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#57 the house of the dead

I dreamed that I lived in a haunted house, holding thousands of dead spirits.

I dreamed that German filmmaker Fritz Lang had installed a strange system of pipes on one floor of the house.

The pipes shivered and swelled organically, like internal organs. Somehow their ghastly contractions delivered nutrients to the dead.

Standing one floor below the pipes, you could hear the ghosts sighing as they received their ephemeral treats.

Fritz Lang explained that the haunted house was expected to become a popular tourist attraction.

I told Fritz Lang how much I had always admired his silent film, Metropolis.

I assured Fritz Lang that I was confident of his success in this new venture.

I respectfully pointed out to Fritz Lang that he himself had long been dead.

Fritz Lang explained patiently that he himself was but an advisor on the project — his son would direct most of the actual work.

Fritz Lang’s son appeared in a long black gown, a black veil, and a tiara. Pearls adorned his bony chest. A long cigarette holder dangled aimlessly from one of his black-gloved hands.

Fritz Lang’s son had had his legs blown off below the knees in an undisclosed explosion.

I watched him float about the house.

23 September 2001

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