18 Jun 2009 12 pm eastern


For the third edition of Designing With Web Standards, I’ve brought in a co-author: the brilliant and talented Mr Ethan Marcotte.

Mr Ethan Marcotte

Mr Marcotte is a web designer/developer who “works for Airbag Industries as a Senior Designer, swears profusely on Twitter, and is getting married to an incredible lady.” He is also a technical editor and contributing author to A List Apart, and the co-author of several fine books about the intersection between great code and fine design. Then there’s the fact that I dig him. I dig the hell out of him. I love him like a younger, sweeter, funnier brother.

That’s important because I don’t add a co-author to any book, let alone this book, lightly. In asking Ethan to help me bring the awesome to this substantially revised and rewritten edition, I chose not only on the basis of expertise and writing ability, but also on sheer karma.

In his new role, Ethan joins a SuperFriends™ line-up including technical editor Aaron Gustafson (Twitter), another honey of a guy, and truly one of the smartest, most innovative, and most knowledgeable voices in web standards, and editor Erin Kissane (Twitter), whose mastery of the subtlest details of voice consistency alone makes her the finest editor I have ever been blessed to work with. Behind it all, there’s Michael Nolan (Twitter), New Riders’ sagely seasoned acquisitions editor and a designer and author himself, who first took a chance on me as an author back in nineteen ninety humph.

Designing With Web Standards, 3rd Edition is coming this year to a bookstore near you. I thank my brilliant crew for making it possible. Onward!

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43 Responses to “Beep”

  1. Dan Mall said on

    And here I thought it couldn’t get any better. Shows what I know.

  2. Chris Williams said on

    Is it possible to make Designing With Web Standards even better?

    This is great news. !

  3. Nicolas Dinatale said on

    Oooohhh, can’t wait!

  4. beth said on

    This will be awesome! Can’t wait for it to hit shelves.

  5. Brian Warren said on

    Wow! Decidedly awesome. Way to find a good reason for all of us to buy DWWS again!

  6. Bridget Stewart said on

    I would like to agree with everyone who said something nice above me. I will definitely purchase this book again.

  7. Karinne said on

    Oh hot diggity! Now I have another great reason to buy the 3rd edition! Thanks! :P

  8. Susan said on

    Can we Pre-Order?

    Thanks -

  9. Clippy said on

    It looks like you’re trying to write a book. Would you like help?

  10. Greg said on

    I’m anxious to see how Ethan brings his swearing talent to a book on web standards. Also looking forward to seeing him wearing a blue beanie on the cover.

  11. Stephen Caver said on

    Fantastic! Looking forward to the release!

  12. Jared Marcotte said on

    I’m extremely psyched to see this. I can’t wait for the outcome! Yay to Jeffrey and my bro :)

  13. Stephen Caver said on

    This comment — lulz, 10000/10

  14. Maykel Loomans said on

    I guess this is what they would call The New Testament.

    Or if you want to trump the religious, you’ll have a third coming before the bearded man himself.

  15. Tantek said on

    This is great news. I’ve long admired and respected Ethan’s work. Very much looking forward to the 3rd edition.

  16. Bryan said on

    Having just met Ethan last week at inctrl09 I can attest to his continued awesomeness. I’m not sure if I will be smart enough to fully appreciate this new edition. Will there be pictures?

  17. Mark Trammell said on

    Where’s my link to pre-order, dammit!

  18. Paulo Pereira said on

    Ethan Marcotte’s work is so great, so well-deserved. Congrats to Ethan, and where do I pay?

  19. Subigya said on

    positive changes … awesome ! can’t wait…. 2nd edition was a wealth of information … the third will be even better !

    what about “A Book Apart” ?

  20. sarah said on

    If we have the 2nd edition already, will there be new things in the 3rd edition? Or most of the same plus updates? Just got the 2nd edition a few months ago!

  21. 5x5 said on

    This is very exciting news. I love the second edition, so really looking forward to the third!

  22. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    @sarah, there will be a goodly amount of seriously new material in the 3rd edition.

  23. Matt Robin said on

    Oh ‘that’ Beep! Nice…. ;)

  24. Aaron Gustafson said on

    It was a great honor to be asked to join in the fun on the latest version of this seminal tome. It\’s a challenge to critique the masters, but I\’ll crack the whip if I have to ;-)

  25. Dan Cederholm said on

    Best. Team. Ever. High-fives to all!

  26. Andrew M said on

    Ethan Marcotte seems to be here, there and everywhere and for good reason. Looking forward to the new edition. Will it be orange?

  27. Billee D. said on

    Awesome news, Jeffrey. What an amazing team you have gathered for this version. I’ll mirror Dan’s sentiments; high fives all around. :-)

  28. Luke Dorny said on

    Congratulations, bleep!
    er, Beep!!! Searching for a pre-order…

  29. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Will it be orange?


    We’ll preview the cover closer to the launch date. Same bat time, same bat channel.

  30. 3e — Unstoppable Robot Ninja said on

    [...] That’s why it’s incredibly exciting (and not a little intimidating) to have been asked to co-author the next edition of Designing With Web Standards, Jeffrey’s little orange green bible on how to build a better web. Based off our initial [...]

  31. Jeremy Mandle said on

    Will @paperclippy be making an appearance in the new edition? Perhaps a back cover review by Mr. @paperclippy, or will he just be handling support requests.
    Actually if you could get @paperclippy to license his brand to you he’d make a really sweet bookmark thingy for the release. Something like a bookmark with attached paperclip type device… bah.

    All potential humor aside.
    Congratulations Jeffery :)

  32. illustrata said on


  33. Michael Kozakewich said on

    I love that guy!

    “Will it be orange?”
    Aww. If you write an autobiography, it’ll have to be orange (not necessarily ‘blazing’ orange, but orange nonetheless).
    And you must write an autobiography, someday!

  34. Alan Bristow said on

    wUVLEY! >^_^<

    Seriously, I'm gonna finish it this time. Last time (Ed #1) I literally got so inspired I bought a CD from Lynda.com and started coding, with Ed #1 of your book on one knee and then or soon after, 'Web Standard Solutions' by Dan (Cederholm) on the other.

    Never looked back.

    Thanks for all you give. Cheers! -Alan

  35. Josh Stodola said on

    Yes, yes I believe I’ll buy that.

  36. Beep – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report said on

    [...] 29 retweet Beep – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report – http://www.zeldman.com/2009/06/18/beep/ [...]

  37. Max said on

    I can think of few books whose third edition I would look forward to with excitement. This is one! I know it will be good, it will be useful, and it will make me laugh.

  38. Tokind said on

    Jeffrey, would you consider selling us a Kindle edition?

  39. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Thanks for the kind words, everybody.

    Jeffrey, would you consider selling us a Kindle edition?

    There is a Kindle eBook of the 2nd Edition. I bought it myself to read on Kindle for iPhone. (Don’t worry about the orange cover on the Amazon page; Amazon’s art is wrong.)

    All this is to say that I’m sure there will be a Kindle edition of 3e.

    There will also be a Safari edition. (There’s a Safari edition of 2e.)

  40. Don said on

    Next time I won’t leave it in my trunk to get wet.

    Then, when I’m done with it, I can sell it on Amazon.com.

    That will be good…


    ly, jz!!

  41. Don said on

    BTW, I really like this new (old) look.

    Muy bueno…


  42. 일모리와 웹표준 said on

    [...] Beep » Jeffrey Zeldman 3 days ago [...]

  43. Michel said on

    I am impatient to see the new, 3rd edition!

    I’ve read the 1st edition long ago. I’ve missed the 2nd, but I am curious as to the third one… :-)

    ( Yay, and I won’t forget to send you my postal address, [wink;-)] )

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