Quick survey on OS X 10.5.7 bug triggers

Update: see OS X 10.5.7 overheats some Macs.

Fellow Mac users, let’s see if we can isolate the triggers of the OS X 10.5.7 blues. If we learn the cause, others may know whether it’s safe for them to update, and we may provide Apple’s engineers with a clue on how to fix the problem in a subsequent update.

Theory 1: Migration Assistant

My affected iMacs have systems that were migrated. That is, when I bought the machines in December 2007, after running them for a while as-is to ensure that they worked properly, I ran Migration Assistant to bring over applications, preferences, network settings, and so on from my previous work machine (a non-Intel white powerbook).

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Theory: Possibly OS X 10.5.7 update becomes unstable in the presence of a leftover something migrated from an older system.

Test: If you’re suffering from the 10.5.7 blues, did you run Migration Assistant on the afflicted machine? Did you migrate from a non-Intel machine?

Theory 2: Third-Party Stuff

When something goes wrong with a Macintosh update, a third-party add-on is often the trigger. Here are the add-ons on my sufferin’ iMacs:

Items marked “removed!” were my initial suspects. After the update, iTunes froze on sync. I reckoned the iLike plug-in was to blame, and after removing it, was able to sync again for a while.

Then the Mac froze during an iCal sync, so I removed MenuCalendarClock.

But removing these little guys didn’t fix anything. Soon enough, even without these add-ons, the Macs were freezing during iTunes sync and during MobileMe iCal sync. Eventually they froze on any app, doing anything. (Only to inexplicably resume normal operation again for hours at a time. But enough of this.)

And you? If your Mac is misbehaving after running OS X 10.5.7 update, are any of these add-ons on the machine?

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66 thoughts on “Quick survey on OS X 10.5.7 bug triggers

  1. I’ve installed 10.5.7 on 4 machines now with no trouble. They’re all Intel machines.

    One (my primary work machine) was migrated months ago from another Intel machine (and a few generations back from a non-Intel machine).

    I don’t use any of the third party software you mentioned.

  2. Installed it on three machines (2 intel, 1 ppc), haven’t had any issues. On one of the intels there was a slight hiccup when installing but after a restart everything was fine.

  3. Feel guilty for having a 10.5.7 that is not troubled by freezing or anything else.

    My best guess is that I may be OK due to doing fresh install and not migration.

    It’s a pain in the ass to do fresh installs, but since my bad old days on Windows, I always do fresh installs as I know the complexity of the process is lowest, for the install of the OS and the apps. Much more work for me, reinstalling apps and importing data, but maybe it was what saved me from 10.5.7 this time?

    Good luck to all with woes, I really feel for you (my last re-install was to get out of a problem I couldn’t solve).

  4. Anything in the following?
    /Library/Application Enhancers

    Oh, you haven’t got Little Snitch installed, have you? Sent you a mail through Flickr about this, there’ve been reports that the previous version caused problems. The new release (4th June) is supposed to fix:

  5. Bought a new Mac Pro just prior to the 10.5.7 upgrade. Prepared it for production over several days and was then prompted to upgrade to 10.5.7.

    After the upgrade (wasn’t tracking time, maybe a day or so), the Finder wigged out. Tried Force Quiting and every other soft method and keyboard restart I knew before pulling out the user manual. Page 79 mentions holding down the power button for 5 or 6 seconds. Did so, computer shuts down, I wait about 15 minutes, press button to restart. It restarts, and no problem since.

    Put the Mac Mini through the 10.5.7 upgrade today, awaiting developments.

    We looked at but decided not to run Migration Assistant on the new Mac Pro. We do not use the 3rd party software you mentioned on any workstation.

  6. I’ve not had any problems since upgrading on either my iMac or MacBook Pro unibody, neither are migrated systems. I use all the apps you mentioned with the exception of DragThing. So it’s looking like 1 if either.

  7. I had no issues updating my MacBook (Intel) and:
    – yes, I used Migration assistant from a non-Intel Mac
    – I’m using Dropbox
    – don’t use any other third-party mentioned stuff.

    Hope you find the solution to your issues soon.

  8. I have an iMac with FontExplorer X Version 1.2.3. installed. Ever since I’ve installed 10.5.7 it’s been suffering from error -10810, which is reported to be when a process is creating zombie threads until the maximum thread count is reached. Except I can’t see any processes doing this in activity monitor. Definitely a puzzling one.

  9. I have 2 Macs, 1 PPC (PowerBook) and 1 Intel (mini). Both are at 10.5.7 The Intel Mac has random lockups, but this predates the upgrade to 10.5.7 (I installed 3GB RAM, and I think that may be causing the issues. It only officially supports 2GB) The PPC machine has had no such issues. No 3rd-party add-ons. Never used migration assistant. I hope you find a solution to the problem!

  10. I have the newest version of the iMac. It’s currently running 10.5.7 with no problems.

    It’s running Linotype FontExplorer X 1.2.3 and Dropbox. It’s never had a migration Assist though, completely fresh install.

    Best of luck with the trouble shooting.

  11. Installed on 3 machines, original 17″ Powerbook, Imac G5 and PowerMac G5 – use Dragthing, Default Folder X and Linotype Font Explorer on all three.

    Zero upgrade problems. My method is to disconnect all peripherals, repair permissions and verify disc, run only the combo update, verify permissions again. This is only done after a few days or more of watching what the earliest adopters have to say, and in this case I saw no more problems than usual. Yes, I read of some issues but my thinking is, with millions of systems out there there will be some problems.

    Hope all works out for you!

  12. I thought I’d escaped any problems with my iMac, three weeks since updating via the Software Update feature.

    However, last night I found that the iMac won’t automount the Tascam 2488mkII (a 24-track hard disk audio multitrack recorder) when the 2488 is in USB mode, which basically turns it into a USB hard drive for data transfer. Disk Utility and System Profiler show that the Mac is recognising the device, but is simply not automounting it.

    This may be a problem on the 2488 end, but I haven’t tested that yet. All I know is that none of the above suggestions for problems are true of my iMac, except that I have Dropbox installed. Will see if the problem goes away before I remove anything, and will be rather more careful with system updates in future…

  13. I’m running OS X 10.5.7 on a Apple MacBook Pro 2.53GHz 15″ (Unibody) – works like a charm.

    I’m currently installing FontExplorer X and I’ll let you know if that causes some problems.

  14. I’ve been having issues with Photoshop and Firefox (so far) not letting me Force Quit since installing 10.5.7. I also have Linotype Font Explorer installed, but none of the other you mentioned. The latest software I’ve installed if I remember correctly is Fluid

    Hope that helps!

  15. Upgraded to 10.5.7 using software update without a hitch. I usually perform a clean install every major release [10.x] and use software update in between. Currently running Font Explorer X without any problems.

    However, I have run into a strange problem where my login keychain mysteriously looses it’s “Default” status. I think this had something to do with a third party software update [possibly adobe], but I can’t be sure. You might want to run Keychain Access and select “Keychain First Aid” from the application menu, as this could be causing problems with .MAC, etc. Usually the first keychain called ‘Login’ should be default.

  16. I have a 15-month-old MBP that I upgraded to 10.5.7 via Software Update and I have not experienced any issues. The only one of your suspect apps I use is Dropbox.

    I honestly don’t remember if I used Migration Assistant when I moved to this computer. I suspect I did, but if so, nothing I had was older than when I installed Leopard on its predecessor: I had a bunch of problems after that move and wound up rebuilding the computer from scratch.

  17. After I installed the update, on restart the Finder didn’t want to behave: the dock was unresponsive, and the menu bar wouldn’t show up until I clicked on it. Then everything seemed OK, but my Dropbox icon in the menu bar wouldn’t work (and didn’t even after I killed the process and relaunched Dropbox).

    A restart seemed to have fixed everything (but that obviously hasn’t worked for you). You have my sympathies! (If I hear anything about solutions for your 10.5.7 problems, I’ll be sure to pass it along.)

  18. I’ve noticed that on both of my machines (MAC PRO and MACBOOK PRO) the latest FREE version of LINOTYPE’S FONTEXPLORER X is exceptionally cludgy and buggy since the last OS X update.

    I’d hate to revert to the less-than-stellar font application that comes with OS X, and I’d hate to have to buy a $100 font management app as a result.

  19. Jeffrey,

    I feel your pain. Sounds like we’re having the same issues. I, too, migrated to an intel Mac from a G5 using migration assistant. And, I also use Default Folder, DragThing and DropBox. After all the symptoms you’ve described in your previous posts, I ended up reinstalling Leopard from scratch on a new drive, reinstalling all apps (groan), and manually copying over files — all while continuing to work off an external clone by, yes, SuperDuper. I even updated to 10.5.7. While I can’t narrow down the culprit, I suspect it’s some old legacy PPC code — Console showed some errors, but nothing I could interpret or find elsewhere, and I’ve since forgotten what the message was. Something “forking” or other. Everything is purring now after the reinstalls. I did reinstall DragThing and Default Folder, (and BackBlaze — another lifesaver), but that’s it for now. Don’t want to push my luck. Best of luck to you, sir.

  20. Jeffrey, I was able to update without a hitch on my 1-year-old iMac and nearly-new MacBook Air. (Here I feel I need to spit to avert the evil eye…tlu tlu tlu…) I didn’t use Migration Assistant on either of these machines (I use a new machine as an excuse to re-organize and houseclean and manually installed or copied everything I wanted to keep) and I don’t use any of the third party apps you mentioned.

    So annoying when good stuff doesn’t work well. Hope things get sorted for you soon.

  21. After holding back on updating to 10.5.7 for a bit after the initial worrying stories, I bit the bullet on both my iMac and MBP. Both of them have been rock stable since the update.
    I’m not a believer in migration assistants (on any platform) other than for migrating data. Applications should, imho, always be freshly installed even though it’s a pain sometimes (I’m looking at you CS…)

    The only third-party application from your list that I also run is the fabulous Dropbox. I regularly make sure I’m running the last version.

    Hope your troubles will be over soon. And surely Apple should listen or at least make clear they’re listening to their advocates.

  22. The only thing I share with your list is Dropbox. I’ve been getting Time Machine errors since the 10.5.7 update, but that’s the only problem (so far). I’m pretty sure I didn’t use Migration Assistant with this machine.

  23. 1 24″ iMac, 1 Aluminum Macbook, both migrated, both using MenuCalendarClock, so far no problems on either.

  24. I have two machines, and older Mac Mini and and a 2006 MacBook, both of whom I thought were fine, and then neither could mount a Seagate external Firewire drive. Eventually they both successfully mounted it, but I don’t have confidence in it.

    I have no other symptoms.

  25. My system hasn’t been upgraded or migrated (the 10.5 install was fresh), and is running perfectly. The only applications I have installed that could conceivably cause problems are Dropbox and CoverSutra.

    From what I’ve heard, it sounds like migration assistant was the problem.

  26. + In my case it’s a 1stgen MacBook Air. Migrated via Assistant ca a year ago from a G4 iBook.
    + Using FontExplorer X and Dropbox from your list.
    + 10.5.7 works rather well.

  27. I’ve updated a Mac Mini, a MacBook Pro and a brand new Mac Pro to 10.5.7 via software update. No problems*.

    * On the Mac Pro, I’ve noticed QuickSilver fails to boot properly on login, but booting it manually is fine.

    The MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro were both recipients of migrated accounts via Migration Assistant – the MacBook Pro migrating from a Powerbook.

    I don’t have any of the 3rd party software you are running as listed in your post.

    Hope it helps.

  28. I have a 1yr old iMac (2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo) upgraded to 10.5.7 running smoothly w/o any problems. I didn\’t migrate anything from a previous OS/platform and I\’m not running much in the way of 3rd party add-ons…

  29. You might be onto something. I had exactly the same problem with instability on machines that had been migrated from a PPC machine during the 10.5.6 update…. the fix turned out to be removing an obscure airport file specific to PPC that was left over from a previous machine. Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact file names, but you might compare system files from a clean install to your migrated installs. The fact that multiple migrated machines have the same problem and that safe boots don’t work strongly suggest a bad system file somewhere.

  30. I updated to 10.5.7 before I migrated my system on the Mac I just purchased. No problems with the update.

  31. I recommended DropBox to a friend just recently (with an Intel based iMac that he’d just updated to 10.5.7). He was forced to un-install it because the machine kept freezing. He hasn’t had any issues since removing it.

    I love DropBox, but it probably is doing a lot of background work to keep the files synced constantly… so it might be the cause.

    That said, the combination of the two hasn’t affected the MacBook or G5 I use it on.

    Best of luck.

  32. 24″ iMac at work has had more than the usual instability issues with Adobe Creative Suite apps since 10.5.7. In particular, InDesign will often crash on printing a document. This will be a repeatable bug with those docs which cause the crash. So far I have been able to work around this by doing an export to interchange format and then opening the resulting doc and re-saving as an ID doc again.
    FWIW the Creative Suite was migrated, over a year ago, from a non-Intel Mac, a G5 desktop. Can’t remember if that was before or after upgrade from CS to CS3 though.
    My early 2008 MacBook Pro at home is struggling with 10.5.7 in the WiFi arena as the last three OS 10 upgrades have seriously degraded WiFi performance and range with the AirportExtreme base station. I have done archive and installs three times now back to 10.5.4 which seems to be the last version that supports even a 50 foot range at my home. Latest AirPort and base station updates are all installed. Hoping Snow Leopard will provide a complete rewrite of WiFi with an answer to this problem.

  33. After updating my MacBook Pro to 10.5.7 the Bluetooth connection of my MightyMouse breaks several times a day although the battery is fine. I didn’t migrate anything and have none of the named third-party add-ons installed.

  34. Same problem with my MBP. Might Mouse keeps disconnecting. The only way to ‘reidentify’ the mouse is to disable bluetooth and enabling it back.

  35. Well, I didn’t connect this to the 10.5.7 update, but it’s possible. I had *5* Kernel Panics over a very disturbing 2 weeks. All of them occurred after clicking the “Refresh” button in iTunes. (I just couldn’t believe that it was really the case…and no one else believed it either). Then, as tragically as it came, it magically went away. (I think with an iTunes update, not sure tho)

    However, it was horrible.

    Dunno if this helped, in retrospect, it’s probably a flukey not-connected thing.

  36. I’ve seen 10.5.7 installed on three Intel MacBooks including a three year old Pro and a four month old non-Pro. We haven’t had problems with any of them aside from the usual Transmit bugs.

    Two of us use DragThing 5.2.3 and Linotype Explorer 1.2.3. All three use Dropbox and Growl 1.1.4. Our only regular hardware plug-ins are external monitors, USB drives, mice/keyboards (one MightyMouse, two HP) and one aging Wacom tablet (driver v6.0.8-2).

    I’m starting to suspect a pattern from the other comments here: None of us used the migration assistant.

  37. I’ve had no problems with the following steps:

    manually download the combo updater, turn off auto log in, reboot, log in to the admin user (holding shift key down to disable any user startup items), and immediately patch using the combo updater.

    YMMV – good luck – as always – http://www.apple.com/support/expert – ask to submit error logs and such to engineering so that in aggregate – people with issues get the help they need (or at least the exposure to make upgrades less likely to bomb in the future). Reproducible problems get the best resolutions – boot issues are easy to isolate in verbose mode or capturing the logs after the fact. Similarly – conflicts that happen at install time are logged and easily resolvable if they are repeatable.

  38. I have a question for those with 10.5.7 update problems:

    Do the problems persist in every Mac OS X account on your machine?

  39. I haven’t migrated – intel iMac – and use iTunes and drop box. No issues with 10.5.7 apart from in install it froze then wouldn’t start for a while. I did a hard restart and no issues now. Well ok Firefox 3.0.10 crashes constantly but…

  40. I have Linotype FontExplorer X and Dropbox installed on a MacBook Pro. My “More…” option in the Finder’s Contextual Menu (CTRL-CLICK on a file) causes Finder to Restart and my list of “More” options no longer exists…

    No great loss because I never really used any of the More Options anyway.

    Roll on Snow Leopard!

  41. I have a white Intel iMac and noticed that the computer name changed in the finder after installing OSX 10.5.7.

    It now shows up as “Evan’s iMac (2)” with the (2) coming from nowhere.

    I have also noticed problems with Firefox and Safari since the update. They lag like crazy.

  42. For what it’s worth, I have found a work-around fix for the problems facing my MacBook Pro.

    I have a MacBook Pro3,1 – the non unibody intel 15″ model. After upgrading to OS X 10.5.7 problems with the laptop going to sleep began.

    About 90% of the time when going to sleep, it freezes. The whole machine locks up with the screen light up. The mouse pointer disappears; the wifi strength meter rainbow goes grey like there’s no wifi strength; and the light up Apple in the hood continues to glow with the lid down. This happened regardless of whether I’d sleep it from the Apple Menu or just closing the lid.

    The only way to recover was to hold the power button till it shuts off.

    – To try to fix this, I’ve repaired permissions. No avail.
    – I tried pulling the battery and held down the power button for 5 seconds to reset the SMC, as Apple recommends. No avail.
    – I then wiped the drive and did an erase and install from a new 10.5.6 Leopard disc and then did a Software Update to get to 10.5.7. No avail – happen again.

    My wife was bringing her MacBook in to the Apple Store for a repair (unrelated keyboard snafu) and I asked her to read the symptoms to the Genius and he had an idea.

    In the Location you’re using, if there’s no Ethernet configured, that seems to give 10.5.7 fits with sleeping. Sure enough, I took the wireless Location I had been using and added an Ethernet (that goes unused) and viola, no more sleep problems.

    I tested this out on another MacBook Pro (MacBookPro4,1) and it was the exact same behavior. I hadn’t noticed it on the second one, because at work, I plug it into Ethernet normally, whereas my home machine roams on a WiFi network.

    It’s a hack, but certainly an easy one that I can live with to restore sleep functionality.

  43. This is just the kind of thing that gives me the heebie jeebies. I guess I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I no longer update anything unless I see some compelling reason to do so. After dragging my heels for as long as I did, I didn’t update to OS X, actually, until 2004. Once I did, I never really looked back. Still running OS 10.4.11/Tiger, though. This is largely because I still have a couple of “Classic” apps I play around with from time to time. Move to Leopard? Maybe next year.

  44. My iMac froze almost every 30 Minutes… now I removed menucalendarclock and it seems to be stable again! Hope it stays like that.

  45. Hi
    My update has not gone too well.

    Seems to crash each time I access Facebook for a while

    I wonder if Facebook has any hooks into the system causing some instability

  46. Well, things were going pretty smoothly with the update today. I’ve had no major problems, but just discovered one majorly inconvenient problem: In my find windows “thumbnail” view, all of my png files are show with the default ‘PNG’ icon rather than a preview icon of the actual image file. Majorly inconvient when trying to sort through all my web app icon libraries.

  47. Similar problems here with freezing, finder lock-ups, etc. I’m on a PPC 1.6ghz G5. Running DropBox and Font Explorer X. Was all fine before 10.5.6. Looking to archive and install and go back to 10.5.6. Worst Apple update ever.

  48. As soon as I got my aluminum MacBook last week, I installed all the software updates that showed up before I installed any of my other programs.

    I had Safari crash the first time I used it.

    Firefox has been a maniac. I’ve called support 3 – 4 times and they’ve each had me doing crazy stuff that hasn’t worked.
    It’s taking forever to load stupid pages and then gets disconnected.

    Today I had a few windows open and the whole thing crashed. I could move the Firefox windows around but I could not minimize or close. The whole top was grey. I tried all the shortcuts to force quit and nothing would happen. This was after the spinning ball for at least 45 minutes.

    Finally I had to shut down. I’m installing the combo now. If it doesn’t work, I’m still in my 2 weeks to return the computer. Bummer ’cause it’s gorgeous.

  49. I have had more headache without resolution with the 10.5.6 ….and cheered when 10.5.7 was supposed to cure the Bluetooth headaches….NOT….it is not better… maybe worse….plus Safari in combination with 10.5.7 is slow … just making a bookmark take for ever….makes me think I am on my old Mac CI…remember those?
    My bluetooth mouse (Rocketfish) was excellent and still is on my iMac…but on my Macbook 2.16 won’t do anything but make me angry….jumps around stalls and even takes off on its own like it is possesed….the wheel and buttons work fine…tracking is either off or eratic…but just when you think…oh goood this fixed it….it starts the messing around again….It must be making Apple rich selling replacement mice that don’t work either.
    I can’t believe this issue still exists with all the reports I read on line….there are a ton of us suffering from this issue…while they all hang out in the apple tree figuring out what the next iPod will be make of and what colours go well with bubble gum!

  50. Just updated software on PPC iMac to 10.5.7 last night – today I tried to open my CS2 InDesign documents and…. NOTHING.

    I get a message “cannot handle the request because a modal dialog or alert is active” when I try to open the document directly; when I try from within the application, I get NO options whatsoever… everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is greyed out and unavailable. Even “New.”

    Anyone know about this? Have I made a dreadful mistake updating the OS???

    Please. I’m desperate – have .indd documents I must access NOW.



  51. It’s been a pain.
    I installed the update 10.5.7 a while back, since then every application seems to be crashing – safari, finder, occasionally even the crash reporter.

    I have uninstalled all other applications or plugins.
    The bummer is that I am traveling now and don’t have the CDs with me.

    Any solutions/suggestions will be useful.

  52. My mini updated fine, and has been fine.

    I just did my Air and it says it failed, but on restart ‘about’ says it’s 10.5.7. Only problem so far is network connectivity fails. It keeps bringing up the network diagnostics and blaming it on the network (which is fine based on other computers being online). I have very little third party stuff on either machine.

    In the process of doing the combo now…..

  53. 10.5.7 is erratic at best. It installed flawlessly via software update on my old G5 tower and my 867 mhz G4 powerbook. It will NOT install or boot properly from the internal drive of my Macbook Pro, though it did install fine on an external fw drive connected to the MBP.

    I used superduper to clone the fw to my internal drive with no luck–I get the apple logo and spinning wheel–forever. This was after a fresh install of 10.5.6 with NO 3rd party apps installed other than SuperDuper and no migration assistant, I created a new test account with no settings at all.

    This is an Apple problem. Sorry Apple, I love you, but this one is broken. When I booted off the external drive I upgraded the firmware for the fan and bluetooth hoping this would fix the problem–nope!. Now in order to run my MBP I have to boot from the external drive. I’m not certain if I can reinstall 10.5.6 with the firmware (aaarrghh!).

  54. I just had my Finder freeze up when trying to connect wirelessly from my iMac to my MacBook Pro. I had to force reboot, and still having trouble connecting over my Network (wired and wireless). Just updated both machines to 10.5.7. I think there’s a bug at work. I’m starting to poke around, see if anyone else has this issue, and came across your post.

  55. Installed 10.5.7 with Combo Update on ALL machines (except my 10.4.11 Powerbook 12, my most reliable Mac).
    On our Mac Pro Quad core 2.8, Photoshop CS3 lost it’s authorization. Had to run a special tool from Adobe to fix it.
    Little Snitch became Big Pain and uninstalled it from all of my machines.
    A client with an iMac24 Alum had major problems with a Drobo. Drobo support says there is a bug in the USB 2.0 system causing the computer to lose communication with devices.
    Our Mac Mini Intel 2.0Ghz freezes on bootup on the blue screen from time to time, and can freeze here and there (but could be caused by 3GB RAM).
    Mac Macbook Pro seems to have faired the best of all, just some annoyances with random apps that needed reinstallation (like Canon MP Navigator, DockDrop, Garagesale). Mail does seem to crash a little more often, though.

  56. I just installed a drobo and thought that was my problem. Now I recognize it’s the recent upgrade to 10.5.7. I have the same symptoms, finder freezes, locks applications and forces a hard restart by pressing the power button.

    I think I’ve stabilized things a bit by unmounting my drobo (I use it for my Aperture library) and will only go to it when I need to access my photographs. So far things seem to be running ok.

    I also run dropbox and superduper.

  57. 24″ Intel iMac, probably last Generation White, constantly keeps crashing after 10.5.7 upd. I also have FontExplorer 1.2.3, but it doesn’t seem to relate to the problem. Most of the crashes happen, when I have some 4+ apps open, while using Safari4 or Finder or actually pretty much anything. Also I’ve noticed that browsers’ (Safari, Firefox) and iWeb window sometimes display 1px wide horizontal stripes which sometimes scroll along with the content, sometimes disappear while scrolling or resizing the window. Sometimes there are other anomalies which look like a video/graphics issues. I have Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT. Perhaps 10.5.7 and this Nvidia don’t get along well?

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