Photos from two days of design and code in the heart of NYC.
Flickr Favorites
Beauty is all around us.
An Event Apart NYC: Happy Hour and a Half
Free cocktails sponsored by Happy Cog.
Joshuaink: No I am not bloody sorry
“I work hard just to get barely satisfactory HTML and CSS out there and working, so I donít see why I should say sorry to little Colin Collegeboy with nothing better to do all day than email busy people to point out that they are less than perfect.”
Declaration of Independence on view at NYPL
A fair copy of the Declaration of Independence in Thomas Jefferson’s hand is on view through 5 August 2006 at The New York Public Library.
Your own personal internet
Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), explained why he voted against a net neutrality amendment, gave an amazing primer on how the internet works.
A love song about web standards
90s MOR hit re-lyric’d.
Subtraction: The AIGA and Web Design
Khoi Vinh: “It seems particularly odd to me that the organization really isn’t at the center of most of the conversations we have about design as it’s practiced online.”
Bearskinrug wallpaper downloads
Keep your desktop clean with a wallpaper of watercolor washes!
The McFarlane Prize for Excellence in Australian Web Design
Named in memory of Australian web pioneer Nigel McFarlane, the McFarlane Prize recognizes and encourages excellence in web design by Australian web developers. This year’s prize will be awarded to an Australian designer or team for a site launched
Zeldman: Field-Tested: Count of Monte Cristo
One night in the awful boy-smelling cabin, as we were drifting to sleep, the counselor (this was obviously before his death), having been asked to advise us on some point of cleanliness or morality, simply said, “The main thing is that we are all Ö
Reanimation Library
“Based in Brooklyn, New York, the Reanimation Library is a library, an art project, and a resource that provides other people with printed material for their art and research projects. It is highly interactive. It wants to be touched and played wi
The Official Dead Milkmen Website
Just like it says!
Rosenfeld Media – Alignment Diagrams
Rosenfeld Media announces beginning of new book by Indi Young on mental models married to product features.
d.Construct 2006
A one-day conference aimed at those building the latest generation of web-based applications.
PingMag: Erik Spiekermann interview
The master discusses typography and design today.
the kriegsmann files – a photoset on Flickr
“Found in an alleyway by Mike Lee and then lovingly preserved for posterity by Jen Sharpe, The Kriegsmann Files contain an amazing collection of 178 eight by ten promotional photographs of a variety of bands, magicians, strippers and other perform
Flickr continues to provide a platform for capturing, encouraging and sharing its customers’ creativity. The new meme, cameratossing.
An Event Apart NYC Speakers
Two days of peace, love and web design.
Card sorting pix
Flickr photo set, AIGA card sorting exercise.
From the Other Side of the Microscope
Participating in a card-sorting exercise for the AIGA redesign.
New York Times Most Popular Articles
Nicely done.
Amnesty International Ads
Amazingly powerful, transparent ads at bus stops in Switzerland.
As its name suggests. Beautifully redesigned by Mike Pick and Tim Murtaugh.
This Day in Apple History
June 13, 2003: Microsoft Halts Development of Internet Explorer For the Mac.
Airbag – Ruler.
Freeware ruler for measuring in web design (like a low-budget xScope that works in IE).
Rosenfeld Media – Search Analytics for your Site
A book in progress by Louis Rosenfeld and Richard Wiggins
A Gift That Changed a Family’s Life
Couple (product designer, graphic designer) inherit rural house, change everything.
Flickr: Contacts
Free books online
Project Gutenberg and World eBook Library plan to make “a third of a million” e-books available free for a month at the first World eBook Fair
NY Daily News – Fund slashers feel love – for selves
“The so-called experts who decided that New York’s emergency plans are among the worst in the country and helped slash the city’s federal funding patted themselves on the back for doing a heckuva job.”
NY Daily News: Homeland’s pork
What’s more important – keeping cops on the busy, world-famous Brooklyn Bridge or installing surveillance cameras in a small Alaskan fishing village? That’s what Rep. Anthony Weiner wants to know in light of Homeland Security’s decision to slash t
David Byrne Journal
Nicely written in that familiar David Byrne voice.
Chicago Architecture Foundation
Like it says.
CSS World Awards
To recognize creative work and heighten awareness of companies using web standards. Via
WCAG 2 comments period extended
The deadline for comments on the WCAG 2.0 Last Call Working Draft has been extended until 22 June 2006.
An Event Apart Chicago Schedule & Details
Everything you need to know if you’re attending An Event Apart Chicago.
Flickr: An Event Apart: Chicago 2006
An Event Apart comes to Chicago!
A Viable Palestinian State
A Manhattan-based metaphor makes clear why unilateral action will not bring peace to the middle east.
“The simple way to review and share wine.” Cork’d makes life easier for wine aficionados. And it’s free.
Amnesty International USA: Annual Report
Outsourcing war on terror creates rules-free zone where human rights norms are ignored, violations flourish, Amnesty asserts.
Event Apart NYC sneak preview
From dusk to dawn with design director Khoi Vinh. DOM scripting with Aaron Gustafson. estimated value
A price beyond rubies! (Thanks, Todd Dominey.)
To Hell with WCAG 2
“Are you actually, without even knowing it, an author authoring authored units to be used in authored components in programmatically-determined web units that can be parsed unambiguously?”
Oz event.
Bite Size Standards
Bite Size Standards offers concise web development tutorials, tips and tricks written by designers and developers who are passionate about web standards.
Manhattan Timeformations
Interactive animations of Manhattan’s skyscrapers over time.
Reading Ahmadinejad the Kennedy Way
“At the height of the Cuban Missile Crises, Kennedy received two letters from Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev ‚Äî one conciliatory and open to compromise, the other blustery and full of threats and invectives. Kennedy chose to ignore the second …
British Judge Allows Apple to Keep Logo on iTunes
Apple Computer won the right to keep its logo on its iTunes digital music store Monday when a British judge rejected the claims of Apple Corps, the guardian of the Beatles’ musical interests, over the use of the apple logo.
Colbert video now at Google
Stephen Colbert roasts President Bush (and the press) – 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner – Google Video
From to ma.gnolia
Working with Ma.gnolia’s API.
SXSW Interactive Honor Roll
Panels from the 2006 SXSW Interactive Festival that scored 4.0 or higher. Congrats!
The Colbert Blackout
“The traditional media’s first reaction to satirist Stephen Colbert’s uncomfortably harsh mockery of President Bush and the press corps at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Association dinner was largely to ignore it.”
Ma.gnolia API 1.0
It’s what Willis was talkin’ ’bout.
“Design Matters” with Debbie Millman
Intelligent audio interviews with leading graphic designers and type designers.
Dear Secretary Small-Center for American Progress
The privatization of the commons. Smithsonian’s joint venture with Showtime is a lose-lose.
Comic Book Double Entendres @
So wrong it’s right.
Working around box-model hacks
Using the universal selector. Clever! And potentially very useful. (Nice site design, too.)
JavaScript events (no, not that kind)
DOM scripting events hither and yon, blogged by the author of … DOM Scripting.
In Search of…$1 Billion in Revenue
Seven essentials to business growth.
Daily Kos: Re-Improved Colbert transcript
Now with complete text of Colbert-Thomas video.
CUPE > Canadian Union of Public Employees
Designed by Happy Cog.
Nice redesign!
Daily Show smart. Comedy Central website, not so much.
“We’re sorry, but MotherLoad will only play on PCs with Windows XP or 2000/SP4+.”
Empire State Building at 75
Special section in The New York Times.
Jane Jacobs dead
Jane Jacobs, the writer and thinker who brought penetrating eyes and ingenious insight to the sidewalk ballet of her own Greenwich Village street and came up with a book that challenged and changed the way people view cities, died yesterday in TorÖ
The New Yorker: An Incovenient Truth
“An Inconvenient Truth” is not the most entertaining film of the year. But it might be the most important.
Sacramento Bee redesign critique in pictures
“The page has a popover welcome message, tabbed features and a little JavaScript problem.” A critique by Aaron Gustafson, using
Problems with “One True Layout”
And the quest for the grail goes on.
Rebuilding of Iraqi Pipeline as Disaster Waiting to Happen – New York Times
A failed project to repair a pipeline has a wider significance as a metaphor for the entire $45 billion rebuilding effort in Iraq.
Sundman’s new book
John Sundman, author of the gonzo science fiction novels Acts of the Apostles and Cheap Complex Devices, has released a new Creative Commons-licensed, illustrated novella, The Pains.
Frank Warren at Borders
The creator of PostSecret comes to Columbus Circle.
King Kong reviewed, March 3, 1933
“Miss Wray goes through her ordeal with great courage.”
Tentative Deal Averts Strike by Doormen
Doormen, elevator operators, porters, handymen and superintendents at buildings in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn keep their benefits and get a modest raise.
Photo Matt ª The Feed Validator is Dead to Me
The politics of RSS validation.
Boot Camp Test Drive
Dominey drives.
Butt head!
Nick Fruhling observes that a certain magazine’s masthead requires special care when placing photos over it. Via
Automatic vs. Automattic
The Hivelogic Narrative.
Vitamin Interviews ª Eric Meyer
Eric Meyer talks about how he got into CSS and the benefits of print stylesheets (audio).
A List Apart Brasil
Tradu?ß?µes dos artigos da revista A List Apart. (Authorized translations.)
NYPL Digital Gallery
Repost. Over 450,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books,
FLATHEAD: The peculiar genius of Thomas L. Friedman
Matt Taibbi eviscerates Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat.” Hilarious.
Hyperlinks should be seen but not heard (
The dotted underline trick. A Kottke classic.
Web 2.0 Show – Episode 16 – Jason Santa Maria and Greg Storey
The two designers interviewed (podcast).
Daring Fireball: Windows: The New Classic
What the ability to boot into Windows means to the future of Macintosh.
NSA CryptoKidsô
Plenty scary. Via Doc Searls. redesign gets job done
Design review by Jay Small.
Iconfactory CandyBar Universal Binary
The number one hack-free system icon customization utility now works natively in both Intel and G chip Macs. A free update for registered users.
Pulp Fiction – a photoset on Flickr
Illustrated paperback covers of the mid 20th century.
More on what makes for a good design book
What Rosenfeld Media learned from conversations on book design with UX professionals.
Basecamp API
Implemented as vanilla XML over HTTP.
ExpressionEngine Design Winners
Fab sites plus judges’ comments.
The web as it was meant to be.
Google AdSense Tip
Nutty. Via my referrer logs.
Font Spotting the Thank You for Smoking Titles
by Typographica. Nice.
Apple Introduces Boot Camp
Public beta software enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP.
An Event Apart Atlanta Photo Pool
Pix from yesterday’s An Event Apart Atlanta at Turner Field.
Poets speak. PennSound produces new audio recordings and preserves existing audio archives as free, downloadable MP3 (or better) files.
Subversive Cross Stitch
By Julie Jackson. The perfect gift! Create lovely needlepoint handicrafts bearing messages like “Pussy Got Me Dizzay.”
(Sort of) Liveblogging An Event Apart
Amber Rhea’s view of An Event Apart Atlanta.
Baghdad Burning: Uncertainty…
Blog post by river, a girl from Iraq: “The Ministry of Defense requests that civilians do not comply with the orders of the army or police on nightly patrols unless they are accompanied by coalition forces working in that area.”
Adland 10 Year Anniversary Memory Quiz
Get ten answers correct (hint, all answers are on the site itself) to score a month’s upgrade on your account.
New York Times redesigns
First impression: liking it a lot, yet wondering if wanders a bit from the brand. (Most redesigns initially feel like the brand has been lost. Time will tell.)
USDA, Farm Service Agency – Hay Net Entry Page
Best site navigation ever. (Hat tip: J. Veen.)
Live at NYPL: Who’s Afraid of Iran?
As the media tracks Iran’s growing nuclear arsenal and its potential as an ideological powder keg, the Islamic Republic looms larger than ever in the American imagination. Yet the country remains grossly misunderstood.
adaptive path » setting priorities
How do you decide which features to implement? A simple matrix can help.
Minolta quits camera biz
“Would you write your life story in pencil?” A former ad client, at one time the 3rd largest camera maker in the world, can’t compete against digital.
Teaching at Risk: Progress and Potholes
The Final Report of the Teaching Commission (via Thomas L. Friedman).
America’s Technology Future at Risk
A new study released by the Economic Strategy Institute explains why U.S. companies can’t compete in key new business sectors, and offers a variety of regulatory and investment prescriptions (via Thomas L. Friedman). redesigns
Via 1024 wide. Looks great. Pity about non-validating table layout.
Thank You For Smoking main titles
Beautiful! via Jason Santa Maria dot com.
Ironic Sans – Pre-pixelated clothes
“Stop worrying about whether or not the producer of that Reality TV show you’re on will pixelate your carefully chosen t-shirt. Beat them to the punch with pre-pixelated products!” (via
It’s a great time to start a business
Six reasons to start a business today (by 37signals).
monochrom Brandmarker
An attempt to evaluate the power of brands by making Austrian people draw twelve logos from memory, 25 people per brand. Via
Download of the Day: Magnolia Blossom
OS X only: Damien Tanner’s free widget brings social bookmarking site Ma.gnolia to your Mac dashboard.
The New Wisdom of the Web
Flickr’s Butterfield and Fake make the cover of Newsweek.
Flickr: An Event Apart: Atlanta 2006
Post An Event Apart Atlanta photos here!
coComment – clear conversation in the blogosphere
In one central place, track comments you’ve left on blogs all over the place.
Teenage auteur ignites buzz
“Marketing experts pay heed: A video clip produced by a teenage girl has become a mini-blockbuster on a popular video upload site while also helping to introduce Logitech Web cameras to a legion of young people.”
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Original tracks with remix and sampling possibilities. Via Coudal. | Community plumbing
Accessible, standards-compliant, open source CMS.
Google and the Tyranny of Good Design
“There’s something defiant, almost obtuse about [Google’s] reluctance to indulge in the sort of oleaginous branding and design that is now the corporate norm.”
Happy Doomsday to You!
The good news: We “won’t be alive when most of the effects occur.”
IE7 Improvements and Bug Tracking
Sweet fancy Moses, a Bugzilla for IE?
Wired News: Map Mashups Get Personal
“Users flock to Platial, a map-sharing site where ‘neogeographers’ share their personal knowledge of the terrain, from the best indie bookstores to spots where they’ve enjoyed intimate encounters.”
Is Amazon S3 the first Tier 0 Internet Service?
“Once you look past the headline-grabbing figures, you realise … something is missing from the typical Web 2.0-era announcement.”
Microformats at SxSW
Speakers and their slides.
Bill Gates at Mix06 – ìWe need microformatsî
And there you have it. Bill Gates says we need microformats.
Bad ALA ripoff no. 937
The hits just keep on coming.
AutoMeta: Automatic Meta & Technorati Tags for WordPress
This plugin will automatically generate and include HTML Meta Tags and Technorati Tags based on the full text of your post.
Blog ratings, 2000
Six years ago this page recorded the most popular links posted by
weblogs on the web; a related page listed the most popular weblogs.
Hey, nice bottom!
Simplebits redesigns.
Airbag – Striker
What’s missing from the underground tee shirt for Snakes on a Plane.
NYC Radio The Night John Lennon Died (mp3)
A sweep of the radio dials in NYC, a few hours after the news of Lennon’s murder broke.
Joe Klein on Iraq
What would a realistic American policy look like now? There are three possibilities, none of them attractive.
Brit Pack
Proud members.
Rogue Librarian » SXSWi takeaways
About the Digital Preservation and Blogs panel – and a pair of boots.
Accessible Web Developers
Ma.gnolia group on creating accessible (and mobile-friendly) sites.
CSS Float Tutorial
Floating elements such as images, drop caps, next and back buttons, image galleries, inline lists and multi-column layouts.
Derek Powazek
Single-page redesign. Now that’s a busy guy. (Hat tip: Cameron Moll.)
Phoebe Espiritu’s fine blog on the quest for simplicity and minimalism in design.
Digital Preservation Panel at SXSWi
Carrie Bickner Zeldman’s panel on preserving blogs, blogged by Librarian Avengers.
Bush on Rugs
George W. Bush: I Don’t Know Much About Designing Rugs
Behind the WaSP Redesign
Designer Clarke discusses creative process.
Craigslist – Design Eye for the List Guy
Skilled designers redo Craigslist at SXSW.
Notes: WaSP Annual General Meeting
Muffin Research Labs on some of what went down at WaSP annual meeting at SXSW.
SXSW 2006 Panel transcription: Does Your Blog Have a Business?
Transcription by of SXSW panel led by DL Byron on which I participated.
Interior Desecrations
Horrible home design from the classic halls of Lileks.
Abu Ghraib Files
279 photographs and 19 videos from the Army’s internal investigation record a harrowing three months of detainee abuse inside the notorious prison.
The Web Standards Project
On 13 March 2006 at SxSW Interactive in Austin, Texas, WaSP unveiled a redesigned site.
Move All Your Stuff to a New Mac Quick
From Scott Kelby’s ‚ÄúMac¬†OS¬†X Tiger Killer Tips.”
WP-Cache 2.0
Free plugin makes your WordPress site much faster and more responsive by caching pages and storing them in a static file.
Joshua Darden Studio
New fonts from Brooklyn’s king of type design.
Ma.gnolia picture linkroll
Create a visual ma.gnolia linkroll.
feeling random?
Going to SXSW Interactive? Win cool stuff via WestCiv and Flickr.
Meyerweb: IE7 Revs Up
Or: how we learned to quit worrying and keep coding to standards.
the Art of DeTouch
Photo retouching, mostly of female models. Before and After images are compared algorithmically pixel by pixel to generate visualizations of the alterations.
Mozilla ressurects Netscape DevEdge articles by Meyer and others.
Publish and Prosper
Blogging for your Business book in presale
Booted Off an Island Called Manhattan
Concerning Project Runway.
Open Letter to AOL
Stop AOL’s email tax.
S5 CSS-based slideshow 1.2a2
Eric Meyer’s S5 CSS-based slideshow hits 1.2 alpha 2 version. Now with annoying Safari bug!
Airbag – Fl.ower.
Greg Storey blogs the creative process behind Ma.gnolia’s user interface design.
Eyebrow Antics
Wonderful illustrator using Flickr as a portfolio.
Zeldman RSS Reader Widget
Widget for remote reading. Requires Konfabulator.
You’re Safired! (
Safire blows blog, blogosphere etymologies.
Yahoo! Design Pattern Library
UI elements, complete with code, from some of the smartest programmers around (Yahoo’s). Pity web standards aren’t better supported.
The secret to Web 2.0
The truth was staring us in the face.
Ma.gnolia Social Bookmarking: Search and Find Web Sites & Build Community Online.
How Ma.gnolia differs from
Images, Tables & Mysterious Gaps
It lives! Eric Meyer’s classic on CSS layout as intepreted by Gecko – core of Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape.
Adobe on Mactel
Getting Photoshop to run natively on Intel Macs is hard work and could take a year or more.
Bird sketch
Delicate loveliness by Inkfinger.
pMachine ExpressionEngine | Publish Your Universe
Fast, feature-packed, powerful (and strangely little-known) publishing system with support for standards and without the five-figure price tag. 200 standard features, extensive plugin library, and support for “killer add-on modules.”
Blind patrons sue Target
Saw this coming.
Foreign Affairs – Intelligence, Policy,and the War in Iraq – Paul R. Pillar
During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, writes the intelligence community’s former senior analyst for the Middle East, the Bush administration disregarded the community’s expertise, politicized the intelligence process, and selected unrepresent
Unitless line-heights and why they are important to understand
Unitless line-heights and why they are important to understand
Stolen favicon
This UK e-commerce site has a cute favicon. Unfortunately it’s not their own. File under weird. Hat tip: Fazal Khan (
Getty acquires iStockphoto
Getty acquires iStockphoto
Digital and toy camera photography by Natalie Brahan
dog or higher
John Allsopp’s blog
Eric’s Archived Thoughts: Charting IE7b2
Blogs versus the NY Times in Google (
Blogs vs. The New York Times in Google
Todd Fahrner, once the mightiest of CSS wizards, now a bicycle guy, and apparently much happier.
Proxima Nova
How to sell typefaces on the web. Great font display interface.
Andy Budd: CSS Crib sheet #3 – Centering a Div
CSS basics: centering a div. Basic, seen elsewhere (for instance at, but succinct and neatly done. Worth keeping as a quick crib or to show beginners who ask how this is done.
Airbag – Cheap.
Loving Google China
“TechCrunch, Tracking the Web 2.0.” Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Like the design.
Daring Fireball: iLife From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal Interface
Daring Fireball: iLife From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal Interface. (Annotation: I wish I had written this.)
Ambrosia Software, Inc. — utilities/snapzprox
Ambrosia Software, Inc. — utilities/snapzprox. Best screen shot (and screen video!) software for Mac OS X by far. (My annotation.)
The second smartest thing O’Reilly ever did : Leftbrained
a blog entry about websites, O’Reilly and GreaseMonkey.
Yahoo! – 404 Not Found
The Marine Center: Your source for the rarest, net-collected fish and corals
The Marine Center, your source for the rarest, net collected fish and corals. Since 1994, the web’s most trusted name in marine livestock.
UX Magazine
UX Magazine sets out to explore, promote & discuss the multiple facets of user experience one article at a time. It is built upon the foundations of ProjectNeo, a global interactive design community.
Epistemographer ª Blog Archive ª AJAX, Web 2.0 and the Threat to Digital Archives
Epistemographer Blog Archive AJAX, Web 2.0 and the Threat to Digital Archives
“Apple caught cheating on RSS standard” –
“New iPhoto feature disregards standards”
Actually it just implements RSS badly (same as Apple’s web-related software writes bad HTML)
Bullet Madness – free bullets project at Stylegala
Bullet madness is a list containing 200 free bullets, icons and arrows for your web design needs.
New popular sites
New popular sites
Quest for nightmare tables ‚ƒÏ Le ¬´blog personnel¬ª de Joe Clark
Quest for nightmare tables Le blog personnel de Joe Clark
Nectar: Fuel for Creative Computing
Nectar: Fuel for Creative Computing
Technorati Search for:
Technorati Search for:
Mike Davidson — sIFR 2.0: Rich Accessible Typography for the Masses
Mike Davidson — sIFR 2.0: Rich Accessible Typography for the Masses
merry christmas
so why d’ya fill my sorrow
Feed Icons – Help establish the new standard
Lightbox JS
Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It’s a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers.
CreativeGuy ª Blog Archive ª PS: Adding text on top of text
Photoshop: Adding text on top of text. (Hold the SHIFT key and Photoshop stops ruining your life.)
Rosenfeld Media – Publisher of user experience design books
Rosenfeld Media is a publishing house dedicated to developing short, practical, and useful books on user experience design. Our books will explain the design and research methods that web professionals need to make informed design decisions.
egoSurf search for zeldman
The Beauty of Simplicity
Google’s simple interface and how it got that way.
A List Apart: Articles: Dynamic Text Replacement
Using PHP JavaScript, and CSS for text image replacement
Category ª Simple Tips & How To: General articles, effects and tricks. – artypapers
an experiment gone useful
Google and Yahoo Aim at Another Screen – New York Times
The most popular services for searching and organizing the vast information on the World Wide Web want to perform the same function for television.
Web-based job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management software for the part-time independent contractor. – Side Job Track
Web-based job tracking, invoicing, reporting & project management software for the part-time independent contractor.
Kazu & Eric Meyer on CSS on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Eric Meyer on CSS in Japan. Note cartoon Eric Meyer on book cover.
dog or higher: Received wisdom about conferences, pricing and so on
dog or higher: Received wisdom about conferences, pricing and so on
VueScan Scanning Software
VueScan Scanning Software
Nobel Lecture – Literature 2005
Harold Pinter’s Nobel Lecture – Literature 2005. “Art, Truth & Politics.” US foreign policy after WWII. Sandinistas, Contras, Chile, Iraq.
The Web Standards Project
IE7 and the star hack
Welcome to the Philadelphia Standards Organization
Welcome to the Philadelphia Standards Organization
Jason Santa Maria: Markmaking sells out.
FairPlay – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
FairPlay – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Behaviour Layer: Using JavaScript for good, notevil
The Behaviour Layer: Using JavaScript for good, not
evil (S5 lecture presentation from @media)
White House website and tracking bugs
White House website and tracking bugs
A List Apart: Articles: Sensible Forms: A Form UsabilityChecklist
How to make your HTML forms more usable
Bloug: Woof (or, what makes for a good design book?)
What makes for a good design book? (Lou Rosenfeld asks, the community answers.)
Music Together – Rosanna Magarelli – New York, NY – Children- Kids
Music classes for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kids.
Web writer Erin Kissane writes about web writing on this website on the web.
Phil’s Fonts | Search Results
Freight for sale. Freight is a superbly detailed font family by Brooklyn typographer Joshua Darden. Optimized for screen use, Freight is the new Georgia.
plazes.beta: Where is Jeffrey Zeldman
Beta geolocation service mapping the world, one geek at a time. Jeffrey Zeldman Happy Cog Studios location and other worldwide locations.
Jason Santa Maria: A List Apart in HOW Magazine
A List Apart namechecked by HOW Magazine
Letterspace all strings of capitals and small caps, and all long strings of†digits | The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web
Coudal Partners
Coudal Design’s Museum of Online Museums
Technorati Tag: ma.gnolia
Technorati tags Ma.gnolia. Related tags: Social Bookmarking,
Sevenday Home
Apple – Mac OS X – Setup
Joshua Darden Studio
Flickr Photo Download: Web2MemeMap
annoying web2.0 crap from Tim O’Reilly
Adobe Motion Design Center- Columns and articles from experts on web design and motion graphics
The Dialog Box section of the Adobe Motion Design Center features influential voices from the community with insights on critical topics like experience design, web usability, emerging technologies, and industry best practices.
Hive mind – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Youíre It! ª Blog Archive ª Peter Morville: the Tagsonomy interview
Morville on the “poverty” of tagging
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web – a practical guide to web typography
CHS Circus logos
Circus logos!
London Punks 1976 -1984 – a photoset on Flickr
Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos to your friends and family, or blog the photos you take with a cameraphone.
Lexico Announces New Online Reference Subscription Service, Premium
Fantasy Web Development –
Web Developer Extension
The Web Developer extension for Firefox and Mozilla.
Folksonomy – New York Times
Seed: Science is Culture
Fine-ass magazine. Site designed by Mike Pick and Tim Murtaugh. ¬ª ‚Äî Lookin’ Good
Tim Murtaugh on Seed Magazine project
Airbag Industries, LLC
Greg Storey’s beautiful design portfolio
DropSend | Email large files easily and securely
Send large files.
Flex Samples Explorer
Accessibility: In search of… a perfect plugin technique
UFO, Satay, and all that, evaluated by Macromedia/Adobe access whiz Andrew Kirkpatrick
The Ad Graveyard
Noteworthy: An Event Apart in Philadelphia – Post 2 : Copy Matters!
Noteworthy: An Event Apart in Philadelphia – Post 4: A Great Day (and evening)
Strangematter » Blog Archive » An Event Apart: Post-Mortem
An Event Apart
Technorati Tag: aneventapart
Like it says.
si-blog: A List Apart parted
The personal weblog of Simon Jessey – web designer and standards evangelist.
Daniel Mall: A Prelude Apart
si-blog: Internet Explorer 7 and Copy
The personal weblog of Simon Jessey – web designer and standards evangelist.
Jason Santa Maria | Philly AEA, Come and Gone
Ruby on Rails Podcast
Google Analytics
Adobe Motion Design Center- Columns and articles from experts on web design and motion graphics
SimpleBits | Smart-Ups | Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) v2.0
The Leukemia Letters
ABBR and ACRONYM are for user agents not for end users [usability, accessibility]
Tantek ?áelik and Jeffrey Zeldman on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Tantek blaming Mr Zeldman
Tantek’s Thoughts
|| gotomobile || The mobile usability and user experience blog
Kids with Cameras
Calendar – Standards Based Calendar Client Project
“The Story of Eh” – A classic Bearskinrug Article. :: Ottawa Web Development, Design, Strategy
box of chocolates
:: lighttpd :: my home
Wired News: Boycott Sony
EFF: DeepLinks
Eric’s Archived Thoughts: Multi-Unit Any-Order Columns
Eric’s Archived Thoughts: Layout Revolution
Design Observer: writings about design & culture: I Hate ITC Garamond
ITC Garamond Family Package Font at ITC Fonts – Download PostScript and True Type Fonts
favorite cutting
Coudal Partners
Proxima Nova
Futura Рthe perfect geometric typeface? 
Identifont – Clarendon
Hoefler & Frere-Jones | Gotham
AIGA – Podcast directory
The purpose of AIGA is to set the national agenda for the role of design in its economic, social, political and cultural contexts. AIGA is the oldest and largest membership association for professionals engaged in the discipline, practice and cult
Dime Novel Cover Art Gallery
The present future (
Multiple Background Images
Karova Store, acessible e-commerce | Stuff and Nonsense
Netdiver is a new media design portal and digital culture magazine ->†Feed your eyes
Netdiver is a digital culture magazine and new media design portal. Feed your eyes!
A List (taken) Apart | And all that Malarkey
Three Column Layouts – css-discuss
Web Center Features – SVG – Manual Download
The New Yorker: Fact
the bad idea behind our failed health care system
Furbo Filters Webmaster Series – Reviews and free downloads at
Google Logo Maker-Logogle
google logo maker
WHOIS Search provides domain registration information from Network Solutions
Starbucks Retail Stores
Vivabit | The Web’s Cutting Edge
Designing with Web Standards on All Consuming
Brian Eno – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jeffrey Zeldman – Google Search website info: Zeldman: The Daily Report
Drunkencop – Arcade Game Programming and Animation in Flash
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report
Jeffrey Zeldman – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Islamic Relief – Asia Earthquake
Alex Cox – BLOG
P22 CÈzanne Pro
Business Opportunities Weblog | How Much Is My Blog Worth
Business Opportunities Weblog | How Much Is My Blog Worth
Head Voice
Jason Santa Maria†|†A Wedding, A Honeymoon, And A Hurricane ‚Åì Products
Desktop Gadgets and Productivity applications to make your professional life easier.
Colour Blindness Check – Etre
Introduction – In search of the One True Layout – U.S. military death toll in Iraq reaches 2,000 – Oct 25, 2005
Veer: Ideas: Where did people take their Summer Activity Book?
The Believer – Chip Kidd talks with Milton Glaser
The Hivelogic Narrative
It’s ba-a-ack!
Check meta tags (view source). Hat tip: Arturo of
d?ºƒü?ºn – a photoset on Flickr
Hasan’s wedding pix
Ma.gnolia: Social bookmarking to build an information community online.
The New Yorker: The Critics: A Critic At Large
The New Yorker
Reuters Business Channel |
Enterprise Information Architecture Seminar
“Because users don’t care about your org chart: Developing a unified web site or intranet for a large, decentralized organization is the Holy Grail for many of today’s Internet professionals. This daylong seminar is for managers and web profession
Emigre Fonts: Puzzler
Big Story: Top cold and flu myths — and the facts on keeping your child healthy
post-next – workshop for ted drake’s standards based web development ¬ª Firefox search plugin for
ActiveInsights – The WebSideStory User Forum – Learn Web Analytics Best Practices
Neiman Marcus Online
abba Playa Gij??n hotel **** (s)
Listamatic: one list, many options – Using CSS and a simple list to create radically different list options
Happy Cog Studios: web design and user experience
Web design and user experience consultancy specializing in targeted, effective content and standards based design. Publishers of A List Apart Magazine, co-founders of the Event Apart design conference. Founded by Jeffrey Zeldman (, aut
Stopdesign | Photon open sourced
Parenthetical thoughts, concepts, and brainstorms
Editorials & Opinion – New York Times
AIGA Design Conference podcasts ( and MyWeb Combo Bookmarklet :: Off the Top ::
Designing With Web Standards, 2nd Edition
The book that changed how websites are designed is back in a smart new second edition.
Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen
Zeldman in Graybit gone grayscale.
A List Apart: A List Apart
Pixelworthy: Designs & Markets Highly Usable, Accessible Web Sites
Is It Better to Buy or Rent? – New York Times
About Us | Webzine 2005 | San Francisco, Sept. 24-25 | Independent Online Publishing Conference
sxsw panelist РCDC: U.S. ready if avian flu breaks out РMar 25, 2005
ABC News: Avian Flu: Is the Government Ready for an Epidemic?
Avian Flu: Is the Government Ready for an Epidemic?
An Event Apart
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