13 thoughts on “A show about nothing, part 11

  1. >Adjusting position of dirty glasses and plates in dishwasher.
    >“Geometry or physics?” I asked.
    >“Generalized anxiety disorder,” she replied.

    I think maybe it has to do with something having to do with parallel universes? The dishwasher exists in an infinitude of universes. Things must be kept in balance.

  2. My OCD requires everything to be in such a fashion as to have everything perfectly lined up so that time travel might be possible. If it is absolutely perfect, it can be achieved.

    It usually takes me an hour to even start the dishwasher.

  3. I do it for efficiency. The bowls and glasses must be in the top frame and tilted to allow best runoff. Dishes should go from tall at the lower frame edges to short dishes nearest the center. Knives and forks must be inserted pointed ends down to prevent stabbing action when removing them after washing. I do it for efficiency.

  4. @Weathervane

    Knives and forks must be inserted pointed ends down to prevent stabbing action when removing them after washing.

    Why are you and I the only ones who get this. Everyone I know, even after being asked, puts them sharp side up, and then expects me to unload. Maybe that should tell me something.

  5. I put them in nearly exactly as Weathervane does – for efficiency. My wife does them haphazardly and I generally will remove them and put them back in “like they’re supposed to go”.

    Usually I mutter something about ‘slicing my hand off’ when I see our sharpest knife laid on top, invariably with the blade pointing up. This I do not understand. She’s the same person who will drive around 2-3 blocks to keep the maximum safe distance between us and a car instead of just changing lanes, yet I have to deal with a potentially agonizing bleeding death when unloading the dishwasher at home.

  6. We have the same “knives down” rule in our house. What I’ve never understood is why it doesn’t seem to apply to forks, which are equally (if not more) stabby in practice.

    Properly sharp knives should be washed by hand anyway.

    Oh.. and as far as drainage, I swear I’ll never buy another set of glasses or cups without those awesome ‘runoff cutouts’ in the bottom. I even threatened to take the Dremel to our existing china (this was overruled).

  7. I hate knife blades up too, but – we suffer with an older dishwasher in our house – and when the dirty part of a spoon or forks is down in the basket, it doesn’t always get cleaned. So – I hand wash steak knives and such to spare the grief of being stabbed!

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