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Online since May 1995, Jeffrey Zeldman Presents is the personal site of web designer, author, and stunt double Jeffrey Zeldman. Jeffrey runs Happy Cog Studios, publishes A List Apart For People Who Make Websites, and is the author of many articles and two books, notably Designing With Web Standards. His biography is available at Happy Cog.

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daily report
Web design news and information since 1995.
designing with web standards
Mini-site for Jeffrey Zeldman’s book of the same name.
my glamorous life
Episodes and recollections.
If the Great Movies Had Been Websites 1999
The Ad Graveyard 1995–1998
Real ads that nearly ran.
Waterbox 2000
For your listening pleasure.
Pardon My Icons 1995–1998
For your desktop or website.
Dress that desktop for success.
Fifteen Minutes 1996–1999
Swimming pools, movie stars.
lecture: designing with web standards
At Happy Cog: Bullet points from ancient lecture.
lecture: section 508 and accessible design