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Zeldman World Tour: speaking engagements

JEFFREY ZELDMAN TALKS about web design in places near and far. Where will he show up next?

October 2003

Indiana University
Keynote Address
5–9 October 2003, Indiana University, Bloomington Campus

Zeldman will deliver the opening keynote address.

July 2003

Web Design World
28–30 July 2003, Seattle

Zeldman will deliver a keynote on designing with web standards and a session on accessibility and U.S. Section 508 for designers, and will participate in a panel on designing in public.

June 2003

Higher Education Web Professionals of New York
23–24 June 2003, Rochester Institute of Technology

Designing with Web Standards
In the web’s first decade, we learned to solve today’s problems at tomorrow’s expense. As each new incompatible browser was released, we retooled our sites at ever higher costs in a futile effort to deliver our content while avoiding obsolescence. But that build-now, pay-later approach is no longer productive or even necessary. Designing with web standards simplifies production and greatly lowers its cost, while delivering sites that are accessible to more people and more types of Internet devices. Jeffrey Zeldman, web designer, author, and co-founder of The Web Standards Project, will explore the history of browser-driven design and explain how standards can solve today’s problems without generating worse dilemmas downstream.

Art Directors Club NY
Awards Gala
5 June 2003, New York City

May 2003

Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference
20–24 May, Budapest Convention Center, Budapest, Hungary

Zeldman will deliver a keynote address. The WWW is the longest-running conference in the medium’s history. Cancelled.

April 2003

First Annual i3Forum
Co-host, presenter
6–8 April, Laguna Beach, CA

Zeldman is among the hosts of this invitation-only gathering of digital artists and photographers. Details at

March 2003

New York State Webmaster’s Guild
Keynote Address
21 March, NYS Museum Clark Auditorium, Cultural Education Center, Albany, NY
9:00 am–12:00 noon
Admission: Free, open to all

Forward Compatibility: Designing with Web Standards
Designing and building with web standards simplifies production and lowers its cost, while delivering sites that are accessible to more people and more types of Internet devices. Happy Cog founder Jeffrey Zeldman will share techniques to ensure that sites keep looking and working as intended, today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.

SXSW 2003 Interactive
Panel Host
9–11 March
Austin Convention Center
505 San Jacinto
Austin, TX

Independents Day: Because We Can – Web Publishing for the Hell of It
Sunday 9 March, 5–6 pm
Host: Zeldman. Panelists: Todd Dominey, Adam Greenfield.
Some of the web’s most interesting sites are created, not to push products or reap financial gain, but simply to satisfy a creative itch. Explore the rewards, triumphs, and discontents of indie web publishing.
Between the (Style) Sheets: CSS, Browsers and You
Monday 10 March 10–11am
Host: Zeldman. Panelists: Eric Meyer, Tantek Çelik.
Join CSS author and Netscape standards evangelist Eric Meyer, CSS/XHTML contributor and Microsoft browser developer Tantek Çelik, and web designer/author Jeffrey Zeldman for an intimate look at the love connection between CSS, modern browsers, and design.

Art Directors Club NY
New Media Awards Judging
7–8 March, New York City

Zeldman will join a diverse group of international judges in assessing new media entries in the 82nd annual Art Directors Club competition. More info to come.

February 2003

The Design Conference
Los Alamos National Laboratories
18 February 2003
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Accessibility and Section 508
Few laws have caused as much confusion among web designers as Section 508, which requires many sites to accommodate people with disabilities and spells out what “accessible” means. Many designers and builders wrongly conclude that accessible design means unattractive, low-end design. But images, table layouts, style sheets, JavaScript, and other staples of contemporary web design are perfectly compatible with 508 compliance. Jeffrey Zeldman will examine what 508 compliance means to working designers and developers, and show how you can use online tools and a bit of judgement to make your sites comply beautifully.

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