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30 May 2001
[10 am]
Added a Bugs page to the Book site. :::
29 May 2001
[10 am]
The Book site redesign is finished for now, and we're off to give a talk at the New York Public Library. :::
28 May 2001
Happy Cog Studios launches the New York Public Library's Click On @ The Library: Narrowing the Digital Divide. The site promotes the Library's efforts to bring computers and the web to everyone, regardless of personal income, through a combination of free access, training, content, and outreach programs. We're honored to be associated with this program. As a plus, the site uses valid HTML 4 and CSS-1. Thanks and praise to Leigh, Carrie, and Catherine, our partners on this project.

Happy birthday to our body double, Halcyon Styn.

A List Apart's sister publication, Digital Web Magazine, is seeking an Assistant Producer to help with monthly XHTML and CSS production. Here's the poop. :::
27 May 2001
[5 pm]
Redesigned, expanded, and updated the Book site. Revisions and updates will continue sporadically through Tuesday morning. :::
[9 am]
Depending on your location, you may get an error when attempting to visit Independents Day. The problem will clear up within the next 48 hours. The guilty parties have been spanked. :::
25 May 2001
[3 am]
In Issue 111 of A List Apart, for people who make websites:
SO LIKE CANDY: GAME DESIGN IN FLASH 5—In Part One of a new tutorial series, Peter Balogh walks you through the first phase of creating a classic arcade game, and explains how Flash 5 improves on its predecessor. Bells, whistles, and ClipEvents in ActionScript. Plus: Outside Reading and Coders Forum News.

"The web turned ten years old last week. What happened to the independent, creative spirit the early days of the web embodied?" Webreview tips its hat to Independents Day. :::
24 May 2001
Our new splash page commemorates six years online. (Requires reasonably CSS-compliant browser. Bum browsers bounce back here.) Sentimentalists, the old splash has been archived for your pleasure. :::
23 May 2001
[3 am]
We would like to apologize for perpetrating a hoax in the recent edition of My Glamorous Life. The publications mentioned were real, but their personification was fictional.

Attention Photoshoppers. The beautifully designed Holominds Inspiration Center is running a splash page contest.

In a few hours, we'll give another little talk at the New York Public Library. Gosh, we enjoy doing that.

Most web designers become understandably upset when folks copy their work without permission or credit. We know we should be indignant over stuff like this, but when beginners swipe layouts for their personal pages, we say live and let live. (When companies steal layouts for commercial purposes, that's a different story.) :::
22 May 2001
[8 am]
Kelly Abbot's is establishing a model of peer-to-peer web hosting. As one of its first acts, Great Jones Street is hosting noncommercial sites, like Nosepilot and Evil Pupil, that were recently hurt by rapacious commercial hosts. (Via the ALA forums.) This is what the independent web is all about. Heck, this is what the web is all about.

HTML that's as cool as Flash: (1.) Chris Casciano's Neuralust. (2.) Eric Costello's thumbnail gallery at (cross-platform, Win/Mac; more impressive in IE5 than Netscape 6). And of course you all know (3.)

Topics in the ALA Coders Forum have always pointed to indexes of related articles. Closing the circle, those indexes now point back to the appropriate forum topics. Thanks to Nick Finck, Webchick, Bruce Livingstone, and the ALA readers who requested this sensible navigational feature. (Building additional architecture onto an existing web structure is never straightforward or easy.)

To those who've asked: Like you, we recently learned that Kaycee Nicole, the 19 year-old weblogger whose death was reported last week, never actually existed, and that the entire sad business was an elaborate fictional construction by persons unknown for reasons unclear. No further comment. :::
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