4 August 2005 10 am edt

Yakob Smirnoff Memorial Barbecue

IE7 beta already more CSS compliant
No, it won’t pass Acid 2 on Day One, but Internet Explorer 7 beta already fixes many CSS bugs, says lead developer Chris Wilson. Trusted CSS resource Position is Everything supplied the list of bugs Wilson and team have fixed so far. Wilson has been involved in CSS almost as long as Håkon Lie, who co-invented CSS with Bert Bos and is CTO of the IE-challenging Opera browser, which likely will pass Acid 2. Lack of Acid 2 perfection in IE7 should not obscure the fact that a far more standards-compliant IE is good for everyone. See also Festa, WaSP’s demure huzzah, and Molly, who works harder than you or me to keep IE7 in standards focus.
About microformats
Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards.
Google attempting to patent RSS advertising?
Kottke points out features of interest as Google snake swallows own tail, or own prior art as case may be. Love that Kottke.
New York Then and Now
Spectacular (and inexpensive) book will be of interest to anyone concerned with cities, architecture, fashion, society, and the effects of time on same. Book is not new. In the 1970s, the authors found NYC photos from the 1890s through 1910 and set out to photograph the same locations using similar lenses and camera positions so as to see how the city had changed in the intervening 80 or so years. Book was very cool in 1976 when it truly showed then and now. It is even cooler in 2005, because it shows then and then. On the left hand page, a lady wearing a bustle crosses Fifth Avenue above Washington Square Park. On the right hand page, a pimp (or a dude who just looks like one) crosses the same intersection. Time. Fashion. Death. Pimps. This book has everything, and you can get it for just over eleven bucks U.S.
Or, how I learned to quit worrying and love Usenet again
Unison, by Panic Software, is by far the best Usenet newsreader I’ve ever tried. They do not pay me to say so. Try it free and see.
Who owns the fish?
Guess and win! Love that Coudal.