3 Mar 2008 11 am eastern

Monday links

WCAG Samurai
The WCAG Samurai Errata for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 are published as an alternative to WCAG 2. “You may comply with WCAG 2, or with these errata, or with neither, but not with both at once.” Published 26 February 2008. Read the intro first.
Happy Cog Studios at SXSW Interactive
Two hot panels, plus bowling.
Alex King’s Twitter Tools
Integrate your Twitter account with your WordPress blog. Archive your tweets, create a blog post from each tweet, create a daily digest of your tweets, post a tweet in your sidebar, and more.
Chopsticks by Carlos Segura
Brilliant! 51 chopstick bags by Carlos Segura assisted by Ryan Halvorsen. In EPS for your raster or vector pleasure.
Can a Gas Station Really Be Green?
Boston design firm builds green gas station in smoggy LA.
48 Unique Ways To Use WordPress
CMS, city guide, history/timeline site, intranet, movie poster and trailer site, network hub, polling site, Feedburner alternative, Twitter clone, many more.
Misleading Marketing Copy
Words and phrases to avoid if you want an honest relationship with your customers.
Pattern inspiration (Veerle’s Blog)
Design inspiration via wallpaper and tiles.
Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior (on Flickr)
Illustrations from the newly published book by Indi Young (Rosenfeld Media, 2008).
A Speck of Sunlight Is a Town’s Yearly Alarm Clock
On March 8, the sun will rise again in Longyearbyen, the first time since October.
Free Mac OS X application lets you share files fast. Drag any file or folder onto the Dockdrop dock icon, then choose how you want to send it. Dockdrop uploads it and puts a URL for your upload on the clipboard, ready for pasting into an email, chat program or website.
Official Google Maps API Blog: Google Maps Without the Scripting
The Google Static Maps API provides a simpler way to add maps to your website. Rather than use JavaScript, the Google Static Maps API creates map images on the fly via simple requests to the Static Maps service with HTTP requests.

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10 Responses to “Monday links”

  1. Rob @ CSSnewbie said on

    The Entrepreneur article on marketing copy is fairly useful — although I was pretty entertained to see that my company uses the first three of the “bad five” with fair frequency. :)

    Also, thanks for the Google Maps API link! This might help me enormously in a project I’m working on for aforementioned employer.

  2. johno said on

    DocDrops is a great idea. Thanks.

  3. Shane said on

    I’ve only just started using Twitter, and did some research yesterday on integrating it into a wordpress site.

    Would I be right in saying you use this?

    I found it to be extremely easy to implement and the JavaScript is well written.

  4. Scott Lenger said on

    Nice to finally have a google map that degrades.

  5. Carissa said on

    Normally, I don’t post to point out people’s mistakes because it’s kind of rude and presumptuous, but I thought you might like to know that, on the Happy Cog site, the date is wrong for Saturday, which is the 8th, not the 9th. People might be confused! And it seems that event is really on Sunday…

  6. Jake Lazaroff said on

    Twitter Tools is up and running on my blog. Thanks for pointing me to it! :]

  7. Dan Mall said on

    on the Happy Cog site, the date is wrong for Saturday, which is the 8th, not the 9th. People might be confused! And it seems that event is really on Sunday…

    Whoops! The info is correct now, so hopefully there isn’t any confusion. Thanks Carissa!

  8. Jeffrey Zeldman said on

    Thanks, Carissa.

    Would I be right in saying you use this?

    No I just use some JavaScript and chewing gum.

    When I redesign the site (soon! really soon!) I may add Twitter Tools.

  9. Kyle Steed said on

    Thanks for the links. My favorite was the story done on the town Longyearbyen in Norway. It makes me want to visit there sometime.

  10. mezzoblue § Producing said on

    [...] ideas at places like T.26 and their chopsticks packages designed by Carlos Segura (hat tip: Zeldman), and moving a little further out, more traditional products at indie designer stores like Meomi [...]

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