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25 September 2001
My Glamorous Life No. 59: Blessed Events. :::
24 September 2001
[1 pm]
A reader who misinterpreted The Angry Flag Vendor used a fake address to prevent us from replying. We welcome all opinions, but please sign your name and provide a working email address.

Dean Allen, if you're reading this, we've been trying to write to you, but your email bounces—even at the new address. :::
23 September 2001
[10 am]
My Glamorous Life No. 58: The Angry Flag Vendor. :::
22 September 2001
[11 pm | 1 pm]
My Glamorous Life No. 57: The House of the Dead.

Disturbing. On 11 September, reviewed Taking Your Talent to the Web. The review was posted at noon Pacific Time—six hours after the terror attack on the U.S. (Hat tip: Meryl.) :::
20 September 2001
[3 pm]
My Glamorous Life No. 56: The Thing Is. :::
We've added useful web design tools and tutorials to the right-hand column of the Daily Report and related divisional pages. The crisis is not over—we fear it has barely begun—but we must go on living.

Phone service and Internet services are working again in our block of New York City. We still have not heard from some friends and associates since last Tuesday's attack. :::
19 September 2001
[6 pm]
Some readers were offended by yesterday's link to the Daily Mail & Guardian editorial. We didn't write it and it doesn't reflect our point of view. We're right here in New York City, three miles north of Ground Zero.
        We linked to the editorial because it provides an insight into the thinking of people in other lands—people who will either work with our nation or against it as we seek those who plan and finance terrorist crimes.
        If the effort against terrorism is to succeed, we must court, not ignore, world opinion. And we must learn to listen, even when we dislike what we hear. Especially when we dislike it. :::
18 September 2001
[10 am]
One week ago today, the planes came.

An editorial in the South African Daily Mail & Guardian illuminates what many in African and Arab nations may be thinking about last Tuesday's attacks on the U.S.

A much-linked letter from an Afghani American describes conditions in Afghanistan under the Taliban. :::
17 September 2001
Tomas Caspers writes from Berlin: "Hundreds of thousands in this country gathered and sang, among others, your national anthem—200,000 at the Brandenburg Gate alone, right where JFK said his famous words: 'Ich bin ein Berliner.' All our thoughts and prayers are with the American people. We all are New Yorkers now."

Hasan Yalcinkaya writes from Turkey: "The day before, we had a bomb in Taksim [a district in Istanbul]. ... The east part of the world is shaking in fear. They are sure America will take revenge and kill many Arabs."

Chris Casciano has posted photographs of the destruction from his vantage point in Hoboken, NJ. :::
15 September 2001
My Glamorous Life No. 55: Day Four. :::
13 September 2001
[4 pm]
My Glamorous Life No. 54: 911. :::
11 September 2001
A tragedy of untold proportions is going on around us. We are going to pray and give blood. :::
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