19 Nov 2008 8 pm eastern

Blue Beanie Day II

Blue Beanie Day

Announcing the second annual Blue Beanie Day. Please join us on Friday, November 28, 2008 to show your support for web standards and accessibility.

Participating’s easy: get your picture taken wearing a blue toque or beanie. On November 28, switch your profile picture in Facebook, Twitter, et al., and post your royal blueness to the Blue Beanie Day 2008 photo group at Flickr. That’s all there is to it!

Blue Beanie Day is the brainchild of Doug Vos, creator of the Designing With Web Standards group on Facebook. Since October 27, 2007, over 4,300 members have joined, representing over fifty countries.

Doug invented Blue Beanie Day in 2007 to promote awareness of web standards. Blue Beanie Day 2007 can be found on Facebook; photos from last year’s celebration are available for your viewing pleasure.

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36 Responses to “Blue Beanie Day II”

  1. Jason said on

    Sooo…what do I do if I don’t have a blue beanie?

  2. John Lampard said on

    And web professionals down under and in otherwise summery climates could subsitute the beanie for a blue cap. :)

  3. Steven Clark said on

    Ahhh the blue beanie comes out again. Mine is a relic of my teenage years, circa 1983… hand knitted. Last worn for the last Blue Beanie day.

    Should be fun. I’ll try to be more creative this year. :)

  4. Peter Magellan said on

    Wow. So that’s what a beanie is. All these years I’ve owned half a dozen of the things and I never knew. No blue ones, though. Will an Arri baseball cap do? It kind of fits one of the descriptions… :-)

  5. Des said on

    If you don’t have a blue beanie, there’s always Photoshop ;-)

  6. Ross said on

    Better find a blue beanie pronto!

  7. John said on

    If you don’t have a blue beanie, buy a University of Michigan one. Should be cheap considering their football record this year…

  8. Walrus said on

    I cn let u ware mah bukkit.

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  10. antoine butler said on


    I’m gonna have to come up with something uber clever for this years BBD.

  11. Jose Espinoza said on

    Awesome, Blue Beanie Day and My Birthday are both reasons for all of us to celebrate.

  12. Tokind said on

    So, Jeffrey,
    Are you going to blue up your shades-of-green visage at the bottom of this page? Beanie-wise?

  13. Jeffrey Zeldman said on


    Awesome creative suggestion. Hmm.

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  16. Aja Lapus said on

    Wearing a blue beanie right nao! ^^ Happy blue beanie day from the Philippines!

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  24. Harold Maduro said on

    Happy Blue Beanie day from sunny & rainy Panama !!!

    Go Web Standards!!

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  34. Pariuri said on

    All of us our designers & marketers here… we all get this is lame, right? I’ve been an advocate and taught standards for years, I live it, sure, but never a parrot for the sake of it, and I’ve been around enough in the industry from print and up to never suggest such a trend to my clients. We’re not that out of touch, are we?

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    Are you going to blue up your shades-of-green visage at the bottom of this page? Beanie-wise?

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