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Archived Links (Sock Drawer)
Take action to save PBS PBS saved for now
Blog Business Summit, San Francisco
Time picks 50 coolest websites — and they actually are!
Death to “leverage”
BBC: websites alienate Firefox users
AIGA Standard Form of Agreement
Pixadex upgrade
Drag & Drop Sortable Lists
sIFR 2.0.1
Animation using only CSS
PageSpinner 4.6.3
Warnings About Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards
The JavaScript Manifesto
“Standards activists target scripts”
Life Outta Context: A Birthday Present from Apple
Tom Tomorrow: Watergate Time Warp [comic]
Joe Clark reports: Screen reader usability at a standards-compliant e-commerce site
Google Maps API
Jason Fried interview
Elvis Costello: Music Clearing Minefields
Simonson: How to Spot Arial
Five simple steps to designing grid systems (part 1)
Favicons over 16K don’t save to bookmark cache in Mozilla browsers
Take action to save PBS PBS saved for now
Blog Business Summit, San Francisco
Time picks 50 coolest websites — and they actually are!
Death to “leverage”
BBC: websites alienate Firefox users
AIGA Standard Form of Agreement
Pixadex upgrade
Drag & Drop Sortable Lists
sIFR 2.0.1
Animation using only CSS
PageSpinner 4.6.3
Warnings About Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards
One Million Distinct Tags, 14 Million Tagged Posts
gotoreport: Easy PDF Prototyping
Wake up with the King
Get paid to blog about design
Bullet Madness
Speak up: Name
Awesome design, Russian dudes!
Unspoken rules of graphic design
Kill Rock Stars MP3 downloads
iTunes 4.9 adding support for podcasts
The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)
PageSpinner 4.6.2
Bookmarks for web designers
Livin’ la vida nerda!
Kottke: How to Order Food in a Restaurant
Pirated Sites goes public
37signals: Copywriting is Interface Design
Lounge72™ reboots
Columns & Grids
DC Comics Sports New Logo
Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger
State is the Web
Podcasts of non-commercial and public radio shows
What is UP with the state of web development courses?
IE no longer bundled with OS X
OMG Clothing
Mac OS X: About Archive and Install
Mac OS X: How to Delete a Previous Systems Folder
Extra! Extra! Tiger Headlines Roar!
CSS Reboot – May 1st 2005
CSS Drive
West Africa Road Trip
Mac OS X 10.3: Fonts list
Ted Drake’s Standards Link Dump
10 Good Practices for JavaScript
Nundroo: Rich & Shameless
Mac OS X: Download Comment
Mac OS X: DragThing 5.6
BD4D Blog
Microsoft core fonts
Tag Clouds: I rest my case
Georgia is not free
Kottke digests Adobemacromedia
Adobe, “Rich Internet Applications” and Standards
Adobe – the alchemist of paper
Adobe to buy Macromedia
Apple Matters Unveils New Design; Inks Deal With BackBeat Media
Speakup: Bridging the Gap Between Hip Hop, Sports and Youth Culture
“The Web is Ruined and I Ruined it” (1998)
Fred Gates Paintings on Tee Shirts
Malarkey Image Replacement
Lawson: 100,000 reasons to design for accessibility
Pugblog debuts
Fabulous! NYC Map Portal (via Pixelcharmer)
Heard but not seen
“Be my Macropatron”
Sad news of a funny man
5 for Dooce
Flickr Related Tag Browser
delicious linkbacks
Anil Dash: The blog cycle
IconBuilder Pro v.5.1
Eric Meyer’s CSS Top 10 for IE7
Slashdot reviews Web Design on a Shoestring
Baby Name Wizard
Alex King: WordPress Themes
Life imitates art
Forget ads, make a business
Design does matter
Taxi Driver locations
Pimp my Safari (2)
Coudal Crash II winners
Joe Clark’s SXSW snaps
Acid 2 challenge
Evaluating prospective clients
Santa Maria on web type
Login delays & damaged font caches in Mac OS X 10.3
Davidson in Texas
Maria: Roundtrip from Austin
Weird, faintly disturbing sign
Coudal Crash Video II contest
Incisive: Hit List #1
Meryl does Moll
Style Gala
Mullenweg in the house
SXSW photos
“Web design gurus that are shorter than me”
Jing and Mike
Addio, Jef Raskin
entropy8zuper turns 10
SXSW Panels & Speeches
AIGA does Dominey
Pop-ups sneaking into Safari
XMLHttpRequest for The Masses
Valentino’s Revenge
Blurring the Line Between Games and Life
Attentional Spotlighting in User Interfaces
Ghosts of the Sea and Other Islands
Mate Minder
Blogging as a full-time job
Raymond Scott
Daily Show on bloggers
10 Years of Waferbaby!
Encourage Google to Validate
The ultimate CSS 3 column layout resource
Keep Going
Are You Generic?
Daily Eats
State of the Union Parsing Tool
Dan Says
Model Released
Colly’s CSS Rollover Generator
Thinking With Type
» MORE »
Zoom layout hack
Backstage with Veer, Inc.
Nofollow is No Solution
Defeat comment spam?
Cluetrain 2005 stylie
GUI Galaxy
Tsunami aid sources
StockIcons new set
Ta-da Lists™
Default Folder X update
Born Mag Winter 05 issue
“Eric Meyer Loves Me”
Link Bunnies
Jared Digital Portfolio
Communication Skills
Waferbaby Shirt Auction
Cupcakes of Deliciousness
Plaza Hotel NYC
Mean Tangerine Pixel Fonts
Bearskin Rug
CSS Zen Garden, Geocities Webmaster Style
StyleMaster CSS podGuide
Couloir Fading Slide Show, Phase II
Sockmonkey drawer
Greenfield: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
Apple: Eric Meyer: Turning the Tables Using CSS
Brothercake: Image Transitions
Diabolical Super-Villain™
The true story of Audion
Pete Zeldman in Rhythm Mag (UK)
Style Master Templates Competition Winners
NY Times Editorial: “Vote, No Matter What”
Splorp Available Domain Name of the Week Turns Five
Weekly Standards interviews Davezilla on Campbell-Ewald standards-compliant Chevrolet redesign
Extensis Suitcase upgrade warning
Blogs & Politics: “The Revolution Will Be Posted”
US Voters: My Polling Place
Blog Business Summit launches
Why does not allow comments
Memories Mapped to Music
Kottke: The revolution will be commercialized
Making News with web standards
Stop Sinclair Petition
Brendan Dawes’s Random Design Machine
Apple: “Sky Captain” flies to big screen
Dooce: Teaching our daughter about her cheeseburger
Sparkle Photoblog
Zen Garden 126: C-Note
The Political War
Kids’ Art Show
CSS, Accessibility and Standards Links
Real World Style: I’d Give it a D–
Davidson: Scalable Inman Flash Replacement 2.0 Beta
Hyatt on CSS Z-index
Mezzoblue: Min-Height Fixed
Web Page Design for Designers: Absolutely Relative
Moll: Wicked Worn Look Gallery
W3 Planet
Falling Bodies, a 9/11 Image Etched in Pain
Speak Up turns two
Style Master is Six
Joe Clark: Using embed and object with valid code
Nundroo: Blogcarta™ explained
Dirty Sue
The last Flash Text Replacement method you will ever need?
Baker-Foley: Sleep Furiously
Budd: BAFTA Award Winning Design Thieves
Subtle design:
“RSS would be perfect if...”
Kurt Vonnegut: Cold Turkey
Armadillo v2
Standards Resources for Beginners
10 Years (Not So Hard) Labor
NY Times: a “Green” Renovation (article)
NY Times: a “Green” Renovation (multimedia)
I [heart] Huckabees – designed with web standards
Anatomy of an Icon
MetroStation: Download Photoshop Brushes
Hivelogic relaunch
A Critic at Large: The Big One
Priceline, and the Americans with Disabilities Act
I Wish to Say...
Write a letter to the president
Film composer Elmer Bernstein dies
The Advert Channel Bows in Britain
Long Live Line Length catches up with and ALA
Dive into Mark: Why specs matter
Well Vetted, reloaded
Signal vs. Noise: Inside Al Qaeda’s Hard Drive
Esquire: Ron Regan: the Case Against George W. Bush
Jeff Croft: More Design, Less Standards
Graphikjunkie: The War on Web Standards
Adland: Why we hate using stock photos
WaSP: Jim Ramsey interview
The Adventures of ACTION ITEM!
NY Times: In Search of a Browser That Banishes Clutter
FontShop: Free Olympukes picto font
Yahoo: Picture What Matters
Digital Web: Newhouse: CSS 101
Digital Web: A Matter of Styles
Mike Rundle redesigns
Life Outtacontext redesigns
Kissane: Strong Language
Greenfield: Planning for redesign – establishing context
Social Software Weblog: Where will Search go next?
Macromedia Contribute 3.0 Preview
Veerle: designing a CSS template part 5
Company name etymologies
Rick James dot com
Congrats, Pam and Byron
Lawson: Happy 5th Birthday to my Multiple Sclerosis
Gruber: Magic 8-Ball answers your questions re: RealNetworks’ Harmony
Mike Davidson on “dirified” URLs
SimpleBits: 3px of Frustration
Department of Justice Rescinds Order for Libraries to Destroy Documents
Daily Prophet: sending used books to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan
iStockPro Summer Bundle
Clinton’s Speech
Weblogs, Politics, and Technorati
Comments on the Technorati redesign
Phnk Design Survey
Eight Things I Wish I’d Know When I Started
Ryder Cup 2004
Free Block Menu Designs
XHTML and Bandwidth
Correcting the Record on Sept. 11
9/11 Commission Report
Search the 9/11 Report
New Details Surface
May 1st Reboot Winners
Veerle: Designing a CSS-based template, part 1
Hoefler & Frere-Jones
How to Write Efficient CSS
Tired of those darned “book” things
Submit your photo to BBC News Online
Tear-down interrupted
Upgrading Microsoft Windows to Netscape 7, new logo stops Mac support which will be fixed, which is why we changed it. That is our policy.
Designing Without Web Standards
PNG gamma problem in Safari
Outside opinion for small business
Farenheit 9/11 Notes & Sources
Congratulations! You have won a free digital camera!
Cybill Shepherd Then and Now
Flash Zen Garden
Filtering CSS
IE Three Pixel Jog
IE6 Duplicate Characters Bug
Star HTML Selector Bug
Centricle: CSS Filters
The Branding of Polaroid, 1957 – 1977
9/11 cornerstone typeface by Hoefler Type Foundry
Google would be perfect if...
Coudal goes Hollywood
The Passion of The Post
Design In-Flight takes wing
Mark Simonson blogs!
Interface design tip: Find the Epicenter
Design is...
Famous Fonts
Inline Popups
Typographica resurrectus
MSIE Feedback Fest
Hyperlinking to this site is not permitted
iStockphoto Design of the Week
International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation
WCAG 2.0 Scripting group
Tantek: Exit, Stage Left
Digital Web: Designing for Scalability
“Introducing Longhorn”
Banking on IE redesigns
Dash: Learning from experience
ListGarden RSS Generator
Sliding Doors Meet CSS Sprites
Inverted Sliding Doors Tabs Work in Progress
I Begin With an Idea
CSS Zen Garden #89?’s CSS layout
SimpleBits: Web Standards Link Bonanza
9/11: Just the Facts?
Speakeasy X
TextDrive hosting
Stockicons hits one-year anniversary
The Blog Model: The Business of Blogging
New Yorker: The Winner
New Yorker: George & Me
10Q4 Molly Holzschlag
The danger of judging web designs superficially
Daily Reasons to Dispatch Bush
Fluid Shadows
Mozilla 1.7 is out
How to make web app development better?
Sprint continues to redesign with CSS, adds Inman Flash Replacement to the mix
Life Outta Context: A Gift for My Father
Giving Full Typographic Control to the User
Enkoder 3.0 for Mac OS X
The Economist: A Brief History of Wi-Fi
The Economist: The meaning of iPod
The IE Team is Listening
Mike Industries launches
BusinessLogs launches
The Great Book Giveaway Contest Standards Backlash
Airbag: Academics of Worn
Santa Maria: Aged Aesthetic
And many more: Aged Aesthetic
9/11 Panel Findings
Take a memo, Ms Jones
Krugman on Ashcroft
AIGA symbol signs
The mother of all Lorem Ipsum generators
Simplebits: Magic Icons for Lazy People
Lest We Forget: The Triumph Over Slavery
Gunner Palace
Speak Up! Our Own Worst Clients
Ashley Wood profile
Altoids ads
Bearskinrug Compositionals
Oblivio: a Taxonomy of Evil?
Pantone to RGB and Hex conversion
TBS is laughing matter
Engadget: What Would (Steve) Jobs Do?
But other than that, Mrs Lincoln...
Worst RSS and Atom article ever
Typographica goes down (temporarily)
Memory Lane: Gabocorp
Mister Retro’s Machine Wash Filters
Blame Canada
Newly launched: Blogging Baby
Stefan Sagmeister (filmed by Hillman Curtis)
10Q4 Dan Cederholm
2003 Web Design Trends in Review
WaSP survey
Maki on Feminine Design
Adam Greenfield interview
Gotomedia: Everything I Know About User Experience I Learned While Scooping Ice Cream
Gotomedia: Cafe Testing
The Inspiration Gallery: Damask Wallpaper Patterns
Stopdesign, Reloaded
Letterhead Fonts
Delta Tango Bravo: Favorite Favicons
Maki: Favicons Survey
David Blatner interview
Joe Clark: Canadian election websites flunk standards test
Moll: that wicked, worn look
WebVisions 2004: Wow!
Pink Numbers
Chip Kidd interview
Launched: Autoblog
Moll: nodes of design inspiration
417 North: Letterbox Edition
Designing With Jazz Standards
Hicks: 3-D CSS Box Model
Paris by Night (JPEG)
10.3.4 Woes
RobotJohnny redesigns
CSS layout naming conventions
Rat-a-Tat-Tat Birds
Bookmarks for standards testing
Pixy’s Fast CSS Rollovers Without Preload (new location)
Borders and Backgrounds
The Pricing Wormhole
Mark Simonson Studio
Firewheel Design
Daring Fireball: an ounce of prevention
From Troll to Doppelganger
Plateau State, Nigeria
10Q4 Simon Willison
Pure Propaganda
CSS Beauty
Coudal shuffle
Jason Santa Maria: Grey Box Methodology
Luke Redpath
Pulp Fiction
Textism: Twenty Faces
Andy Kaufman Returns (in Blogger template by Bowman)
Sons of Suckerfish
Design by Fire: Design Eye for the Usability Guy
DesignMeme gets happy
Hivelogic: avoiding OS X exploits
OS X: Paranoid Android
OS X: Download Check
Typographica interviews Phil Martin
Clagnut: How to Size Type using EMs redesigns with web standards
Library of Congress redesigns with web standards
Yellowlane: The real Slim Shady
10Q4 Andy Budd
Microsoft, Adobe, off Google
Opera 7.5 for Mac, Win, Linux. Very nice.
Tyranny of the Minorities
Shadow on the U.S. Beacon
Tables, My Ass
Kris Krug
Talking to Ourselves About Atom and RSS
May 1st Reboot Sites Listed in Plain HTML
Relaunch watch: Digital Web Magazine
Relaunch watch: Veer – The Skinny
Best of 1995: David Siegel’s Home Page
Congrats, {fray}
Galileo, Galileo!
RobotJohnny – the Free Fonts
Swedish Hip-Hop Awards
The Abu Ghraib Spin
There’s something familiar about this site, but I can’t put my finger on it
Common Windows fonts and Mac equivalents
Automatic Labs Relaunch
Call for independent investigations into torture allegations in Iraq
On Responsibility and Hope: a soldier writes about Abu Ghraib
The Fog of War
Wall Street Journal: Designing a Better Presidential Daily Brief
Chart: CSS Support in Safari
The Shining in 30 seconds with bunnies
DMXzone converts to standards
Book Review: More Eric Meyer on CSS
Iconfactory blast from the past
Dieter Steffmann fonts
“min-height” in Safari
Google: Drop Shadow
Iconfactory Pixelpalooza winners
Google: Daily Report
une very stylish fille
Airport Extremely Broken: “A lot of little things had to go wrong” (and did)
Hicksdesign evolves Mozilla Thunderbird logo
10 Questions for Eric Meyer
Google: Amnion
CSS Templates
CSS Layout Creator
Fresh from the Garden
Iconbuilder Pro update
More Eric Meyer on CSS
The Bot is Back!
A Better Tighty Whitey
The Dune Breakfast and The McGriddle
Letterhead Fonts
Developing With Web Standards: Recommendations and Best Practices
Mac Sounds
...For The Well Rounded Web Craftsman
Ronco Spray-On Usability
netdiver: outstanding
Google Search: A
Google Search: List
Google Search: Apart
Nicely designed templates (free)
He’ll only bring you souvenirs
Google Search: xml feeds
The Way Forward with Web Standards
We’d like to thank the Academy
We’d like to spank the Academy
Erik Spiekermann blogs has a website
This is a website
Rollover Map
Ferris Plock’s Day Off
State of the Onion
Czech, please!
AIGA LA: Designers, what planet are you from?
Lightboxing: Holms v. Tyng
iStockphoto & Guy Kawasaki: Design Eye for the Startup Guy Contest
The Gift of a Lifetime
High Accessibility, High Design
House Industries Book
DesignDojo redesigns
Meyerweb: Weblogs are temporally broken
Photoshop CS Giveaway
Another big org gets it
Apple to build screen reader into OS X
VoiceXML 2.0 and Speech Recognition Grammar
CSS Problem Solving
Laurence Ng interview
Web Design on a Shoestring
Defensive Design
Amnesty International USA seeks web developer
IE7 Compliance Patch
SXSW Awards: CSS Zen Garden snags Best of Show
DragThing 5.0.1 released
Style Master 3.5 CSS Editor
Here comes the Cloud King
Sky Hi: Small Signs
May 1st Reboot 2004
Reckless Driver: The Nader Candidacy
Have a nice dialog box somewhat
NIX the piX (pixel site calls it quits to protest art hijack)
Well-designed weblogs vol. 2
Favelets de Willson
Reading Design (23 November 2001)
Web Designer and Proud of It (2 April 2001)
Back to Basics (2 April 2001)
Exefen 1.0
Angie McKaig
Windows Font Survey Results
IAB Standards and Guidelines
“Best Brands of the World” (logo resource, new URL)
The Postmodernism Generator (reload and see; good for greeking)
Defense of DHTML
Denby on Gibson’s Passion
We are doomed
Waferbaby turns nine
Paul Szypula interview (May 1st Reboot)
Nader joins Bush re-election effort
Qveere Eye for thye Medieval Man
1998 Nagano Winter Olympics Website Review (Clement Mok Studio Archetype screen shots, annotated by Greg Storey)
Nudge (works around OS X Finder bug)
Motion controlled Andre 3000
Moneyshots: Hey ya QuickTime
FindForward ubersearch
TouchGraph Googlebrowser
iStockphoto design contest
Apple RSS
SimpleBits: accessible image-tab rollovers
semantic XHTML/CSS/DHTML dropdown menu
Steal these buttons!
Web Standards Awards
de monkey he daid
hicksdesign :: branding firefox
binary favorites for user #3862
Dan Cederholm Under the Iron
VeriSign reconsiders Screwing Web Users
Web-smart (4096) color wheel
Shirley Kaiser on Photoshop CS
Andy Budd: centering a <div> (familiar advice, but worth bookmarking)
Sprint XHTML/CSS redesign
Newhouse finds Safari bug
Get your OS out of my browser!
Zeldman to W3C: why validator bug matters
Adam Greenfield: Ikeaphobia
Eric Meyer: why the Box Model Hack is valid
MT style generator
Jason Santa Maria
Apple defends tying Safari versions to OS
that Frontpage ad
Basecamp is go!
Gotomedia relaunch (CSS/XHTML redesign)
CSS debugging style sheet (now with bookmarklet)
Footer fetish
MSIE breaks something else
Pixelpalooza contest!
Photoshop basics: Plastic Tab Menus
ISO software engineer
Browsing with Nokia 6600
Colormatch Remix
Superbowl site in no rush
A flowering of Japanese illustrators
Bug Me Not (bypass web registration)
Yellow Lane: Protecting Your Interests
skinnyj interviews Andy Arikawa of Modulo26
the Tattoo Baby Doll Project
Top 100 Feeds
Bend it like Beckham
iTunes RSS Feed Generator
Accessible Website Menu
WordPress CSS Design Competition
Halt, Icon Thief!
istockpro color browser
Digital Web Redesign Challenge
Technorati Beta
SXSW FInalists
Cindy Sherman overview, Scene 360
xScope upgrade (essential)
Dan Benjamin Under the Iron
Design Principles
Cameron Moll debuts
Budd on Access Biz Case
CSS Hacks compendium
zlog interviews Dan Rubin
Spoono Web Design Tutorials
Haughey Under the Iron
Blogging Sundance
Not a swearing man
Web standards now second nature
KU’s Jazz Archive struggles to survive
Zeldman Under the Iron
Hivelogic redesigns
CSS Pencils (experiment)
MSIE team seeks feedback
Five Days in May (W4A)
2,000 New Yorker Movie Reviews, 1990–present
Phono Phunk
Brooke Lyn
Skinny J is back
ADC Young Guns 4
Art of Navigation
75 Years of British Pathe Limited
PHP and Web Standards UK 2004
CSS Vault
Ryan (One True Fit) Carver interview
Minimize Flicker in IE6
Congrats, you crazy kids!
On Archiving, Ephemera and Analog Distortion (Curt Cloninger)
Well Done CSS
Independents Day Rebirth
Blog Design Showcase
Papa’s got a brand new Airbag
On Archiving, Ephemera and Analog Distortion (Cloninger)
2004 Color Forecast
2004 Fashion Color Forecast
Waferbaby Tee
Web Design References
Dan Cederholm design interview
Todd Dominey design interview
XFN: the XHTML Friends Network
Pocket Zeldman