12 Dec 2012 9 am eastern

Design Problem

Golden Tulip hotel, Leiden Centre, Schipholweb 3, The Netherlands

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17 Responses to “Design Problem”

  1. Miloš said on

    Kinda hard to get to the scotch.

  2. Lucas Dechow said on

    You could always try to jump into the chair from the bed.

  3. Chris OBrien said on

    Potential solutions:
    -Chair with no sides/arms
    -Standing Desk
    -Stool (could also nest with round end table in background)

  4. Steve Schrab said on

    Another solution:
    -Elaborate hoist and pulley system.

  5. Art Duszynski said on

    Option 4: Only rent room to 2-dimensional people

  6. Paul Christian said on

    Sadly this is in my country :S, I feel shame :D…. Sorry on behalf of the other Dutch Designers who do have sense (and taste :P) Jeffrey. Form Follows Function is a good saying because of situations like this…

  7. Andrew said on

    Clearly you are expected to sit at a 30-degree angle to the desk, or stand on the bed and then lower yourself into the chair (in which case, lifting yourself back out of the chair could count as your exercise for the day!)

  8. Michael Zajac said on

    It was often like this travelling in the far east, except the table tops had a deep edge, so your legs wouldn’t fit under them either.

  9. Rogier said on

    Serves you right for staying in an airport hotel ;) trains in to center Amsterdam only take 10m or so

  10. Bo Duke said on

    Shoot, that’s how I always got in the General Lee!

  11. Ana said on

    I’d actually be delighted and end up jumping over the chair non stop. Just for the fun of it…

  12. Robin Smail said on

    Loved the Murphy’s Law Twitter comment noting how ironic it was that a Murphy bed would rectify the situation. I also spy your fitbit, and it makes me happy.

  13. Ollie Wells said on

    Or sleep eat etc in the chair. For ever.

  14. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Rogier: I am not in an airport hotel, sir; I am in a nice business hotel in the heart of Leiden, the city I am visiting. But of course you are jesting in any case. A design problem is never the user’s fault.

  15. Ben said on

    I had the exact same problem and asked at the front desk for a hot fix… and they gave me an office chair with wheels which worked quite well for the three nights in Leiden.

    Thanks for coming to Europe!

  16. Dave Linabury said on

    Every item in this room was perfectly designed in separate facilities, each with its own usability, comfort and stress tests. This must be a case of user error.

  17. Ron Cooper said on

    same here at Hampton Inn suites in NY on visit from Ca! Chairs wedged between couch and desk,wall, bed. See attached pic…

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