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I TOOK THIS PHOTO TONIGHT in London at the 2010 .net Awards, where Happy Cog took home the award for Design Agency of the Year, besting Centersource and our good friends at Clearleft (who took the prize last year). My partners Greg Hoy and Greg Storey were beside me to accept the award. Fellas, it’s all you and your brilliant peeps.

Dan Benjamin and I also won “Video Podcast of the Year” for The Big Web Show—although in my mind, any of Dan’s podcasts on his 5by5 network could have won. They are that good, and so is he. Congrats and thanks, Padre.

I also won “Standards Champion” for the third year in a row. Had it been up to me, I would have bestowed the honor on Jeremy Keith for writing HTML5 For Web Designers.

Other prizes went to Smashing Magazine (“Blog of the Year”), Jason Santa Maria (“Web Personality of the Year”), Typekit (“Innovation of the Year”), Modernizr (“Open Source Product of the Year”), Flipboard (“Best API Use of the Year”), and BBC (“Redesign of the Year”). Congratulations, all!

Greg Hoy has posted videos of event highlights on his website, and there are photos in my “London 2010” set on Flickr.

By Jeffrey Zeldman

“King of Web Standards”—Bloomberg Businessweek.

Designer at Automattic, Inc. Co-Founder, An Event Apart. Publisher, A List Apart & A Book Apart. Author. Father. He/him.

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