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JEFFREY ZELDMAN HAS BEEN DESIGNING WEBSITES since the Crimean War, and is the author of Taking Your Talent to the Web, a Guide for the Transitioning Designer (New Riders, 2001).

Zeldman is the publisher and creative director of A List Apart, an independent weekly magazine “For People Who Make Websites,” and the founder of Happy Cog, a web design and consulting agency whose clients include Clear Channel Entertainment, Warner Bros. Movies, and The New York Public Library.

Over twelve million people have visited his personal site, featuring The Daily Report (a periodical of web design news, tips, and opinions), My Glamorous Life (an episodic narrative of observations and memories), and various entertainments and tutorials.

In 1998, Zeldman co-founded The Web Standards Project (see Happy Cog: Publications) and has served as its Group Leader since 2000. The organization successfully lobbied Netscape and Microsoft to fully support the same standards in their browsers, resulting in a more usable and accessible web for everyone while reducing the cost and complexity of web design and development.

Zeldman has served as a judge of the Communication Arts Interactive Festivals and The 5k competition, and is an Advisory Board Member of the Meet the Makers conference. He has lectured for organizations including AIGA, Web Design World, Seybold,, Los Alamos National Laboratories, The Public Library Association, The New York Public Library, The Columbia University Library, Photo Plus Expo, Web 2000 and 2001, Webvisions, Geek Pride, and many others. His next book, Forward Compatibility: Designing & Building With Web Standards, will be published by New Riders in 2003.

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