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Taking Your Talent to the Web.
10 June 2001
[1 pm]
It's The End of the World As We Know It: Zeldman waves bye-bye to the Big and the Bad. :::
8 June 2001
[1 am]
In Issue 113 of A List Apart, for people who make websites: Flash artists and ActionScripters, roll up your sleeves for Part Two of Peter Balogh's well-written tutorial on Game Design in Flash 5. This week, we move from from a primitive environment simulator to the beginnings of a real, working game. It's thrills, chills, and math skills. (Plus the Coders Forum and a spankin' new About page.)

In other news, the artistry formerly known as Jezebel's Mirror is all growed up: introducing the Mirror Project. :::
7 June 2001
[11 pm]
"Smart Tags" 3: "The feature, known as Smart Tags, would strengthen Microsoft's ability to use proprietary technology to tie its newest applications and operating systems to the Web." Somehow that just doesn't sound good. (Hat tip: Scott Stevenson.) :::
[4 pm]
"Smart Tags" 2: Anil Dash refutes the Wall Street Journal's explanation of Microsoft XP's "Smart Tags." (The witness later recanted his testimony.) :::
[3 pm]
"Smart Tags" 1: As Netscape finalizes plans to destroy its own browser (see 6 June), Microsoft is hard at work on what looks like the most invasive chicanery ever foisted on the Internet. If the WSJ's coverage is correct, Microsoft will be able to add proprietary commercial links to any site on the web.

Frail Mail, a note about notes. Or why you may not have heard back from us. :::
[10 am | 12 noon]
A special day for us, and we hope a happy one for you. Take a moment to send love and compassion to all who are having a tough time today.

What Porn Portends for online content was the subject of last Friday's ALA (1 June issue), and by a strange coincidence, what porn can teach designers and developers is the subject of's Tricks of the Trade, published Tuesday, 5 June. It has been a week of odd coincidences, and believe us, this is the least of them.

Jamie Zawinski, who led and then left the Mozilla open source project, speaks his mind about Netscape and AOL Time-Warner. (See yesterday's Netscape quits browser business below.) Warner Bros. was our first web client, and while the various mergers have undoubtedly affected Netscape, we were always more worried about Bugs Bunny. He's just not a corporate guy.

In Non-Netscape news, Design is Kinky wants to show off your work at the Fresh Conference in Sydney. Waferbaby wants your head. And MemeMachine, home of the Jakob Nielsen OBEY tee shirt, has redesigned with Style Sheets. You'll find good CSS Resources in the Exit Gallery and a fine, free online tutorial at WestCiv.

In related HTML-to-CSS news, Turning the Tables, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Web Standards is now playing at Drew McLellan's (Drew is the author of the Dreamweaver Developer's Guide.)

Is that a gun in our pocket? The ugliest Zeldman photo yet. Clearly, God gave humanity the snapshot camera to teach us humility. :::
6 June 2001
[1 pm]
Netscape quits browser business. :::
[10 am]
Updated Web Standards Project and Book Site. :::
[6 am]
Draggable layers and tiny type: the new issue of is oh so pretty. (Via K10k.) :::
5 June 2001
[1:30 pm]
A new community site, Marketing Myopia, tracks stupidity in online and offline marketing and advertising.

The makers of OmniWeb are confusing their users by claiming advanced standards compliance for their product on bulletin boards and newsgroups, while their own release notes admit "CSS level 1 and CSS element positioning support is not yet complete" (let alone DOM compliance). Alternative browsers are a fine idea, but companies should be careful not to claim more than they currently deliver. :::
[8 am]
In Book News: Webreference reviews, Segura designs, and more. The Bugs page has also been updated. :::
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