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#53   notes from the text shredder

SOMETIMES I am a loveless beast that gives itself incompletely, then takes itself back, like a chipped and filthy Cracker Jack™ prize.

And sometimes not.

I love 6,743 people. Some more than others.

Faith is a feeling that tells you it’s okay to trust a feeling.

Hope is a feeling that some day you’ll find faith.

Sometimes I see everyone I’ve ever loved filling the rooms of a great house. And me sneaking out the back.

Life is a handful of dirty pages torn out of a book.

Life is a magic trick. Poof!

Love is a feeling. With facts attendant.

Sometimes there comes a point. And sometimes there is none.

Sometimes, for a moment, and not by our own volition, our fears fall away and we see what is good.

Mostly we just dig like moles, blind to the dawn.

31 August 2001

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