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ALA 235: vertical grids, accessible web apps

Increase your web application’s accessibility via WAI-ARIA and take control of your online typography with a baseline grid.

In Issue No. 235 of A List Apart, for people who make websites:

Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid

by Wilson Miner

Grids, grids, all God’s children got grids. Even a one-column layout with no artwork uses a grid (just not a very interesting one). Web designers have spent the last year or so discussing the application of sophisticated grid systems to multi-column layouts. Wilson Miner shows how to apply the same principles of proportion and balance to the type within those columns by borrowing another technique from our print brethren: the baseline grid.

Accessible Web 2.0 Applications with WAI-ARIA

by Martin Kliehm

“Web 2.0 applications often have accessibility and usability problems because of the limitations of (X)HTML. The W3C’s standards draft for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) addresses those limitations. It provides new ways of communicating meaning, importance, and relationships, and it fills gaps in the (X)HTML specifications and increases usability for all users by enabling navigation models familiar from desktop applications. Best of all, you can start using ARIA right away to enhance the accessibility of your websites.”

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By L. Jeffrey Zeldman

“King of Web Standards”—Bloomberg Businessweek.

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