Why (mt) Media Temple?

In March 2006, after ten-plus happy years, I kissed my longtime hosting company goodbye, and moved this site to (mt) Media Temple.

Of the three leading companies that compete for the business of independent designers, developers, and publishers, Media Temple is the one that’s most deeply embedded in the design community. It is the worm in our oats, the beak in our bucket.

Committed to the design community

Blah blah

Media Temple doesn’t advertise and doesn’t pay commissions for linking to it, as another leading host does. Its marketing plan can be summarized in three words: host great sites. Media Temple follows its plan, hosting legions of finely crafted independent sites. It likely hosts many of your favorites.

I like Media Temple for its involvement in this community, but not enough to make me switch hosts. I switched for the service.

Power and responsiveness

PHP, MySQL. Media Temple has the latest stable releases and will set them up for you or let you do it yourself. Of the three leaders in this market, they inhabit the sweet spot between power and flexibility on the one hand, and rock-solid stability on the other.

Their new control panel gives you tremendous power over your domain. Create subdomains, mail accounts, and much more. If you prefer, they will do everything for you — and they’ll even hold your hand and dab your tears if it’s your first time and you need them to be gentle.

Although I’m often seen as a technology expert, there’s plenty of stuff I just don’t get. This company never makes me feel stupid. Never makes me feel I’m wasting their time on a trivial or obvious problem. Always seems glad to hear from me (even when I’m wasting their time on a trivial, obvious problem), and responds quickly and expertly when I need help.

I recommend Media Temple without reservation.