14 Apr 2010 12 pm eastern

The Big Web Show is coming!

The Big Web Show

Calling all ears! Calling all eyes! The Big Web Show is coming! The Big Web Show is coming!

Hosted by Dan Benjamin (creator of The Pipeline) and yours truly and produced by 5by5 Studios, The Big Web Show will be a lively panel discussion on all things web.

Co-host Dan Benjamin

It will feature the kinds of topics we discuss here and at A List Apart: topics like the future of publishing and the future of advertising. Art direction online. Content strategy. Content curation. (By the way, whatever happened to editing?) Women and the web. Web fonts and web typography generally. CMS/platform shootouts. HTML5. CSS3. Client services. Product development. Online education. Web design education. Creating independent content. Building an audience. And much more.

With all the guests you hope we’ll get, and plenty you’d never think of.

The show begins within the next two weeks. More will be revealed soon. Keep watching the skies.

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19 Responses to “The Big Web Show is coming!”

  1. Kevin Dees said on

    Really awesome! I have been waiting to hear more about this for a while :D Dan runs a tight ship so I know this will be a great. Is the pic you have there going to be the shows art work? It really rocks.

  2. Jenn Lukas said on

    Super rad!!
    I’ve enjoyed Dan Benjamin’s work with Ryan on the EE Podcast and cant wait to see this new work with you two!!

  3. Stefan Seiz said on

    Hurray! Finally a podcast i can subscribe to.

  4. Nevin Lyne said on

    Very nice! Looking forward to this, Dan and you teamed up should be great.

  5. natasha said on

    definitely looking forward to it

  6. Jeff Croft said on

    Sweet. I’ll subscribe to anything Dan does, and this is certainly no exception!

  7. Kevin M. Hoffman said on

    Can’t wait. I hope it’s over the top.

  8. Theo said on

    I am very glad to read this. I will stay tuned !

  9. Chad M said on

    Looking forward to it!

  10. Robert Kuykendall said on

    Video podcast, please.

  11. Emre Nusret said on

    This will be my third podcast subscription after boagworlds and think vitamin; can’t wait for it.

  12. Andy said on

    This news has made my morning! I’m a big fan of all of Dan’s shows – always entertaining and informative. Can’t wait for this one too!

  13. Alan the Houser said on

    Awesome! I wish you both the best with this!

  14. Ken Howard said on

    Very happy to read this. I’ve been trying to get my Zeldman fix any way I can. Will it be weekly?

  15. RayMcK said on

    A big congratulations Dan and Jeffrey! Kudos

  16. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Video podcast, please.

    It will be video.

    And it will be weekly.

  17. Carl Peterson said on

    Who designed the Big Web Show logo? It’s really sweet.

  18. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Who designed the Big Web Show logo? It’s really sweet.

    Thank you.

  19. Anton said on

    Really looking forward to this!

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