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Dead Before It Left the Art Director's Desk

Dead Beatles bus poster.

Rejected bus poster, 1995. Art Director: Steve McCarron. Writer: Zeldman. Client: ABC-TV. Cause of death: isn't it obvious?

« WORKING IN ADVERTISING is not exactly Heaven. Down here, quite often, the work does not get produced. Hence these pages, offering ad campaigns which nearly made it out the door, before being yanked at the last possible moment.

Sometimes, they were killed by frightened clients. Sometimes, by focus groups. And sometimes, by the agencies themselves. We could say more, but we might want to go back into the business one day.

Above, a proposed bus poster for an ABC TV "world premiere event" starring the surviving Beatles. Needless to say, it was swiftly killed. To see more stuff like this, proceed to Ads From The Crypt. »

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