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The Daily Report

9 December 2003 :::

noon est


Fresher than milk

A gracious good morning to five-day-old Carolyn Maxwell Meyer and her proud parents. :::

Pet Stories

Our little pooch Emile asked us to share his favorite bookmark: The Fray’s Pet Stories, featuring first-person pet tales by some of our favorite web writers, sweet illustrations by Goopymart, and a very nifty multi-leveled rollover effect. :::

Our Type

MediumBold presents an informative overview on the origins, evolution, and applications of modern letterforms. :::

Puttin’ on the Feed Bag

The Daily Report’s XML Feed link now points to an explanatory page instead of raw code, and includes a tutorial link for anyone interested in rolling their own RSS feed.

Many of today’s self-publishers use production tools that generate RSS feeds automatically, but the tutorial will help publishers who build their sites the old-fashioned way; designers who need to spec RSS as part of a database-driven client site; and developers who need to implement the required feed(s). :::

Slap and Tickle

Hard Case

The latest contest from Blogstakes: win a Slappa Hardbody CD case. Blogstakes is a sweepstakes site with two winners for every prize: a person who entered and the site that referred the winning entry. :::

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