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<notes for a projected mid-life novel>

Name of protagonist of projected mid-life novel:
Tobias Gruenenfeld
First two words of projected novel:
Tobias Gruenenfeld
Name of (fictional) band fronted by Tobias Gruenenfeld's daughter:
Name of (fictional) first album of band fronted by Tobias Gruenenfeld's daughter:
Menstrual Hut
Name of (fictional) hit song performed by band fronted by Tobias Gruenenfeld's daughter:
I'll Be Your Air Bag
Name of protagonist of children's book read by Tobias Gruenenfeld's granddaughter:
Cap'n Saltypants
Projected critical reception of novel:
Actor cast as Tobias Gruenenfeld in inevitable film adaptation:
Nick Nolte
Projected critical reception of inevitable film adaptation:
Surprise marketing hit:
Cap'n Saltypants doll
Subsequent surprise marketing hit:
Cap'n Saltypants cartoon series
Surprise marketing flop:
Soundtrack CD featuring "I'll Be Your Airbag," performed by "Harsh"
22 August 2001
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