11 Jul 2013 12 pm eastern

Lea Verou on Big Web Show

Lea Verou photographed by JZ

LEA VEROU and I discuss the creative process behind her “CSS Secrets” series and the book of the same name she is writing for O’Reilly; loving JavaScript and math; her professional path, beginning with coding Visual Basic at age twelve; using CSS to lay out a print book about CSS; creating Open Source projects like Dabblet, Prism, and CSS3 Test; the case for progressive enhancement; earning a living doing your own thing; and leaving her job at the W3C (announced today).

All that and much more is now available for your listening pleasure in today’s Big Web Show Episode No. 94.

More Lea Goodness

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9 Responses to “Lea Verou on Big Web Show”

  1. Vincent said on

    I was listening to the show til 43′ and then had to restart my browser for dev reason, only to realize that the link is now broken (takes you to a 404)…. what happened? I want to listen to the last 5 minutes too! :-)

  2. Sonali Agrawal said on

    Getting Page does not exist error :(

  3. Glenn Haggis said on

    The URL you requested does not exist on 5by5.

    Sorry about that.

  4. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    The show is back up. It was removed yesterday due to a technical problem and I wasn’t notified until this morning. Sorry about that.

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  6. Alan Smith said on

    I have seen small part of video because it is very big one but small part gave me high quality information.

  7. Luisa said on

    I listened to this show in awe. I didn’t know who Lea was until now and I was completely inspired by her. I want her brain!
    Thank you for this interview, as I carve my way back into front-end development (after a 10 year hiatus) I find it incredibly helpful to follow the work of the right people.

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