12 Aug 2010 8 am eastern

I guest-edit .net magazine

Web 2.1. Zeldman guest-edits .net magazine.

A List Apart and .net magazine have long admired each other. So when .net editor Dan Oliver did me the great honor of asking if I wished to guest edit an issue, I saluted smartly. The result is now arriving in subscriber post boxes and will soon flood Her Majesty’s newsstands.

In .net magazine Issue No. 206, on sale 17th August in UK (and next month in the US, where it goes by the name “Practical Web Design”), we examine how new standards like CSS3 and HTML5, new devices like iPhone and Droid, and maturing UX disciplines like content strategy are converging to create new opportunities for web designers and the web users we serve:

  • Exult as Luke Wroblewski shows how the explosive growth of mobile lets us stop bowing to committees and refocus on features customers need.
  • Marvel as Ethan Marcotte explains how fluid grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries help us create precise yet context-sensitive layouts that change to fit the device and screen on which they’re viewed.
  • Delight as Kristina Halvorson tells how to achieve better design through coherent content wrangling.
  • Thrill as Andy Hume shows how to sell wary clients on cutting-edge design methods never before possible.
  • Geek out as Tim Van Damme shows how progressive enhancement and CSS3 make for sexy experiences in today’s most capable browsers—and damned fine experiences in those that are less web-standards-savvy.

You can also read my article, which asks the musical question:

Cheap, complex devices such as the iPhone and the Droid have come along at precisely the moment when HTML5, CSS3 and web fonts are ready for action; when standards-based web development is no longer relegated to the fringe; and when web designers, no longer content to merely decorate screens, are crafting provocative, multi-platform experiences. Is this the dawn of a newer, more mature, more ubiquitous web?

Today’s web is about interacting with your users wherever they are, whenever they have a minute to spare. New code and new ideas for a new time are what the new issue of .net magazine captures. There has never been a better time to create websites. Enjoy!

Photo by Daniel Byrne for .net magazine. All rights reserved.

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21 Responses to “I guest-edit .net magazine”

  1. Adam Backstrom said on

    That’s a pretty unfortunate magazine name. Unless it were actually about Microsoft .NET.

    The “This never happens to Gruber” category is pretty awesome, though.

  2. Aaron Gustafson said on

    Congrats Jeffrey! It looks like a great issue.

  3. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    I believe the magazine’s name actually came first.

    In hindsight, Microsoft should have called their framework .COM.

  4. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Thanks, Aaron! My authors worked *really hard* (and they are really good).

  5. Jody said on

    Nice suit! Is that Armani? Can’t wait to get a copy of this.

  6. Ian said on

    Sold! I hope you talked to them about sorting out their own web presence.

  7. Greg said on

    The wait for this issue to arrive has been agonizing. It’s great to finally see that it’s been published. Congratulations Jeffrey.

    FYI: .net Magazine is sold as Practical Web Design in the United States and Australia. Some stores import the .net issue otherwise look for it under the other title.

  8. Brian Warren said on

    So proud to see my friends and cohorts in this! Nicely done!

  9. Rick said on

    Looks great. Can’t wait to get my hand on it to read (and by “hands” I mean either a physical copy or a digital copy ).

  10. Vanni said on

    I have greatly enjoyed reading the .NET magazine in the past for their Expression Engine articles. Will get my hands on this latest Zeldman Edition.

  11. Steve Kirkendall said on

    Wow, it all sounds brilliant! As a long standing subscriber to .net magazine, I cannot wait to get home from me hols in Vancouver and start reading (but I might have to help my wife with the unpacking first).

  12. Theo said on

    I love that cover photo, just great ! Looking forward to buy a copy. Congratulations Mr. Zeldman !

  13. Paul A said on

    Ha, I remember buying the first issue of .net way back in 1994, long before Microsofts Java rip off came about.

  14. Jimmy said on

    This is legit. I have never actually been introduced to .net magazine, and they have a pretty solid article on mega menu design, which is something I’m going to have to hit up.

    Also, I figure this is a good place to schill for a new Stack Exchange proposal I just created for Front End Development, REPRESENT!


  15. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Nice suit! Is that Armani?

    I co-design my suits with Al of Al’s Attire, North Beach.

  16. Chris Hester said on

    Hey Theo, that’s the inside photo which begins JZ’s fabulous article! I posted a pic of the physical cover of .net on my Flickr page. It could inspire a new wave of web standards graffiti! Love that issue – many great articles!

  17. Shane said on

    .NET Magazine has definitely improved over the last couple of years or so, and this edition is one of the best – lots of great, up-to-date information.

    @Adam – I think Dan Oliver (the editor) has tweeted about a possible name change to just ‘NET’. The magazine did come before the framework :)

  18. Theo said on

    @Chris – Thanks. I am waiting for the issue to be delivered.”It could inspire a new wave of web standards graffiti!” – like that.

    Congrats Mr. Zeldman, once again.

  19. Jason said on

    I normally see .NET mag on the shelves and have a glance though every now and again but I saw the words ‘Guest edited by Jerffrey Zeldman’ at the top , flicking though I saw an interview and a CSS tutorial with Tim Van Damme, it was in my shopping basket without a shadow of a doubt. @Everyoneinvolved Congrats! It was great!

  20. Alex Penny said on

    Woah I hadn’t seen the mag till now. Congrats!

  21. Mamaduka said on

    Hey, that will be great issue of .net magazine.

    Q. Does anyone know can I subscribe .net magazine on kindle?

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