13 Dec 2012 12 am eastern

To Leiden, To Leiden

THEY’RE SLEEPING in New York. They’re sleeping all over the world. Even here in Leiden, The Netherlands, they’re still mumbling and drooling in their beds. But not me. I’m awake and packing for my return home to NYC after three glorious days here in this ancient university town, where I was privileged to speak at the first Inspire conference. And all you got were these lousy photos.

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6 Responses to “To Leiden, To Leiden”

  1. Ariaan said on

    Welcome to the Netherlands, I hope you’ve had a good stay :)

  2. Jan-Paul said on

    Glad you enjoyed Holland, mr Zeldman. Your talk was among my favorites. Sorry we didn’t meet, perhaps at a future event.

  3. Mark Howells-Mead said on

    Across the border in Germany, “Leiden” means “suffer”. Glad you didn’t.

  4. Christiaan W. Lustig said on

    @ Mark
    In Dutch, there a word for ‘suffering’ as well, that’s pronounced like the city name, but spelled ‘lijden’.

  5. Kodulehe Tegemine said on

    Such a beautiful place to work you had, nice river

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