Chicago Deep Dish

Dan Cederholm and Eric Meyer at An Event Apart Chicago 2009. Photo by John Morrison.

For those who couldn’t be there, and for those who were there and seek to savor the memories, here is An Event Apart Chicago, all wrapped up in a pretty bow:

AEA Chicago – official photo set
By John Morrison, subism studios llc. See also (and contribute to) An Event Apart Chicago 2009 Pool, a user group on Flickr.
A Feed Apart Chicago
Live tweeting from the show, captured forever and still being updated. Includes complete blow-by-blow from Whitney Hess.
Luke W’s Notes on the Show
Smart note-taking by Luke Wroblewski, design lead for Yahoo!, frequent AEA speaker, and author of Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks (Rosenfeld Media, 2008):
  1. Jeffrey Zeldman: A Site Redesign
  2. Jason Santa Maria: Thinking Small
  3. Kristina Halvorson: Content First
  4. Dan Brown: Concept Models -A Tool for Planning Websites
  5. Whitney Hess: DIY UX -Give Your Users an Upgrade
  6. Andy Clarke: Walls Come Tumbling Down
  7. Eric Meyer: JavaScript Will Save Us All (not captured)
  8. Aaron Gustafson: Using CSS3 Today with eCSStender (not captured)
  9. Simon Willison: Building Things Fast
  10. Luke Wroblewski: Web Form Design in Action (download slides)
  11. Dan Rubin: Designing Virtual Realism
  12. Dan Cederholm: Progressive Enrichment With CSS3 (not captured)
  13. Three years of An Event Apart Presentations

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18 thoughts on “Chicago Deep Dish

  1. It speaks volumes about LukeW that such an important (popular, influential, respected) member of the community bothers with, and has the humility to, take such detailed notes for all talks. Highly appreciated, and even more respect for him.

  2. I have always loved the all of Luke W’s talks and his book is a must read. His notes of all conference panels he attends are just great and worth their weight in gold.

    Thanks, Jeffrey, Eric, and the rest of the An Event Apart for a great conference, I assume, since I could not attend. Looking forward to see you all here in Washington, DC next fall. I have already asked for the days off so I can make, just in case they don’t send me for work.

  3. Wow thanks LukeW for sharing your notes!

    He always has insightful posts and these notes really do peak my interest in attending these types of events all the more. Perhaps Boston in May!

    Thanks for sharing these links Jeffrey.

  4. Thanks LukeW! You are greatly appreciated. And thanks to Mr. Zeldman for posting the breakdown. Now, if only he could have shipped us a fresh pie from Lou Malnati’s.


    In NY with thin pizza

  5. Is fire hot or cold?? HOT! Lol.

    First, what is this talk of thin pizza?

    Second, man oh man where is the Flash talk? You can’t have a modern internet without Flash talk.

    Third, Flash is winning, again. jQuery’s time in the sun is gone.

    Fourth, let me tell you about why jQuery’s time in the sun is gone. Because expectations evolve, one day an accordion class is like “WOW”, and then the next day its like “I NEED SOMETHING MORE” (like pizza girl). And then you say jQuery, what ya got, and jQuery says “Meh, I got nothing”, then you say, so do we dev a custom JS app??? And someone says “YES”, ok, lets hire a team of JS scripters, a CSS/XHTML guy, a design guy, and some guy to help them understand each other, and then you say “GO!”. Later you realize that JS in the browser runs like a fat man up a mountain when you put any kind of complexity into the UI experience and changes to the look and feel take forever because it take 3 people to pull off a simple change. Then someone says “HEY WHAT ABOUT FLASH”, and you fire the CSS guy and the intermediary, and tell the designer to just DESIGN using ADOBES AWESOME AS FUCK TOOLS, and they do that and life starts to feel right again…


  6. Sure, gregorypeck, and then they find out you can outsource these projects and save even more money by leveraging another nation’s relative poverty. These people aren’t the future of the web. But hey, let them enjoy their clunky Flash interface while they drown in their own mediocrity. That’s easy to do, too.

  7. That said, the photos and quotes are very compelling, especially for those of us who have shopped at the Housing Works stores have not had their mission explained to us in that process.

  8. It wont be as good as being in the conference, but it is very helpful. Thanks.

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