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30 July 2001
We're off to glorious Northwest. See some of you there, and the rest when we return. 'Til then, stay sweet. :::
27 July 2001
[9:30 am]
In Issue 118 of A List Apart, For People Who Make Websites: Process, Methodology, Life Cycle, Oh My!—by Meryl K. Evans. Process, methodology, life cycle. No matter what label you slap on it, if you want to manage your web projects, you need a system that works the way you do. Meryl K. Evans's overview will help you kick-start your own process. (This ALA issue will run for two weeks, so your humble web author can go on a speaking tour. We'll be at Web Design World in Seattle, and WebVisions in Portland.) :::
25 July 2001
[5 pm]
Halfproject is one visually amazing site. Painfully slow over dial-up modem, but worth it. Link care of Redcricket. :::
[11 am]
After a heart-rending hiatus due to hosting company woes (sound familiar?), the ad grunt community site Adland is back online. In it, you'll find a link to Art Thompson's NoRelevance, a site dedicated to the obsolete, discarded, forgotten, and otherwise passed-over. (Check out the 45 rpm Record Label Design collection.) Thompson is an NYC-based web pioneer and a former employer of your humble author.

In Brief: We're wondering what's become of ::: Cultural differences are not the only things on display in the Brazilian Macintosh mag Macmania. (Hat tip: Marcelus Zalotti.) ::: New Riders' publisher David Dwyer chronicles his trip to Flash Forward 2001, NYC. :::
24 July 2001
[4 pm]
My Glamorous Life No. 49: Coptown. :::
23 July 2001
[1 pm]
@ Got Bandwidth? describes Kelly Abbott's ongoing efforts to help host non-profit, independent sites. See the Daily Report of 22 May for previous coverage of this story. :::
[10 am]
The Sircam worm-virus infects and then mass-mails random documents from other people's computers to yours. If you use Windows, it may delete all the files on your hard drive. In other operating systems it appears to be harmless. Attached files may be enormous, and if you're on a dial-up connection, you can lose hours watching these unsolicited multi-megabyte attachments crawl down the pipe to your hard drive. :::
20 July 2001
[11 am | 6 pm]
In Issue 117 of A List Apart, For People Who Make Websites: Kick ASP Design—by Brian Goldman. Web programming is not rocket science. Get comfortable with the basics, and learn some nifty Style Sheet switching tricks, in Goldman's gentle introduction to ASP programming for non-programmers.

Found at Metafilter: an extraordinary Flash site that uses intuitive visual modeling to demonstrate who really runs the world. Designed by Josh ON for FutureFarmers, the site is as sophisticated as its subject matter is frightening.

Taking Your Talent to the Web book hype makes the cover of New Riders. (Not coincidentally, New Riders are the publishers of Taking Your Talent to the Web.) For more book news, visit the Book News page. :::
19 July 2001
[6 pm] is not your father's portal. (Link c/o the superclean designers at :::
16 July 2001
[4 pm]
At CNET: the dramatically titled New Front Opens in Web Standards War covers The Web Standards Project's strategic shift. In 1998, we targeted browser makers like Microsoft and Netscape, who have since demonstrated their commitment to supporting web standards. As of December 2000, we shifted our focus to WYSIWYG tool makers like Macromedia and Adobe, who are still a bit fuzzy on the need to support W3C recommendations at least as a user-selectable option in products like Dreamweaver and GoLive.

The design community is reacting with mixed emotions to the closing of Dreamless and the temporary shutdown of K10k. While no site can truly replace another, Dreamless junkies jonesing for a fix can try Metafilter or the discussion forums at A List Apart. Those craving design-oriented content should visit Design is Kinky (currently featuring an interview with James Patternson of Presstube), or any of the other fine design portals listed in this site's Exit Gallery. You may also enjoy the new issue of Digital Web Magazine, with its special focus on typography. :::
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