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[2 am]
Caught at SXSW. Photo by Derek Powazek. CLICK TO ENLARGE.
The horror. Caught at SXSW by Derek Powazek. Masochists, click to ENLARGE.
Intellectual circles: Cardigan gets a sibling in Textism, while NUblog gets a makeover by Cardigan. You could spend hours at these sites, and you could do worse. ::: Fame is a bitch, obscurity's worse: Sporp's brilliant Available Domain Name of the Week continues to avoid the acclaim it deserves.
        Built strong to last long: Metafilter celebrates two years online. ::: Gone without a trace: WebType, a fine resource for web designers who care about typography, has vanished. :::
19 March 2001
[2 am]
World Tour: New York Public Library, New York
19 March 2001, 10 a.m.
Private Address
New York Public Library
Online Division
Science, Industry and Business Library
34th & Madison :::
18 March 2001
[2 am]
Pogo 'til you drop: Dakota Smith's Squirrel Fight (MP3). New location, same great song. ::: You'll laugh, you'll cry: Sabre's Six Killer Tips for designer sites. ::: You'll learn something: Web Reference's JavaScripting Netscape 6 helps you make the transition from 4.0 browser "DHTML" to the W3C standard DOM. :::
17 March 2001
[2 am]
SMIL When You Play That, the featured story in this week's ALA, has been substantially updated with fresh input from Jim Heid, and the Wireless Edition of ALA has quietly gone live. (If you're using a conventional browser, the wireless link will simply load the existing, browser version of the site.) Much more about all this in a few days. :::
Rewinding SXSW: Joshua's musical bathroom movie [permanent location]; Designflea's photo gallery; Sooz's pic of Nick's birthday at the Empañada Parlour; the SXSWbaby! gallery of snaps from Fray Cafe and other festivities; Michael Brown's journal; Jish's photos; Halcyon's reminiscences and photo album; Ernie's memory; and Taylor's review of the conference as he saw it.
        There is probably much more than this, but this is what we've found. Our memories would differ from these words and pictures, but we have no time to record them (web design project, book chapter revisions). If we had time to write it down, our words would be a blur of people we love and moments we stole with them, framed by airplanes. :::

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