1 September 2005 9 am edt

New Orleans

I see it on my big color television screen but I do not believe it.

A city as proud and historic and culturally rich as any city anywhere lies underwater like some premonition of the way the world ends.

On the elevated dry bits, police cars and big mostly empty military trucks drive right past the dying as the wives and husbands of the dying shriek for help.

As the TV cameras pitilessly record the chaos and carnage, I think, this must be some poor African country I’m seeing. Some tragic flood brought on by inept dam builders in a corrupt regime.

Now army tanks roll down the streets, as they did here in New York on September 11th. But the soldiers aren’t in New Orleans to protect the city from foreign terrorists; it’s local looters they’re after.

I turn off the television. There are times all you can do is pray, and give.

Red Cross Katrina Relief
New Orleans Musicians Fund
AIGA Relief Effort for Designers
Mission Arlington