20 Dec 2010 1 pm eastern

See me at the DIBI conference, UK

HEY, KIDS! GUESS WHO’s the keynote speaker at DIBI (pronounced “dibby”), the two-track Design It Build It web conference, June 7–8, 2011 at The Sage Gateshead venue in the Northeast of England? That’s right, it’s little old me. Join me for two tracks of design and development pleasure:

  • Design It track speakers include Faruk Ates, Jared Spool, Mike Kus, Inayaili de Leon, Jeremy Keith, and Brian Suda.
  • Speakers for the Build It track are Corey Donohoe, Blaine Cook, Lorna Mitchell, Bradley Wright, Rich Thornett and Jake Archibald.
  • There’s also “An Afternoon With…” half-day session focused on start-ups. The afternoon session is free to all conference pass-holders.

Tickets go on sale 13 January 2011. Follow dibiconf for announcements.

Keep up with my comings and goings on Lanyard and this site’s new Appearances page (in progress), follow me on Twitter (@zeldman), and keep watching the skies at An Event Apart, the design conference for people who make websites.

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5 Responses to “See me at the DIBI conference, UK”

  1. Justin said on

    You have the coolest life ever. Well, not as cool as Keith Richards but still pretty cool. :-)

  2. Rob Kirton said on

    If you do get a chance to take some time out of what is most likely a busy schedule; less than 10 miles from The Sage (a classic piece of 21st century architecture) you’ll discover something much older, also one of the pointers to our shared cultural heritage.


    Have a good trip. I’ll try and make the conference

  3. Black Ghetto Pussy said on

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  4. Magento Themes said on

    thats enjoyable!. UK rocks

  5. Black Pussy Uk said on

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