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Berners-Lee: reinventing HTML

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web and founder of the W3C, announces reforms:

It is really important to have real developers on the ground involved with the development of HTML. It is also really important to have browser makers intimately involved and committed. And also all the other stakeholders….

Some things are clearer with hindsight of several years. It is necessary to evolve HTML incrementally. The attempt to get the world to switch to XML, including quotes around attribute values and slashes in empty tags and namespaces all at once didn’t work.

9 to 5 = average
To be great in design takes passion and work.
Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful to Feelings
I love this.
Web Directions North
Our Australian friends set up camp in Vancouver, for what looks like a great two-day conference on standards-based design and development (Vancouver Canada, February 6-8 2007). Speakers include Kelly Goto (Gotomobile), Andy Clarke (malarkey), Adrian Holovaty (Chicago Crime, Washington Post), Douglas Bowman (Google Visual Design Lead), Dan Cederholm (SimpleBits), Joe Clark (, Dave Shea (CSS Zen Garden), Cameron Moll (Authentic Boredom), Molly Holzschlag (, Veerle Pieters (Veerle’s Blog, Duoh!), Kaitlin Sherwood (Google Maps US Census mashup), Tantek Çelik (Technorati).
Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance
By Andrew Kirkpatrick, Richard Rutter, Christian Heilmann, Jim Thatcher, Cynthia Waddell, et al. Don’t let the unsexy title fool you. Vast and practically all-encompassing, this newly updated classic belongs on every web designer’s shelf. (Better still, open it and read.)
I Cannot Possibly Buy Girl Scout Cookies From Your Daughter at This Time
By Charlie Nadler in McSweeney’s.
Gemini Girl
New women’s blog elegantly designed by Ray McKenzie.
eMusic: 33 Folkways LPs
Thirty-three important Folkways Recordings for download. Louis Bonfa, Mighty Sparrow, Woodie Guthrie, Henry Cowell and more.
On having layout – the concept of hasLayout in IE/Win
Technical but reasonably easy to follow discussion of why Internet Explorer’s rendering of your design may suck differ from your expectations
“Apple’s Backup App is Shit”
God bless SuperDuper.

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15 thoughts on “Monday breakfast links

  1. As far as I’m aware, the post about Backup is about Backup 3, which is given to .Mac subscribers. The application is indeed something of a joke, and has been picked up by Gruber as such in recent days. However, this isn’t what’s being mooted for OS X 10.5 Leopard—’Time Machine’, as the forthcoming OS feature is called, has nothing to do with the way worked, as far as I know.

  2. Re: Backup – I think you are confusing Backup, a piece of the $99/ Yr .Mac package (which everyone is complaining about) with Time Machine, the selling point of Mac OS X 10.5. Still, God bless SuperDuper…

  3. About the Apple Backup deal. The upcoming version of Mac OS X has a different backup mechanism than the current Backup application that comes with .Mac — that’s that thing called Time Machine. I certainly hope it’s better than Backup. Getting more people backing up can only be a good thing, unless your backups don’t work.

  4. I don’t konw why you “love” Brad’s article about XHTML – he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If he’d ever actually served XHTML as applicatoin/xhtml+xml, he wouldn’t have written such nonsense.

  5. I don’t konw why you “love” Brad’s article about XHTML – he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If he’d ever actually served XHTML as applicatoin/xhtml+xml, he wouldn’t have written such nonsense.

    Stop, you’ll hurt your throat.

  6. I’m not trying to be a troll or anything – it’s just that he’s wrong. I’ve been burned by html/xml issues before and hate seeing people led down the wrong path.

  7. I agree with what Jemaleddin says about being “led down the wrong path”. I hope readers of this blog don’t take the XHTML seriously.

    Luckily, Jacques Distler has described the details of some problems with text/html documents using XHTML document types in the comments for the article. Using a hand-coded site the author claimed as being perfect XHTML as the example of why text/html xHTML isn’t compatible with application/xhtml+xml XHTML was a nice touch.

    Was your linking to it ironic, like a ‘look what the kids are still arguing about’ type of thing? :)

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