18 November 2004 4 pm est

Crawling from the wreckage

So it turns out it will take more than George W. Bush’s U.S. electoral victory to make me give up on humanity and crawl into a hole.

Publicity balling

I recently made a short film on behalf of Web Essentials, and I also recently did an interview for my friends at iStockphoto.

Non-Flash slides

The crisply handsome personal site at couloir.org features a photo slide show that uses JavaScript rather than Flash to control fade-in effects. How does it work? The always-helpful Clagnut explains (includes tutorial, code, and accessibility information).

Goto guides

No matter how talented and experienced they may be, everyone I know in the design or web industries could use a little project management help. Clear, effective documents, from creative briefs to change order forms, can help you get or stay on the right footing. Kelly Goto, founder of gotomedia and co-author of Web Redesign: Workflow That Works has put together a series of guides and sample forms that are educational and helpful. Go get ’em.

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