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The Daily Report

22 October 2003 :::

9 am edt

Ladies and gentlemen, A List Apart 3.0

Ladies and gentlemen, ALA 3.0. The magazine has been redesigned from front to back. It features three XML feeds and three new articles by three of our favorite writers:

Facts and Opinion About Fahrner Image Replacement

Fahrner Image Replacement (FIR) and its analogues aim to combine the benefits of high design with the requirements of accessibility. (We use FIR right here on The Daily Report.) But how well do these methods really work? Accessibility expert Joe Clark digs up much-needed empirical data on how FIR works (and doesn’t) in leading screen readers.

Sliding Doors of CSS

Image-driven, visually compelling user interfaces. Text-based, semantic markup. Now you can have both! Douglas Bowman’s sliding doors method of CSS design offers sophisticated graphics that squash and stretch while delivering meaningful XHTML text. Have your cake and eat it, too!

Random Image Rotation

Readers return to sites that appear fresh and new on each visit. On a news site, magazine, or blog, stories or headlines will be updated frequently. But how can static sites keep that fresh feeling? Dan Benjamin’s free image randomizer may do the trick, and you needn’t be a programmer to install it.

About the artwork

New York cityscapes by Fred Gates. Used by permission of the artist.

About the site

You can now find ALA content by issue, article, author, or topic. Details about ALA’s front- and backend redesign will be posted in an upcoming issue.

ALA 3.0 is affiliated with an upcoming conference about designing with web standards. See the Live Events page for preliminary details and info signup.

ALA 3.0 includes a new discussion forum for each article. Wherever possible, comments posted in older versions of the forum have been siphoned into the new.

See the About page and its children for details about contributing to ALA, contacting ALA, permission to use ALA source code and translate or reprint ALA content, and other matters.

All back issues are now being carefully ported to the new publishing system. Older articles that have not yet been put into the system will still be available in their original formats once the new DNS information has made its way across the network. As these older pieces are reformatted, you will see the updated versions at their new locations, and be able to find them by author or topic.

A List Apart Magazine (ISSN: 1534-0295) is produced and published by Happy Cog Studios and powered by Frankensite. It enjoys long walks on the beach with that special someone. See the Credits page for more about the people behind ALA, past and present. :::