6 September 2005 1 pm edt

An Event Apart + A List Apart

An Event Apart launches, opening in Philadelphia. A List Apart Issue No. 202 highlights the useful and clever.

An Event Apart

Join Eric Meyer, me, and special guests for a concentrated, one-day learning session in selected cities, beginning with Philadelphia, PA. You will learn how to:

Find out more at aneventapart.com and register early to save $50.

A List Apart

In Issue No. 202 of A List Apart, for people who make websites:

JavaScript Logging
by David F. Miller
Debugging got you down? Weep no more. David F. Miller introduces fvlogger, a script library that brings simple logging functionality to JavaScript and the browser and makes your life easier and more fun.
High-Resolution Image Printing
by Ross Howard
Your client looks up and says, “Why does our logo look funny when we print the pages?” Do you sigh dramatically, or learn about Ross Howard’s technique for printing high-resolution images via CSS? We vote for option B.

The double premiere of An Event Apart and A List Apart 202 at the end of an American Holiday weekend was made possible by the superb efforts of Erin Kissane, Eric Meyer, and Jason Santa Maria. The rich, chocolatey illustrational goodness is by Kevin Cornell.