Workers of the web!, the amazing resource for web developers, turned 10 on Sunday, 14 December. Well done!

Editor Erika Meyer and her staff want to know how they can better serve their community. To find out, they’ve created a survey. Reader responses will help shape the road map for Evolt’s future development. Take the survey and help shape the next decade of Evolt.

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5 thoughts on “Workers of the web!

  1. I’m not getting paid? Sheesh; no wonder my receivables look like they do. (Note to my accountant: ALL the invoices get written off.)

    Erika is indeed from a parallel universe. It is slightly skewed, but very musical.

    The survey is useful. All seriousness aside, you should take it. If you can take it, I can, um, never mind.

  2. No, Joel, you are not paid. I’m typing this response from the island I bought with my author rights from the measly three articles I contributed to evolt. :)

    Actually my take on is that it’s come a long way from what it was. Now I file it more in the “Cool URIs don’t change” rather than in the “Active” folder. Most of the people who shaked its carcass a few years ago (Joel and I included) have had possibly too many things to do, and well, here is now.

    Good luck to Erika and all the evolters who want to breathe life back into, we’ll be reading.

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