Blue Beanie Day 2009

International Blue Beanie Day 2009

Bonne journée du chapeau bleu! Now you know how to say “Happy Blue Beanie Day” in French.

Monday 30 November is International Blue Beanie Day in support of web standards. Get your toque on, post a photo, and pop a beanie on your Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook avatars to help spread the word. Let’s take this viral, kids!

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26 thoughts on “Blue Beanie Day 2009

  1. Wouldn’t it be more like, “Bonne journée du toque bleu!” or is it only French-Canadians who do the toque thing?

    I’ve been trying to teach students about standards while tutoring. “Now, turn that onClick event to onclick…”
    Bonne journée!

  2. and to add in german:

    “Einen schönen blaue Mütze Tag!”

    Well, freely translated ^-^ wish i could also add the japanese version! Japan needs more Standardistas! anyone to jump in?

    @chris, i laughted! gosh, they really have too much money ^-^



  3. « Bonne journée du bonnet bleu ! » would be even better, with French quotation marks (guillemets) and a space before the exclamation mark. The word “chapeau” is a translation for “hat”. “bonnet” is more specific.
    That’s all for the French lesson. I wish you a happy Blue Beanie Day from the French speaking part of Belgium!

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