22 Sep 2010 12 pm eastern

Scientific American redesign

Happy Cog’s redesign of the Scientific American website, featuring wicked web fonts Prelude and Brunel, is alive!

Roger Black Studio did the print redesign and supervised the project; Font Bureau created Prelude; Paul Barnes designed Brunel and Webtype hinted it.

For the Happy Cog team:

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16 Responses to “Scientific American redesign”

  1. Rodrigo Galindez said on

    Fantastic type work!

  2. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    We thank you, sir.

  3. Karl Kasischke said on

    Very nice! I was wondering if you could share what CMS is used. We often have difficulty assuring that web standards are implemented correctly when building a site in a CMS, and especially when clients start adding their own content. Any tips or good articles anyone can share? We’ve mostly been using Drupal and WordPress lately.

  4. David said on

    Wow, those headlines are gorgeous. Shame about all those animated flash banners though, doesn’t half distract away from the lovely type (not Happy Cog’s problem of course, that’s another discussion entirely).

  5. Pete Habuda said on

    Looks Great! The damn ad in the right sidebar covers the subnav though when you hoover.

  6. Pete Habuda said on

    Sorry…I mean hover

  7. Albert J. said on

    It should be noted that the advertisement just below the main navigation covers the drop-down menus in Safari on Mac (not Firefox however), making it impossible to read, or discern the contents of, the last few items…

  8. Tim Murtaugh said on

    @Albert J: I’m pretty sure that issue is restricted to one rogue banner ad. It’s an “expandable” banner, which are notoriously aggressive.

  9. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Fantastic type work!

    The beautiful type choices came from Roger Black Studio and were led by Roger Black and Robb Rice. Also, the two designs, print and web, influenced each other.

  10. Justin Peters said on

    I was wondering if you could share what CMS is used.

    I have no involvement with this site, but I noticed it’s ColdFusion-based. Mura is the only ColdFusion CMS system I’m familiar with, and it can be made fairly standards friendly.

  11. Theo said on

    Great work, i love that “All topics in…” menu point.

  12. Joshua Kelly said on

    I’ll add my voice to the choir: great work, beautiful typography.

  13. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    I was wondering if you could share what CMS is used.

    Scientific American does its own back-end work. The site is transitioning to a new CMS but is temporarily being served from the old one. Can’t really discuss more than that and can’t comment on ease or difficulty of maintaining standards compliance of templates under the old or new systems (not having done this work ourselves). Good luck!

    P.S. ExpressionEngine is an excellent, powerful, flexible CMS. We use it on many projects (although not this one).

  14. Don Ulrich said on

    WOW is that a ton of information to deal with!
    Nice job, was there any consideration to using ems for width? Firefox does not zoom the same as safari does for me. Also I am using a Sony Xbrite reference monitor FF current and the text just below the title is a bit choppy.
    This is true of safari also.

  15. Bertil Wennergren said on

    Looks OK. But whatever you do, don’t use a validator on those pages. It will break the web standards spell.

  16. Justin said on

    Really nice work. A pleasure to browse, uncluttered, great design, easy on the eyes, etc., etc.. Everything that makes a website great.

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