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The Big Web Show Episode No. 45: Tim Murtaugh of HTML5 Reset and MonkeyDo

Tim Murtaugh

HTML5 RESET DEVELOPER TIM MURTAUGH (@murtaugh, is our guest on The Big Web Show Episode 45, to be recorded in front of a live internet audience on Thursday, April 14, at 3:00 PM Eastern via

Tim is the creator of the open-source HTML5 Reset, a set of baseline HTML and CSS templates to get your new web project off on the right foot, and the co-founder of MonkeyDo, a two-person web design and development shop in New York City.

Tim has been building websites since 1997 and specializes in creating standards-based HTML/CSS templates. His eye for design and serious affinity for clean code allow him to painlessly integrate his templates into larger systems without sacrificing user experience or aesthetics.

Recent work includes World Science Festival, Seed Magazine, Scientific American (with Roger Black Studio and Happy Cog), and He is also the developer/curator for the online art gallery Cloud King, which won an award for Best CSS-Based Website at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

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